10 Fun Facts About Cannabis and Sex That You Probably Didn’t Know About

10 Fun Facts About Cannabis and Sex That You Probably Didn’t Know About

Stoner couples may not be the best source of information on marijuana and sex. Seriously, with parties on weed, what’re we supposed to believe? But, that’s the problem. Because there is little or no valid research into the science of human sexuality on cannabis, we are left to go with anecdotes and stories that have been handed down.

10 fun facts about marijuana and sex:

1. HelloMD (2016) reports “Women are slightly more likely than men to use cannabis as a libido enhancer (8% vs 5%).” At the same time, they report that 88% of the respondents report relief from symptoms of pain and debilitating medical conditions and 77% feel marijuana use enhances their mood in a positive way.

What’s “funny” here is that 61% of all the respondents get their primary information on product from their budtenders! Since more women than men rely on budtender advice, you must wonder what trust they put in their service counter pro on sexual matters.

2. SKYN Condom did a survey, too. But, these self-disclosure surveys have problems of credibility built in. Take the survey’s conclusion that only 44% of weed smokers use condoms compared to 48% of those who don’t smoke. But, that is scary when you read their report that 37% of the users claim to have had 15 or more sexual partners and 80% have had more one-night stands than not.

But, if you believe the respondents you won’t be surprised that 59% of daily marijuana smokers are confident they were amazing in the sack!

3. LiveAbout suggests that for men “marijuana may shift attention away from their usual focus on the penis… 83 percent [of 800 men surveyed] found that marijuana enhanced sexual pleasure” - but this was unrelated to their erections or ejaculatory control.

In another study, “75 percent of men said that marijuana increased sexual pleasure and satisfaction, 68 percent reported that it enhanced their orgasm, and 39 percent found that it increased the duration of intercourse.” It would have been interesting to get their partners’ version!

4. Well, one survey of women reports “90 percent of women reported that marijuana increased feelings of sexual pleasure and satisfaction to varying degrees, and 40 percent of women reported that marijuana increased the quality of their orgasm.”

But, these studies assume low doses and light use whereas “Using marijuana more regularly or habitually is related in men to increased risk of erectile dysfunction, and in men and women it may be linked to overall reduced interest in sex.”

5. Marijuana users who suffer from erectile dysfunction – and are willing to admit it – claim relief from performance anxiety, and this helps them achieve and hold an erection.

But, urologists claim marijuana contributes to ED because it relaxes bodily systems. It also reduces testosterone and low-T contributes to ED. And, it may also lead to conditions like premature ejaculation and the inability to achieve orgasm. So, while pot use can make you think you are holding your own, it may be all in your head.

6. Weed can make or break sexual relationships. If both parties are in sync on frequency and dosage, there’s probably no problem to report. In fact, a study at the University of Buffalo reported indications that such couple fought less.

It’s not clear if the better life in bed comes from an aphrodisiac affect or a good mood effect, but the participants don’t seem to be concerned. Maybe, the memory is just enhanced!

7. Rumor has it that weed prolongs orgasms. Of couples smoking before sex, 75 percent report enjoying longer lasting orgasms. And, duration for the male multiplies orgasms in the female.

On the other hand, marijuana does mess with your sense of time. So, what may seem long, may be much shorter in the light of day.

8. First time makes all the difference. If your first sex experience involves pot, it may not be a real experience. If it takes pot to loosen you up enough to muster the courage, it may work. But, the mind and body experience will not give you a “true” picture.

If the sex under the influence has heightened your physical sensitivity, it may be worthwhile. But, chances are the remembered experience has little bearing on the actual experience. So, the next sex without pot could confuse or disappoint you. On, the other hand, sobriety may leave you more in control.

9. You must know what you are doing. There is nothing romantic about rolling a joint and jumping in bed. The most enjoyable sex has a little process to it. Conversation, petting, foreplay, and the like. Because the rituals take time, you should plan on strain, dose, and method of consumption.

Edibles give you time, but they’re also going to make you sleepy, even comatose when they finally do take effect. Smoking means you both must smooch past the smells and after-tastes. So, you might and to try bubblers or bowls that provide a quick hit.

10. Try some lubes or topicals. The scientific proof is non-existent. But, cannabis-based topicals and lubes might just enhance the sexual experience. Drug stores sell tons of lubes to stimulate the sexual experience. They promise to delay male orgasm and/or enhance female experience.

Lotions and lubes work through osmosis into skin tissue which has a role in the body’s natural endocarbinoid system. So, if you’re using lubes as part of your sexual practice, a switch to cannabis-based products might be worth a try. New products are being specifically marketed to such buyers.

10 fun facts about marijuana and sex? Well, maybe not “fun” as in falling down laughing. But, the list does cover things you probably didn’t know about. Is the fun worth forgetting that, even in sex, moderation makes sense?