5 Reasons Why Getting Cannabis Delivered to Your Door is Awesome

5 Reasons Why Getting Cannabis Delivered to Your Door is Awesome

It’s against the law to use the U.S. Mail to send marijuana. It will likely stay illegal until cannabis is off the Schedule 1 list, and it is explicitly permitted. That’s not likely any time soon. But, it would be nice.

It would be awesome to get cannabis delivered to your door in the mail or by a trusted delivery service. As states approve the sale and possession of medical marijuana and/or recreational weed, delivery services are multiplying in the states where permitted. But, without some standardized norms and oversight, even this is a struggle.

5 reasons why getting cannabis delivered to your door is awesome:

1. It beats buying it on the street. The black market has gotten more competitive and less trust worthy. Police departments are reporting a considerable uptick in sales of synthetic and laced weed with frequent fatal consequences.

But, where cannabis is now legal, the freedom comes with scrutiny and tracking from seed to sale. The scrutiny screens for pesticides, growing media, irrigation, and nutrition procedures. It monitors the farming, harvesting, and packaging of product as well as distribution through dispensaries and stores.

If you’re steal dealing with a neighborhood dude, you risk arrest every time you meet. And, the new customers attracted to legalized goods don’t have those contacts, nor are they likely to meet up with a shady dealer behind Jack ‘n the Box.

In San Diego, for example, Kaya offers, “With home delivery, you let the service know which product you want or what kind of health issues you’d like medicine for. Then, you receive one-on-one service and are presented a selection of strains you can discuss and then choose from.”

2. It avoids those shady conversations. Chronic smokers are used to dealing with the street dealer. They can haggle and trust that the dealer is good for the quality and the weight. Even if you are dealing with a “white-collar dealer,” someone you know in your office or building, you are working with someone you are not likely to keep company with.

Legitimate cannabis delivery service drivers work for and represent your trusted dispensary. The drivers are well vetted and well paid enough not to cross their employer or customer. In time, you’ll build relationships with the deliverers that you can trust.

3. There’s a friend at your door. The medical patients most in need of medical marijuana have serious health problems. Chronic pain, depression, PTSD, Crohn’s disease, and more can make people virtual shut-ins.

Such patients have been alienated and detached because of their conditions, and they welcome both the delivery product and the delivering person. The drivers can only stay a short time to check your I.D. and collect the payment, but they are professional to have a conversation and wish you well. It can make your day.

4. It’s a quality treat. The cannabis delivered to your door comes from a cannabis dispensary operating under security and controls. They are dealing, in turn, with regulated farmers and processors.

According to regulation, the delivered product is labeled with ingredients, weight, THC/CBD content, additives, and recommended dosage. Products must be packaged per state requirements in childproof or child-resistant containers, so you will see if the packaging has been tampered with. All of this is as important with edibles as with weed.

5. Trust begins at the source. In most places where cannabis delivery systems are authorized, they are owned and operated by the cannabis dispensary. They use an Uber kind of technology to schedule and track a driver and delivery. And, you would benefit from visiting the dispensary personally to assure yourself of the source.

You can ask them about the delivery service whole you are there, or you can check it out thoroughly on the internet. You want to confirm they are insured, vetted, trained, and certified. The internet allows you the chance to check reviews and testimonials. And, if you don’t find what you want to assure your confidence, change the dispensary or delivery system. By no means, use a non-affiliated or private delivery.

It’s awesome, indeed!

Confidence and convenience are reasons enough to accept delivery from your cannabis dispensary. But, just think of the privacy, a welcome medication delivered promptly and discretely in person at your door. As they point out at Pot Valet, “While the benefits of medical marijuana have been proven, there’s still considerable amount of stigma and suspicion attached to the consumption of cannabis. Delivery services allow you to purchase your medication and ship it to your home in discreet packaging. You won’t have to worry about people seeing you walk into the dispensary to purchase cannabis.”

In time, with state agreement on regulations, customers will be able to order product and delivery online. You can order online now, but mail and common carrier delivery is still illegal. That doesn’t mean vendors can’t get through the barriers, but it is legally risky.

California will probably take the lead here enabling you to shop at online dispensaries with a larger selection than your neighborhood store. Delivered by their drivers, there is no shipment restriction.

There are red flags, however, when it comes to online orders from places you don’t know. Pot Guide warns, “Though some online distributors insist they’ve got the system figured out, it’s usually best stick to places where you know it is legal to possess and consume cannabis (and where you know you won’t get ripped off). Fortunately, as more and more states join the pot party, successfully scoring legal weed will be as easy as a simple road trip.”

So, if trusted delivery is permitted in your area, you can do your research and settle on a cannabis dispensary and delivery system that works best for you.

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