Connecticut Dispensaries to Get Additional Product from New Cultivator

Connecticut Dispensaries to Get Additional Product from New Cultivator

When Connecticut Dispensaries opened their doors in mid-September, they did their best to serve eager medical marijuana patients. However, with limited product, strict and somewhat silly State rules, and product from just a single cultivator, pleasing all customers was a bit hard to achieve.

Now the Connecticut medical marijuana program has another opportunity to become better with a second cultivator scheduled to release product next week to the six Connecticut dispensaries. Curaleaf, is the second out of a total of four licensed marijuana cultivators to supply the dispensaries. The first cultivator was Theraplant.

Although the word is that product from Curaleaf will also be limited in supply, it does now provide two sources and will begin to have an impact on increasing the quality demand. The word from Connecticut marijuana shops is that it will not be until the end of November where supply will be able to catch up to the demand. All in all though, any progress is good progress.

For the Connecticut marijuana patients who have yet to visit or determine their dispensary, here are a few quick guidelines:

  • Patients must designate a dispensary on their forms
  • Marijuana product is pre-ground per State Law to allow for even testing
  • Dispensaries are not allowed to use the street names of the product, so you’ll see them typically named by Cultivator and Number (yes, we think this is silly too)

Patients can check out the list of and reviews of Connecticut Dispensaries on AllBud and also view and compare marijuana product availability and pricing.