10 Activities to Enjoy with Your Friends While High on Cannabis

10 Activities to Enjoy with Your Friends While High on Cannabis

Being high on cannabis does not close any doors. It opens many more. It can invigorate, clarify, and energize, especially when you are selective about your cannabis strain.

Cannabis can create and open opportunities that you would otherwise miss. Throw some like-minded friends into the mix, and you are live-streaming fun.

10 Activities to Enjoy with Your Friends While High on Cannabis

1. Dance like nobody can see you. With a little help from your cannabis, you can return to those teen days when you would dance alone in your room. In those days, you would dance with abandon partly because you were learning to dance, you were finding your own style, and you just didn’t care.

Sing like nobody can hear you also takes you back to those puberty years where you would sing into your hairbrush microphone. A cannabis high provides that untroubled and euphoric high where the simplest and least complicated things are fun. Dancing and singing as if nobody can see or hear doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Being silly or uninhibited with friends can double the fun.

2. Turn down the lights and listen in the dark. When you adjust your soundproof earphones and lie down in the dark, you can listen to your favorite tunes. You can play them loud or low. You can listen to pop, jazz, hip-hop, classical, or the latest techno sounds.

But, the trick is to listen deeply. You should listen to the lyrics and sing or whistle along. You should synch the beats in your bio-rhythms. You should study the musical elements if you are a musician or not. In short, you want to get lost in the music.

3. Try something artistic. If you have any artistic talent, you should color, paint, etch, or sculpt while under the influence. Artists have found the cannabis high adds something to the work. Others get a kick out of how badly things turn out. But, you are in it for the fun.

If you have no artistic talent, you can still give it a try. You use crayons and a coloring book, sketch something on your laptop, or knit or crochet. Later, you can take a sober look at the results.

4. Play a board game with friends. With a cannabis high, you might play Scrabble®, Clue®, or Cards Against Humanity®. Answers won’t come easy, but they are likely to be funnier or even hysterical.

 Or, you can take the game off the board and play Twister®, Jenga®, or Pictionary® for physical and silly fun. You might even try to play classic Charades for a real challenge.

5. Empty your brain. With some effort, you can meditate seeking rest and mindfulness. It takes some practice and discipline to get there in the first place, but once you know how, the cannabis can help.

Prayer can work, too. While high, you can say favorite or personal prayers, read something meditative, or participate in some spiritual ritual meaningful to you.

6. Get physical. Being high should not keep you from getting outside. You should be careful and aware of your physical surroundings. But, with just the right high, you can still ride your bike or take a walk in a local park.

You can work out at the gym and look forward to a steam bath and hot shower. If there’s a sauna or sense-deprivation chamber, it’s great to sweat out any toxins,

7. Organize your life. Choose the right strain, and a cannabis high can be energetic and focused. That presents a great opportunity to organize your closet, desk, or tool bench. You will find it easier to sort, file, and trash.

Hopefully, you won’t regret it, but your cannabis high can bring the clarity you need to prioritize your must haves and must dos.

8. Commune with nature. Cannabis offers a natural pairing with the great outdoors. Getting off the road to fish and/or campout creates a rustic experience on your own or with friends. A Colorado high, for example, refers to the place and the condition.

Sitting by a campfire at the beach or in the mountains, you will enjoy a high that brightens the stars overhead. Alone or with others, your cannabis will expand your outdoor adventures.

9. Do something festive. Some festivals are cannabis-centric. You will share a contact high even if you are not using. So, joining the crowd will improve the experience, the social contacts, and the music.

Even if the festival does not revolve around cannabis, a slight or light high will enhance the experience at a kite festival, sailing regatta, or food and wine event. You make the cannabis a complement to the plans and activities.

10. Munch and crunch. Being high makes cooking fun again. Ingredients smell and taste differently, richer and more aromatic, when you are high. Cooking will trigger creativity and increase your joy in preparation.

And, if you ever needed an excuse to binge on munchies, cannabis is the ticket. The high makes things taste better, and the chew satisfies some mysterious oral need. It can be more fun when you cook with others.

One final tip

They also say that sex, alone or with others, is more enjoyable and longer lasting under the influence. But, so is a long shower and soothing bath. You have your choice.