15 Ways to Make Sure Your Clothes Don’t Reek of Marijuana Smoke

15 Ways to Make Sure Your Clothes Don’t Reek of Marijuana Smoke

One of the reasons you select your favorite marijuana strain is the aroma. Like pipe tobacco or prestige cigars, the smell is part of the experience. Trouble is the smell gets in your hair, on your skin, and in your clothes.

Like heavy cigarette smokers, frequent weed smokers also lose their sense of how the smell lingers and follows them wherever they go. That’s not a problem for many, but it can put you in a real spot at work, in the airport, or going through any security check.

Here’s 15 ways you can make sure your clothes don’t reek of marijuana smoke.

  1. Cologne and Perfume: Saturating yourself with cologne or perfume only draws annoying attention to itself. But, a light spray will cover if not eliminate the smell.
  2. Wash your clothes: Washing clothes separately from other wash soon after the smoke beats letting them sit in their odor makes sense, especially if you use detergents and fabric softeners with a touch of pleasant aroma.
  3. Use vodka: Vodka has legendary odor absorption qualities. You can fill a spray bottle and gently spray your wardrobe or wet a towel with vodka and pat the clothing to pull the odor particles from the fabric.
  4. Pick a coverup: You can make a habit of smoking in the same sweater, shirt, or jacket. Then, you can allow them to smell without worry.
  5. Dryer sheets: Commercially available scented dryer sheets soften fabrics and leave a pleasant smell.
  6. Smoke outdoors: Smoking outdoors and blowing smoke upwards invites cleansing fresh air and directs the smoke away from your body and clothes.
  7. Febreze: Air fresheners like Febreze do a good job of eliminating odors, but some users prefer non-chemical sprays like those natural scents available from Mrs. Meyers.
  8. Squelch: This odor eliminating spray removes even the dankest herb smell, but gentle enough to use on your hair, skin, and clothes. And, it leaves no scent of its own
  9. Enjoy the sun: Sunlight and fresh air make a great cleanser, so after washing, hang your clothes out to dry.
  10. White vinegar: Adding a half cup of white vinegar, lemon juice, or Borax to your wash cycle will freshen fabric and smell.
  11. Counterpunch: You can mask odors in your clothing with other strong odors. For example, it you cook foods with strong smells or smoke cigarettes, you will counter the cannabis aroma.
  12. Household goods: Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda are odor busters you can add to your washing cycle. The have proven whitening and odor absorption benefits.
  13. Pet goods: Your pet store carries many sprays and powders to remove pet odors from fabrics and carpets. They’ll work on your clothes without leaving unpleasant smells.
  14. Don’t carry it: Carrying your stash in your pocket will leave bits and pieces there that leach oils and odor into your clothing fabric.
  15. Dry clean: Dry cleaning will remove most odor from clothing, but it also has a way of sealing the smells in, so air your clothes before you take them to the dry cleaner’s.

Once you have a handle on these 15 ways to make sure Your clothes don’t reek of marijuana smoke, you must remember it’s not all in your clothing. After smoking and certainly before any important social contact, you must shampoo your hair and wash your skin thoroughly.