8 Benefits of Cannabis Microdosing

8 Benefits of Cannabis Microdosing

If you’re looking to make a bet on the canna-economy, you should look at the potential of cannabis microdosing. It’s nothing new, but its practical value may appeal to new markets.

Britain’s Daily Mail warns, “LSD ‘microdosing’ trend popular with tech entrepreneurs may be putting their lives at risk.” But, that’s not a fear you face in microdosing cannabis. It’s a cleaner, more discrete, and methodic way to consume your product.

Consumers will choose microdosing for several reasons. Some feel they are missing a little something, and want to get back their “normal.” Some want to stretch their supply to optimize their investment. But, most microdosers just want to boost and sustain the effects of their regular THC consumption.

Here’s at least 8 benefits of cannabis microdosing:

  1. Treat the Sick: Some 40 medical conditions respond to medical marijuana therapies, including anxiety, chronic pain, depression stress, inflammation, and indigestion. Microdosing lets you parcel out treatments in controlled doses through the day to steadily keep you at the edge of feeling good.
  2. Pick me Up: Almost all cannabis strains deliver a sense of creativity and focused alertness. Taking a small dose when you’re tiring or anticipating fatigue, you can manage both to your advantage. And, cannabis microdosing must be a much safer choice for the techies reported to be microdosing LSD.
  3. Keep it Social: All cannabis strains promise some level of mood change. Microdosing, then, serves those who need a boost to a constant, level social behavior. When your walk is consistent with your talk, you should find yourself comfortable with and among others.
  4. Stretch it Out: The size of the appropriate dose depends on strain’s THC count. But, because it affects everyone differently, only trial and error will help you eventually settle on an effective regimen. As Dr. James Fadiman told Vice, “micro-dosing appears to improve practically everything you do, just a little bit.” And, that’s the purpose.
  5. Easy to Start: In an article published at Salon.com, Dr. Duston Sulak recommends, “Abstain from cannabis for two days. On day three, consume one milligram of THC and one milligram of CBD, preferably in a tincture or oil where they can be measured precisely.” He proposes increasing the dosage one milligram at a time every two days and taking notes on your physical and mental effects until you reach a point just before the high.
  6. Easy to Use: Once you understand the purpose and discipline involved, it doesn’t matter what form you use your cannabis. For example, if you smoke, limit your tokes. If you vape, manage the juice. If you prefer edibles, purchase lower THC weight and/or cut the edibles into pieces weighing just the right amount for each dose. Your plan is to metabolize just enough THC that hardly notice any side effects when medicating.
  7. Dose it Responsibly: Microdosing helps you spread your reaction over time. Avoiding sudden rushes, managing sleepiness, and brightening your day, you optimize the cannabis product. It allows you to measure intake better and allow for safe driving by controlling the influence.
  8. Reduce the Side-Effects: Regular low dosage of cannabis does not intoxicate the user. It does produce subtle but noticeably-appreciated benefits. And, because it smooths and levels the benefits, it also distributes the negative side-effects.

Your takeaway on microdosing

Microdosing cannabis makes good sense. The 8 benefits of cannabis microdosing were endorsed in a Rolling Stone article that read, “Welcome to marijuana 2.0. With microdosing, people are getting the maximum benefit from the minimum amount, without becoming stoned, paranoid, or lethargic. Some are microdosing to regulate their moods, boost their creativity, or enhance their workouts and yoga sessions.”

Microdosing is logical and disciplined. Of course, that’s enough to turn off some consumers. It certainly isn’t the way to dose if you were looking for that full euphoric hit. If you’re counting on the full couchlock chill, microdosing is not the way to use.

But, if you are looking to use at a minimum level of effect, microdosing is your best practice. Given how it works, how it impacts, and how it works in any dosing form, microdosing is perfect for those who want or need more control over their benefits and side effects.

It should prove very attractive to new consumers. One demographic, for instance, has been inhibited by the social stigma on cannabis use. Microdosing helps them start using at their own pace. Others like the idea of not making a commitment to smoking, dabbing, or vaping habits. And, yet others want to treat medical problems with a disciplined therapy that makes them more confident without joining the “stoner culture.”

Lacking quality research into microdosing, you must listen to the medical advice that sees little or no problem with a disciplined low dose regimen. However, there remains a core problem.

Without standardized labeling, you can’t measure dosage correctly or easily. Without data on the cannabis content, THC/CBD ration, or density. With more detail, you could measure and divide more accurately and confidently. And, doctors and researchers don’t like that margin of error.

Still, microdosing may be decide a large part of the cannabis market going forward. While it may seem like just another option now, everything indicates there is a sizable niche market for smaller edibles, increasing demand for fuller labeling, and better differentiated products. You’ll soon see smaller edibles, oils and vaporizers with micro-dosing directions, and budtenders trained to the benefits of microdosing.