Do You Know Where’s Your Closest Recreational Weed Dispensary. We Can Help If You Don’t!

Do You Know Where’s Your Closest Recreational Weed Dispensary. We Can Help If You Don’t!

Recreational weed dispensaries are opening everywhere in states where they are legal. In some states, the decision to go weed is so recent that they still do not have the licensing, quality controls, and administrative infrastructure in place.

This list is hardly exhaustive, and is offered only as a random selection of dispensaries that vary in location, size, and style:


Most of Alaska’s dispensaries are near the coast and cruise ship stops. Dankorage is a no frills operation at 2812 Spenard Rd, Anchorage. Its large knowledgeable staff greets you behind large frosted windows facing the street. Dankorage is owned and managed by life-long Alaskan’s committed to high quality, high potency Alaska products. They also support local artists’ communities with exhibit and sale space.


Business Insider calls Caliva at 1695 S. 7th, San Jose “the best dispensary in America.” As California rolls out its regulations on recreational dispensary operations, Caliva is in position to expand prominently in the market. It currently lists a variety of flowers from their own garden in addition to its large inventory of medical products.

  • Berkeley: The Cannabis Buyers Club of Berkeleyat 3033 Shattuck Ave. is a unique community-based outlet. Big sunny windows light a brightly colored lobby of this store that promotes its mission of quality, safety, and community. The CBCB offers extensive education and advice on selection and use. It offers flowers, pre-rolls, concentrates, and edibles in addition to its apothecary. There are also perks like apparel, discounts, and a loyalty rewards program.
  • Los Angeles:The Green Easy is a crisp and clean pharmacy at 8311 Beverly Blvd. It has its roots in medical marijuana business, and provides a clinic like interior with as yet a limited number of quality flowers in addition to its edibles and medical options. Its location on the west side among high-rise residences and not far from UCLA promise a big and easy future. It’s a marketing concept that could easily turn into a chain or franchise opportunity.
  • San Diego: Not far from the U.S.-Mexico border, you’ll find the A Green Alternative™ at 2335 Roll Drive #4, San Diego’s first legal mmj dispensary and delivery service. Established as a Non-Profit Medical Marijuana Consumer Cooperative, it now offers recreational products, premier clones available in store, online, and by delivery.


Writing for Rolling Stone, Matt Laslo warns, “Before you hit the slopes or enjoy the rugged scenery, stop by one of the state's many dispensaries – but make sure to do it when you have the chance, or you may be left on the top of a mountain without a hit. That's cause the state's legalization law left it up to each locale to decide for themselves if they want weed shops, and even though Colorado's generally cool, many of its lawmakers are pretty lame and restrictive.”

  • Denver: Oasis Cannabis Superstore in Central Denver and Mountain View is a cannabis superstore, a brightly lit, nicely displayed, open space. You’ll find a dozen in-house flowers and five to ten strains from assorted outside growers. You can browse through scores of edibles and topicals, apparel and accessories. And, smart budtenders will answer questions and offer personal advice. The Giving Tree is a small, clean looking, family-owned storefront with a medical dispensary heritage. Located at 2707 W. 38th Ave, Denver, they claim the largest selection of edibles in the city. Stocked floor-to-ceiling with product and supplies, the store has an easy-to-read lit from behind menu display above the checkout counter.
  • Boulder: The Farm at 2801 Iris Avenue is an award winning recreational merchant, locally owned and operated since 2009. They promote natural craft cannabis with compliant care and compassion. You can shop online for same day pickup or drop into the rustic themed store. Online or in store, you can review The Farm’s mission and awards.


Nevada is still working on its recreational marijuana administrative rollout. Existing medical marijuana pharmacies will be the first opportunities for retail recreational setups.


Like Nevada, the state currently has no legal recreational marijuana dispensaries, but they will likely locate in existing medical marijuana dispensaries.


Portland’s Calyxes, “the nation’s first 100% Clean Green Certified Dispensary,” sports a stunning interior, a step in the direction of making the recreational weed chopper’s experience a favorable one at 7501 SW Capitol Hwy., Suite A. “The Clean Green Certification Program is based on national and international organic and sustainable farming methods. The certification process includes an on-site inspection of each operation, a review of the farming methods and record keeping used verifying the use of natural, non-synthetic sprays and fertilizers.” Its menu includes gear, edibles, pre-rolls, and an extensive stock of flowers and concentrates.

  • Eugene: BUDS is tucked away at 439 W. 1st under Skinner Butte between the Whiteaker Neighborhood and Downtown Eugene. You can meet and greet their staff on their site. The site also includes a full menu of strains, concentrates, edibles, and more. Reviewers award 5 stars for quality, selection, and solicitous staff.


To many people, everything in Washington happens around Seattle. That’s not true for many others, but if you’re shopping for recreational weed in the SETAC area, you might start at the Seattle Cannabis Co. at 3230 E. 1st. You can meet their budtenders at the website, a nice touch. They also post a menu, an easy to follow FAQ list, and helpful tutorials.

  • Bellevue: The Novel Tree, the first and only award winning recreational and medically licensed cannabis dispensary in Bellevue offers hundreds of buds, edibles, concentrates, topicals, and more. At their 1817 130th Ave, Suite B location, they have a medical marijuana consultant on staff, display and sell local craft cannabis and artisan glass accessories.
  • Spokane: For the Washingtonians who don’t think Seattle is the center of the universe, there is Spokane Green Leaf, the city’s original cannabis store. at 9107 N. Country Homes Blvd. The Inlander reported its 2014 opening, “On a hot and noisy North Spokane corridor today, about 200 people formed a line around a drab strip mall — home to a jazzercize center — all ready to be a part of making history.” Since then, they have developed a huge inventory available for shopping online or instore.
  • Tacoma: Natures Recreational Center (NRC) is in Suite C of 3833 Pacific Avenue. Open for six years, NRC one of the sixteen standing recreational shops in Tacoma, the first medically endorsed recreational retail store in the state. The website displays a modest inventory of flowers and concentrates, and the store shows hundreds of accessories and supplies., of course, was a pioneer in providing access to and information on medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries throughout the country. All you need do is click on the “Dispensaries” tab and follow the prompts to your location.