Everything You Want to Know about Cannabis Shake

Everything You Want to Know about Cannabis Shake

Cannabis shake? You will not find cannabis shake at Sonic or Dairy Queen. There is nothing new about cannabis shake. However, in this crazy cannabis culture, it has increased consumer interest and changed some habits.

Cannabis shake is the leftovers from all your cannabis use. It includes all the bits, pieces, and crumbs from the weed you have processed into joints, stuffed pipes, and fed to grinders. With cannabis prices as high as they are, users try to stretch and capture everything they can. You might consider cannabis shake as your recycling bin.

The cannabis loose flower will stick to the side of pipes and grinders. It will drop to the bottom of baggies and commercial packaging. What you have are the assorted remnants of your various strains. That lets you save money on the best strain and/or combine the good, bad, and ugly.

Don’t go for trim!

“Trim” refers to the seeds, sticks, and typically useless stuff some vendors and dealers pass off in what they label as “shake.” Trim does not include much of the cannabis power you want, and it adds weight to the purchase price, taking up the volume that would be better left to the good stuff.

The trim can be used in preparing edibles. Otherwise, it is not very worthy. The product you research and buy should have a high percentage of the flower.

Discount deals!

Cannabis shake sells at lower prices than whole buds. The lower price attracts many cannabis customers. But it does not deliver unless you work at it a little.       

Labeling does not always include the strain from which the shake accumulated. In commercial dispensaries, they will package the leftovers from multiple strains. That means you get something strong or something stale. Cannabis processors, seeing market potential, will package shake from specific strains promising desired potency or medical effects. These premium packages will go for one price, while bags of assorted stuff will sell at much lower prices.

It takes some experience and sophistication to know what you want, where to get it, and what to spend.

Using shake!

You must remember that cannabis shake is broken down goods. You will not enjoy the same experience you would from the whole flower. If you are looking to roll a joint or pack a pipe, you want to use the prime strain.

You can roll the shake, and dispensaries will sell pre-rolls packed with shake. As such, the shake is a convenient, low-priced way of extending the product you are using. It also works as an addition to edible recipes. The fine material will blend effortlessly into food chemistry to provide some mild cannabinoid influence.

However, if you want potent psychoactive effects, you must look for top-shelf packages. If you want medical benefits, you will not have control over dosing.

What you might do is collect your shake from cannabis you use in different formats. Scoop it up and store it in dark glass containers in a cool dark place. Put a date on the container, so it does not sit there too long. Stale and dry shake has little value.

  • You can break cannabis shake down by baking it enough to decarboxylate it. You can place it between parchment paper sheets; then, use a rolling pin to crush it further. If you spend some time crushing it. You repeat the process until you have a shattered by-product to sprinkle into joints, spliffs, or bowls.

  • You can grind the cannabis shake like you would cannabis flower. It produces a kief-like powder. You can use this “kief” like you would the real stuff as an addition to your cut cannabis or in beverages or recipes. However, it will not have the high-potency impact of the “real thing.”

  • You can use cannabis shake in preparing oils and topicals. People who are into making their oils, lotions, soaps, salves, butters, and topicals use decarboxylated cannabis shake to infuse their products. Shake is an economical and efficient way to add cannabinoid effects to create a treatment for dry skin, muscular and joint pains, and post-exercise stress.

  • You can vape cannabis shake. Vaping shake will optimize whatever strength your shake contains. Vaping will filter the negatives and may improve the taste and impact.

Lessons learned!

Cannabis shake is an afterthought. It is the leftovers gathered from your cannabis use. It is also a low-priced option for sale at dispensaries that want to maximize their revenue. Shake contains seeds, sticks, and stems as well as broken cannabis flower. It also contains terpenes and cannabinoids to trigger a psychoactive experience or provide medical benefits.

Cannabis shake is an extender. If you can identify the strain or strains where the shake originated, you can manage the potency. If you can manage the processing, you can manage the dosing in edibles and benefits in topicals.

Cannabis shake has little power on its own. It is a waste product. However, it can enrich other cannabis use and save money. Long-time cannabis users have understood how to manage their leftovers effectively. But new users are cautioned not to mistake trim for shake or invest too much money and time. It would help if you decided how much you want to give to processing cannabis shake and using it effectively. It just may not be worth the effort!