Best 420 Online Smoke Shop

Best 420 Online Smoke Shop

Back in the day, the only place to get cannabis products was at head shops. These stores would be holes in the wall where people could find bongs, bowls, rolling papers, and everything in between. As cannabis continues to become legal around the country, the prevalence of smoke shops has increased, both as storefronts and as online smoke shop options.

Whereas people used to be bound to whatever head shop was in their local vicinity, now people can get cannabis products nearly anywhere. The average gas station has bowls and grinders, most record shops have a bong section, and, of course, the internet is flooded with websites where people can purchase cannabis accessories. Indeed, these days, it feels like the choice is infinite.

While some people marvel at the possibilities and the evolution of cannabis culture, other people find the choice overwhelming. With so many options of varying quality, it can be hard to know where to start. One of the most common questions that comes up often is “which is better, shopping online or shopping in local head shops?”

Local Head Shops Vs. Online Head Shops

When pondering the strengths and weaknesses of in-person head shops, humans are hardwired to trust something physical rather than an online storefront. Conventional wisdom would initially suggest that shopping in person is the way to go because it’s been around for longer than online shopping. The most common argument in defense of in-person head shops is that users don’t have to wait for their products to be shipped over. Another common one is that the staff can often help new users find what they’re looking for.

But while the spur-of-the-moment nature of in-person head shops is alluring, there are actually many ways that online smoke shops surpass brick-and-mortar shops. In nearly every case, online smoke shops have better prices. That’s because it’s cheaper to run an online smoke shop out of a warehouse or a home than it is to rent a building, pay employees, and pay for electricity. The hidden costs of running a physical storefront are numerous. However, an online shop doesn’t incur these costs, and passes the savings onto the customer.

Another way in which online shops trump in-store shops is that an online shop usually has a better selection. A local brick-and-mortar shop will usually have one of each type of bong, for example, in stock, while online shops will have a backlog of items in every single color and size variation available ready to ship out. 

Not all Online Head Shops Sell Quality Products

This is not to say, though, that any online shop is going to be inherently better than any local head shop. After all, not all online head shops are created equally. With the proliferation of cannabis culture, a lot of opportunistic sites try to take advantage of those without discernment. This can be in the form of cheap websites that steal credit card information, counterfeit sites that sell cheap knock-off products, and websites that simply sell low-quality china glass products that break easily.

When searching for products online, it’s important to buy from a reputable website that is trusted. One of the most trusted online head shops is Cannabox. Cannabox is an innovative online cannabis-themed subscription box that branched out into one of the most well-respected online head shops online today!

Cannabox aims to bring the best smoking products from the most lauded brands into one virtual space that users can trust. With a massive following of over 82,000 people, Cananbox continues to grow and shows no sign of stopping. There’s a reason that Cannabox is ranked number one on Google for “cannabis box subscription”, and it isn’t SEO trickery. Cannabox truly provides the best service at the most competitive prices, and that’s why people trust them so much. 

Stoner boxes for sale

Cannabox’s bread and butter are their subscription boxes. Subscription boxes took off in the early 2010s as a neat way to expose people to curated selections within a broad variety of categories. For example, many people enjoy getting a monthly selection of Japanese snacks because they wouldn’t have access to these products otherwise. Additionally, the subscription box takes the labor out of choosing what to get specifically - it’s like a surprise gift every month.

Of course, it was only a matter of time until someone decided to use the subscription box model to sell cannabis products. Cannabox offers users a subscription to receive neat boxes that include goodies like rolling papers, bongs, pipes, pre-rolls, snacks, stickers, and other fun products. These are products curated by cannabis experts looking to fill out any user’s collection with both essentials and exciting new products. Each box comes with a theme that all the products revolve around. The theme and the products are updated monthly, and users can opt to get it sent every month for six months or simply just try one month out. 

Users can choose between curated boxes that revolve around providing accessories for cannabis and accessories for dabbing rigs. These subscription boxes make wonderful gifts for friends both seasoned and novice within the smoking world. Additionally, these boxes are perfect for anyone who is looking to fill out their cannabis accessory collection but doesn’t know where to start. 

Users can browse through some of Cannabox’s previous boxes and buy them no matter what month it is. However, Cannabox doesn’t just sell subscription boxes. They also have a head shop made up from both past subscription box items and other products from reputable brands. If there is a single object in a box that looks alluring, chances are, users will be able to find it in the Cannabox accessories section. This article will cover some of the wonderful products found in said section.

Premium Brands 

Cannabox isn’t just a subscription service, it’s a massive online head shop that has redefined the way people purchase cannabis accessories and tools. One of the ways they have managed to build trust with their massive audience is by consistently providing quality in every facet of their business. From quality products to quality prices, Cannabox has a rabid and loyal fanbase that knows they can rely on curated lists, solid products, and reliable deliveries. 

This trust and consistency has allowed Cannabox to build relationships with some of the other most well respected cannabis brands in the industry. Two of the brands most closely associated with Cannabox are Grav Labs and Puffco. 

Grav Labs is known for their innovative glass pieces that create a smooth vortex of smoke. Based in Austin Texas, Grav Labs always has new innovative products on the horizon, and Cannabox is one of the companies that gets to distribute their products. When users buy from Grav Labs, they can be sure they're getting something with a unique design, and that what they’re getting is high quality. 

Pufco Electric bongs are a fairly new innovation that redefines the smoking experience. Puffco Peak Pro is one of the most popular electric bongs available on Cannabox. The Puffco Peak Pro drivers smooth hits with customizable heat settings and wireless charging. Cannabox has a wide variety of electric bongs and dab rigs available, each with their own set of unique features

Puffco is always on the edge of innovation with water pipes, bongs, and dab rigs that redefine the way people smoke. With some of the most novel and unique designs in the game, it’s no wonder why Puffco is one of the most well respected brands in the country. From their Hot Knife to their bong disguised as a water bottle, Puffco continues to find new and creative ways to keep people stoned. 

These two brands are just some of the many companies that Cannabox has aligned themselves with their online head shop. Users can find these brands, which are known for their quality to work, on Cannabox’s intuitive and easy to use websites.