Complete Guide to Host a Cannabis-Friendly Party

Complete Guide to Host a Cannabis-Friendly Party

Planning a cannabis-friendly party takes more effort than you might think. You must start with a vision, a big picture of what you want to do. Do you want to host a simple circle smoke? Do you like to introduce guests to a variety of strains? Do you hope to impress friends and neighbors with a significant social event? Whatever the plan, you must consider time, place, food, beverages, and cannabis, of course.

Here's a guide to hosting your cannabis-friendly party:

  1. The casual get-together: A simple approach hosts a game-day event or card game with an offering of cannabis afterward. Guests may or may not wish to partake, but you should invite those unlikely to complain.You can decorate with store-bought cannabis images and party favors. Thoughtful hosts serve waters for hydration and monitor the amount of alcohol consumed before and during dinner, discouraging the heavy drinkers from using cannabis.A sober host should arrange for safe drives home or offer overnight accommodations. This idea may seem naïve. After all, people have been imbibing and toking for centuries. But hosts have more transparent accountability in this litigious age.If the plan means a joint after dinner, that should not take much. Unless guests have brought their personal stash, you must share yours. So, you need as much on hand as your guests would consume.

  1. The simple dinner party: A dinner party requires invitations you can extend by phone, text, or email. The invitation presents an opportunity to spell out your expectations as a host. That invitation should inform guests that you will welcome or provide cannabis. You might pepper the invitation with cannabis symbols or emojis.You might plan your dinner party around a barbecue, pot-luck meal, or buffet. You can also decorate the house and table with cannabis décor. The decorations help break the ice and should evoke some laughs. The service plan should include generous water supplies, fruit, nuts, and raw veggies. Feeding the munchies helps combat cannabis potency and aftereffects.Hosts should schedule the cannabis use for after dinner while everyone relaxes. The hosts can launch the smoking circle by introducing the stash and lighting up. Using cannabis throughout the event presents risks to the user, and hosts do not want liability for misbehavior or under-the-influence guests. Hosts should confirm every guest has a safe ride home.

  1. The formal dinner party: Hosts even build traditional dinner parties around cannabis. They send printed invitations, including acknowledging that the dinner event includes cannabis. You should include a dress code, menu, and safe driving needs. Cannabis conversation, use, and foods should not surprise anyone.Dinner hosts plan menus with fat content to offset the cannabis effects. Fatty steaks or salmon make good entrees. They might also serve assorted but nutritious canapes or side dishes featuring kale or spinach, raspberries or cherries, almonds or cashews.You might also include cannabis-infused beverages and baked goods. Cooking may consist of cannabis-infused oils and butters. However, you should identify the affected foods so diners can stretch their intake.

After dessert, guests may retire to the smoking room or garden to smoke cannabis. The invitation may have asked guests to bring their cannabis, or you would set out several strains with clear identification and explanation of their composition, impact, and side effects.

  • Set the cannabis strains out in an array of bowls with a neatly inscribed card explaining what the guest may or may not want.

  • Provide a selection of blunts and rolling papers.

  • Present a variety of tools, matches, and pipes.

  • A cannabis demonstration: In a spin on old school demonstrations of kitchenware, some people have thrown cannabis demonstrations. Remembering that you are officially the host, you can find professional Demonstrators.You work with the Demonstrator to select the invitation list and organize the food and beverage needs. The Demonstrator should take it from there, presenting cannabis-infused foods and drinks, personal and beauty care items, and cannabis devices and related apparel.The Demonstrator makes money when the guests purchase goods, of course, but everyone understands how demonstrations work. You can up the experience with guests and Demonstrators willing to try the products at the party.

As the official host, you remain responsible for getting your guests home safely, especially if this is their first experience.

A final thought –

Tradition and the law once limited cannabis socials to smoking circles at the beach or while camping. Cannabis-friendly parties have increased in popularity in states that have liberalized cannabis laws. And upper classes and professionals even hast a canna-party occasionally.Tradition and the law once limited cannabis events to sharing limited stashes with each guest dragging on the same joint. Many still enjoy their weed that way. With cannabis use becoming more acceptable and less threatening, hosts have given it a venue other than the dorm room. However, more hosts find it novel and contemporary to throw cannabis-friendly parties. Among people who know how to use cannabis, social mavens casually throw parties together nonchalantly or at tables rich with silver and chinaware.

This event is your party, and you will want to give it your distinctive touch. But you will not relax if you have not prepared for disruptive or scary reactions by guests. You must know what to do in an emergency and not fear helping. You must know how to get the guests home and how to avoid their reaching extreme stages. Hosts must prepare for cannabis-friendly parties as they should for alcohol-centered events. The risk may belong to the guests, but the liability is yours.