Big Pharma is a Threat to the Medical Marijuana Industry

Big Pharma is a Threat to the Medical Marijuana Industry

Big Pharma is trying to manipulate cannabis so as to put a patent on it. GW Pharmaceuticals claims to have made a formula of CBD. I’m not sure whether they knew this or not but CBD existed before them. They might claim that they are doing this in the name of medical advancement, but anybody who reads into it can see plain as day it is all about profits.

They are trying to patent the cannabis industry more particularly patent marijuana making it their own. With the United States government discussing rescheduling marijuana this could lead to potential government control and pharmaceutical control over our cannabis. Government control would require an individual to obtain a medical script or a physician’s referral in order to obtain or possess marijuana. Big Pharma would control our marijuana because they would be the ones growing it. Imagine all the extras, unwanted additives, and dangerous chemical substances they would genetically engineer into our already perfect marijuana.

The pharmaceutical industry has a track history of destroying people for profit. GW Pharmaceuticals is the maker of Sativex a synthetic drug that is partially derived from cannabis. GW Pharmaceuticals and Horta Pharma have merged to work vigorously towards a patent on marijuana. Horta Pharma, of course, is the brainchild of David Watson aka Sam the Skunkman. The legendary grower that is supposedly responsible for the notorious strain of marijuana called Skunk. Sam the Skunkman was involved in a tedious story and a near arrest in the early to mid-1980s. He managed to get from America to Amsterdam with thousands of kilos of cannabis seeds during one of the most heightened times of the war on drugs. Many speculate as to how he got away with this, but that is a story all in itself.

Who would have imagined that a legendary breeder and grower would have turned to the pharmaceutical industry or should I say the cannabis pharmaceutical industry. I would highly suggest the advice of many other professionals throughout the industry and grow your own marijuana at home. Check in to your source for cannabis seeds and make sure that they are organic or kosher. Many people are worried about the health risks associated with colloidal silver that is something a lot of seed banks use in order to force the sex of their plants. Marijuana without all the dangerous additives is some of the greatest stuff on the planet.

Just because its homegrown doesn’t mean it won’t get you real stoned. The quality of cannabis that you grow will obviously be dependent upon the seed you choose to start with. It will also get better with experience as you grow. Take pride in growing your own medical or recreational marijuana at home. This way you can feel confident that Big Pharma aka Big Marijuana won’t be in your stash Jar!