7 Tips for Keeping Cannabis Products Away from Children

7 Tips for Keeping Cannabis Products Away from Children

With more states legalizing grow, possession, and use of cannabis, it is present in more households than ever. You may have it for medical benefits or recreational use. But, you don’t want it to fall into the kids’ hands.

There are several concerns here. First, cannabis is a drug with psychoactive effects that will harm small children. Second, you don’t want your teens getting into your supply when you know it is not good for developing minds. Third, cannabis costs money so you don’t want them playing with it, using it, or sharing it with friends.

You probably don’t do a good enough job securing prescription medications, alcoholic beverages, wines, and spirits in your home. But, you must do a better job kid-proofing your cannabis stash.

7 Tips to keep cannabis products secure:

1. Talk it over. If cannabis products, from plants to cannabis, is in the house, you need to talk it over with children old enough to understand. If you have medical marijuana in any form for use or granny’s, the kids need to understand the value and benefits.

It may be an opportunity to discuss boundaries and privacy. You have reasons to protect family privacy, end everyone should know what’s at stack if that privacy is breached. You can tell the kids where the product is stashed and secured. You expect them to respect it as much as they want you to stay out of their special stuff.

2. Teach the children well. You should use this opportunity to explain as much about cannabis as you can: the good, the bad, and the ugly. The smart parent will explain the pluses and minuses of cannabis use. They should do the same about alcohol and tobacco use.

But, depending on the children’s age, they need and deserve the fullest and clearest explanation of why you use and what outcomes they might expect. This is probably not a talk you have about alcohol use, but it is one you should have.

3. Make a habit of it. You should learn to put things away immediately. You should make a habit of cleaning up and securing everything after use.

Now, you must think about it. If you are toking before bed, smoking in a circle, hitting the bong, or chucking a couple edibles, you have things to put away. Good parents will put away their ashtrays, matches, and weed. You need the discipline just as the kids do.

4. Prioritize the goods. Things are different for stoners living alone. But, it there are kids in the house, you should consider the risks involved.

You should secure your stash, of course, but you must put away the lighters and torches, too. Other tools can be attractive, so you should store bongs, nails, and anything that might intrigue a child. This is especially important when you consider the temptation presented by cannabis brownies, cookies, gummies, and candies. These may seem small to you, but they must be put away.

5. Put it out of reach. While the kids are little, you can store the stash high in a baby-proofed cabinet. You must remember that gummies, cannacookies, brownies, and candies are tempting. If they have seen you using, they will watch when you put them away. So, you really can’t keep secrets from them.

Once the children can climb and stretch, you must think of other options. Simply making something “forbidden” won’t keep their curiosity and deviltry tamed.

6. Lock it up. You must consider locking the supply into a small safe, gun cabinet, or any one of the protective containers being marketed.

  • Swag Gear has a handsome premium maple box closed with a combination lock.
  • Store My Stash markets a fireproof combination safe for just $39.00,
  • Blue Mandala Stash Box has a decorative lid with key lock loaded with rolling tray, titanium grinder, and UV jar.
  • Herb Guard has a line of proactive products including its “lunchbox,” a durable kit with two combination locks, a smell-proof jar, and two travel bags.

There are devices you can control with a smartphone app. There are tricks to hide your weed in wine stoppers, flash drives, flashlights, and more, but you need something that locks if you want to assure your kids’ safety.

7. Hide the other stuff, too. If you are careless with your paraphernalia, the children will pick up on it. They may use your debris, play with lighters, and get into tinctures, oils, and whatever you leave around.

You must, then, secure all that stuff, too. Now, if this sounds like overkill or a big effort, you are underestimating the kids. So, you should store the accessories separately from the stash but also under lock and key.

A final tip

When you smoke or bong in front of the children, you are endorsing the habits. If the children are around, you must sacrifice the pleasure.

Everyone in the household old enough to handle it must understand the risks of cannabis consumption. Older children should know how to protect younger ones. And, everyone should know the signs of overdosing and the phone number for the Poison Control Center and 9-1-1.