CO2 Sap Not Your Normal Concentrate

CO2 Sap Not Your Normal Concentrate

Cannabis CO2 Sap is something that is making the market and leaving some people a little confused. There are people out there who do not understand the difference in extraction methods and can be very confused by the term CO2. In fact, CO2 Sap may be passed by because of its name. Some people believe that CO2 is bad for you and that naturally anything made utilizing CO2 cannot be good for you either.

This, however, is not true. You basically have two methods of extraction for cannabis. One method of extraction commonly used is butane for BHO while the other method is CO2. CO2 extraction is a process that allows compounds to be removed or extracted from herbs leaving behind very low toxicity. In fact, CO2 extraction methods are healthier than BHO extraction methods. Even when done properly some residual butane can be left behind.

This is not the case when a CO2 extraction or a supercritical CO2 extraction is performed. You will sometimes hear the word supercritical used with CO2 extraction. This is because carbon dioxide or CO2 naturally is considered a supercritical fluid. All this means is that when it is pressurized it converts into a liquid form. With butane extraction, there are potential hazards. As the CEO of MedWest distribution James Slatic pointed out BHO extraction or butane extraction can "potentially leave heavy metals behind in the finished product."

The CO2 Sap is a clean product. Cannabis concentrates that are produced using the CO2 extraction method are showing to have a better balance of cannabinoids as well as a higher concentrate of the specific cannabinoid the extractor is after. Some people aim for high THC concentrations while some people aim more for high-CBD extractions. Either way, the method of CO2 extraction and producing CO2 Sap and other forms of concentrates is clearly the best choice.

CO2 Sap will typically be in the form of what some consider to be rosin. It is rather gooey and almost like the Sap from a tree, hence the name. CO2 Sap can be consumed in many of the same ways in which any other concentrate such as wax, budder or shatter can. It can be utilized in a dab rig, vaporizer, put onto a bowl or joint or even hot knifed. When working with Sap it is advised to dip your dab tool into the Sap and twist to have the most control over it as sometimes it can be a tad bit difficult to work with as it is not solid or hard like many other concentrates.