AllBud’s Trending Marijuana Strains

AllBud’s Trending Marijuana Strains

Ever notice the trending marijuana strains on the homepage and what they mean? AllBud monitors what strains the most dispensaries are putting live on their menus and lists them on the trending strains and featured strain to give medical and recreational users an idea of the nationwide trends.

Many connoisseurs love to see what’s new and what’s popular when it comes to marijuana strains and the AllBud team figured this was a great way to do it. Even for the non-connoisseur this information can be helpful. Users can investigate the strains based on our info cards and soon to be released reviews. If it sounds like something that might be good for the user, it’s good to mention to your favorite dispensary or store that this strain is of interest.

Right now, some of AllBud’s trending strains include:

Dream Queen: Progeny of Space Queen & Blue Dream, it's a Sativa dominant bay area regular with characteristics of Cinderella 99' (genetic relative of Space Queen).

Blue Dream: Sativa (80%) Indica (20%) Blueberry x Haze. Often a daytime favorite for its high and non-sedating effect.

Cinex: A potent and Sativa dominant cannabis hybrid with THC levels near 22%. This is a cross between Cinderella 99 and Vortex.

Girl Scout Cookies: OG Kush & Cherry Pie (Durban Poison & GDP) create this high THC, Sativa dominant hybrid.

White Widow: This Sativa Dominant Hybrid was named for the crystals on the plant made famous by its mention on the TV show Weeds.