10 Strongest Auto-flowering Cannabis Strains

10 Strongest Auto-flowering Cannabis Strains

Auto-flowering cannabis strains originated in cannabis ruderalis, as opposed to cannabis sativa or cannabis Indica. That makes them survivalists because they have evolved amidst the harshest of conditions. The plants can take almost anything thrown at them, but they feature some pros and cons you should consider before pursuing the ten strongest auto-flowering cannabis strains.

The pros of auto-flowering strains

While light, air, and nutritious soil fuel most cannabis plants’ growth, some strains grow flowers without the management required. Specifically, auto-flowering cannabis can grow under 24 hours of light instead of the usual 12 hours on and 12 hours off light cycle. These plants are rough and tough, squat and hardy. Cannabis growers, especially home growers, like the speed with which they bloom.

Growers like the fact that they can grow vegetative and flowering plants in the same location – the same grow room, closet, or tent without worrying about the light cycle. They may prefer the short, robust plants to grow outdoors with little care in most climates without growing tall enough to catch a stranger’s attention. And, they appreciate taking in several harvests over a short period.

Autoflowering seeds help growers predict flowering and harvest schedules. They will mature based on the plant’s age rather than care and cultivation. They are rugged and independent, as it were, owing to their ancestry to primitive growing conditions. These strains will grow small – from one to four – and thin, and they can make an attractive addition to landscaping.

The cons of auto-flowering strains

Auto-flowering plants still need light to flower, so depending on the outdoor conditions, you should supplement the lighting to encourage their growth cycle. Even then, you cannot expect the abundant yields of sativa, Indica, or hybrid strains.

The primary deal breaker may be that legacy auto-flowering plants have not produced the THC and CBD content expected of other species. However, focused breeding and science have radically increased the potency of some strains exponentially.

10 strongest auto-flowing cannabis strains

Having understood the pros and cons of auto-flowering strains, you might still shop seeds, plants, or products that science and breeding have improved.

  1. Auto Cinderella® Jack has recently tested at a mind-blowing 26% THC. Now, you should understand they raised this strain organically under the most controlled scientific watch, a farming pattern you will not likely duplicate at home. Patented by Dutch Passion, the seeds have become increasingly accessible online.

  2. Gorilla Glue Auto comes in with 24% THC producing flowers within 10 weeks. Ranked among the Top Ten Autoflowers, Gorilla Glue Auto comes from Gorilla Glue (Indica) bred with ruderalis. Rich with pine and sour resin, it will lift you before drifting into deep relaxation.

  3. Super Lemon Haze Auto offers users a robust skunky aroma with citrus back. Sativa-dominant, this strain will not mess with your daily duties despite its 16% to 22% THC magic. You will have a moderate yield of buds in 9 to 10 weeks. This one hits early but settles into a focused and creative euphoria.

  4. Gorilla Zkittelz Auto™ boasts an extraordinary fruity flavor in an Indica-dominant hybrid. Its THC reaches 20% for a lasting euphoria. Its plump product begins to sprout as early as 75 days on plants, notably pest-resistant.

  5. Auto Banana Blaze is an Indica-dominant strain promising to deliver 16% to 20% THC by 85 days. This strain tastes and smells of bananas while producing a deep stone. You will enjoy this later in the evening or just before bed because only a few puffs on this strain will hit fast and last long into a deep sleep.

  6. Green Gelato Auto can test between 23% and 27% THC. Despite that power, you will find it very relaxing with an enjoyable chill euphoria. You can use it during the day to boost creative tasks. This fresh and fruity auto will germinate in 70 days.

  7. Purple Haze Auto is sativa-dominant for a moderate 17% THC content. It will ease stress and anxiety with a mild relaxation you can use during the day or social events. This strain tastes and smells of gentle forest memories and delivers a harvest after 75 days.

  8. Auto Critical Orange Punch was High Times’ Top 10 Strains of 2018, intense citrus smelling darling of veteran cannabis users. It delivers big yields of 22% to 26% THC with only regular tending for a lasting, recreational euphoria that also helps you forget anxiety, depression, and pain.

  9. Double Kush Cake Automatic puts a “Kush” on the list with the family’s intense flavors and full-body relaxation. You will have flowering before 65 days and several times a season. This 70% Indica experience will please those looking for a pleasant, comfortable stone effect.

  10. Critical x AK-47 Autoflowering seeds produce a mild flavor and aroma in a strain fit for most medical conditions or a party with friends. Despite the challenging name, this hybrid is an early flowering plant (-55 days) that delivers a mellow cerebral buzz (17% THC) that steps up to an intense energy before a muscle-relaxing finish.

There are many more!

This list of ten strong auto-flowering stains is not exhaustive. Any list should include legendary names like Girl Scouts Cookies Autoflowering, Northern Lights Autoflowering, Amnesia Autflowering, and more. On the other hand, seed developers turn out hybrid strains right and left to fulfill a demand by home growers and big Agra farmers for hardy and pest-resistant strains that yield moderate to high in repeated flowering cycles throughout a grow season.

The science is sophisticated, and producers do not report their failures. However, they are bringing seeds to growers faster than you can follow. This list should give you enough variety to explore in 2021 to help you forget 2020.