The Essential Pros and Cons of Vape Pens

The Essential Pros and Cons of Vape Pens

The reports claim vape pens have enjoyed a huge increase in popularity, but you can’t always trust the numbers. Eaze, the cannabis delivery service, reports a 400 percent increase in sales from 2015 through 2016. Their charts show that growth has come at the expense of the sale of flowers.

But, this report is California-only and precedes the state’s legalization of recreational use. We are still too early in the game of the canna-industry and economy to have enough analytic or predictive analytics. However, we can concede vape pens are popular.

The essential pros of vape pen cartridges

•  No combustion = healthier. There is no fire in the vape pen mechanism. Because nothing burns, you don’t inhale the toxins you find in tobacco or marijuana smoking.

The THC cannabinoid will vaporize at 365°F letting the pen user take in 100 percent of the THC. A flame from lighter or torch will burn at 1100-1500°F which also burns off the non-THC materials and delivering the combustion by-products to your lungs.

•  Convenient and discrete: Cartridges come in various THC/CBD ratios, strains, and flavors. These produce much milder aromas than marijuana, so they’re not so likely to give you away.

Vape pens are easy to use and require little paraphernalia. They are much easier to use than pipes, bongs, or joints. Some users think vaping is less noticeable because there is no smoke, but there is a lot of vapor.

•  Smooth and efficient: You will have a cleaner smoother experience. Vaping uses less product to produce the desired effect. And, there is no waste.

That makes it cost-efficient. Moreover, you can vary your product and expand your stash with easy to use elements, some for your own use and others for sharing, some for morning use and some for the evening.

•  Long and stable: Your cannabis product will last longer and retain its consistency. Vape devices only vaporize one puff at a time. Nothing goes up in smoke, no bud crumbles, and nothing dries out over time.

Flower potency will break down naturally as they age, no matter how well stored. And, different strains age differently. If you vape concentrates, you should enjoy optimal cannabinoids and terpenes. If you vape distillate, you also get rid of the terpenes for a purer experience.

•  Cheap or pricey: You can find low-priced vape pens, but you get what you pay for. Price might drive you to a product that still combusts the product or works undependably.

You should bite the price bullet, so you should shop with care. Vape pens can be difficult for new users, and vape pens vary according to what you want to use: liquid, dry herb, wax, and so on. Some well-reviewed pens are listed at the end of this article

•  Electric and dependent: You must keep your vape pen charged. A battery should last at least three days with regular use. But, you’ll want to have access to an extra battery.

In cheaper pens, the battery may not be efficient, drawing too much power as you inhale. Weak power may not be the real problem if the pen is not working properly, so you must look at all parts of the device to fix the problem.

3 top-rated liquid vape pens:

  • Morpheus Vape Mod Kit boasts an 1100 watt, 3000mAh battery to maximize your use. Stainless steel, sleek and lightweight, the Morpheus comes in black or silver.
  • Innokin Endura T20S Vape Starter Kit has a one-button operation to simplify things for novice vapers. You can recharge the built-in 1500mAh battery with its micro USB connection. And, it includes a 2ml tank for vape juice making this pen long-lasting in terms of product and power.
  • MigVapor Bug is a small, slim pen available in several colors. Its 1100mAh battery is rechargeable, and its tank holds 2ml of flavor.

3 top-rated dry herb and wax vape pens:

  • Ago G5 Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer is a long slim contender with a ceramic chamber and USB wall charge. Its LCD battery display reports battery life and counts puffs.  
  • Gen Pro Vaporizer is a handsome, ultramodern, ergonomic design in black. It comes with a large ceramic chamber and a 1300mAh rechargeable battery.
  • Matrix is a unique vaporizer that uses dry herbs or concentrates. Controllable to single degree increments, it operates with the push of a single button.

2 top-rated wax or oil vape pens:

  • Hypnos Zero is a sleek, small, and stylish pen for vaping wax or oil. The ceramic chamber is smaller than some but more efficient than many. An award-winning design and device, it works off a 650mAh USB-rechargeable battery.
  • Prism vapes wax or oil in its black electro-plated, stainless-steel architecture. And, that design includes two charging ports. You can use the micro USB or a Lightning port to charge from your iPhone. If you need to, you can vape while it recharges.


Vaping may be the way to go for people trying to wean themselves off cigarette smoking because you can vape nicotine products in progressively weaker dosage. It may find its market among adult user who want a more discrete and stylish way to enjoy their cannabis products. We don’t have significantly meaningful data, but vaping is not likely to replace what are fast becoming old-school ways to use cannabis and time soon. But, when the smoking lamp is lit, smoke it as you want!