Cannabis Tolerance and How to Prevent It

Cannabis Tolerance and How to Prevent It

Many of us enjoy consuming cannabis. Whether you enjoy cannabis recreationally or have medicinal reasons in which you choose to medicate utilizing the medicinal attributes of cannabis, there is one thing that we can all agree on. That one thing is that eventually you will build up a tolerance. A tolerance is often built up after you have been consuming cannabis on a regular basis for a prolonged period of time.

A tolerance to cannabis is similar to a tolerance to alcohol for a lack of better analogy. When you drink on a daily basis, you can drink more without getting the same effects of someone that drinks once a month. Same thing goes for cannabis. If you smoke all day every day, your tolerance and intake levels will be much higher than someone who only consumes cannabis on the weekends. This tolerance can be a result of heavy recreational consumption or a result of utilizing cannabis on a regular basis for medical reasons.

A tolerance can be good and bad. Having a tolerance where you can handle your ganja is good for patients who utilize cannabis for medicinal or emotional reasons. This is because they are able to function and do their daily routine while taking in a much higher level of cannabinoids than a casual consumer. Sometimes though these tolerances can be a nuisance because you won't receive the effect of relief from your medication.

A tolerance to a specific strain can be avoided by simply switching up your strains here and there. Also, by going back and forth from Indicas at night and Sativas during the day if you are the type that can handle the both of them will also help balance your tolerance level. Cannabinoid levels will vary with each strain of cannabis, so it is good to find several that you like.

Every once in a while, some people recommend taking a tolerance break. This is a short period of time where you do not consume cannabis. It is done by choice. The average amount of time for a tolerance break ranges from 3-days all the way to 2 weeks. Many individuals will find that if you even go half a day or a full day without consuming cannabis that the next time you do; the effects are more intense.

Also consuming concentrates such as shatter, wax, or other cannabis concentrates instead of smoking flowers or vaping all the time will also help you with your tolerance levels. If you are a medical patient, you can also access edibles that have a higher THC count then those sold recreationally. By switching up the different strains of cannabis in your intake as well as the different varieties that are available to you for consumption, you can help to avoid building up a tolerance to cannabis.

When you do begin to develop a tolerance to cannabis, it is probably a good idea to at least take a couple of days off. You don't necessarily have to quit smoking completely for you seasoned and hardened smokers. You can actually just smoke once or twice a day, and it will help to lessen your tolerance and allow you to get more out of your ganja when you do consume. Try a wake and bake and then a smoke before bed.

These tips should help you or someone you know should they be dealing with the issues of developing a tolerance to cannabis. If all else fails, there's always high THC strains of cannabis referred to as caviar strains. These strains often come in at 35% THC or better. Many of your concentrates come in at 60% and higher in THC content making them a great go to if the flowers just aren’t elevating you any longer.