How to Roll a Perfect Joint or blunt

How to Roll a Perfect Joint or blunt

Personally, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers when it comes to rolling my doobie. But, it would be handy to know how to roll a perfect joint or blunt

It needs to be tight but not too tight. Fat but not too fat. And, easy to light but not too easy. Rolling the perfect joint and building the perfect blunt  takes patience, talent, and experience. And, some mistakes over time.

What you need to roll a joint

Some users regularly roll their smokes on automatic roller machines. The rollers have the advantage of securing a nice shape and consistency. But, most consumers look down on these modern contraptions, opting in favor of the good old way.

Experienced marijuana smokers can roll a joint just about anywhere under any conditions. But, it will take some time and lots of practice for the newcomer. 

If you want to do it right, start with a slick-surfaced rolling tray with raised edges all around. The tray will let you spill your ingredients, gather the product, and keep it from falling off the surface

In addition, you need filter tips, weed grinder, cannabis product, and rolling papers. You can always work without the grinder or filters, but you are trying to roll the perfect joint.

Rolling papers are made of hemp fiber, rice, or wood pulp. Each works well, but some smokers prefer the smoke of one or the other paper. And, some papers come with adhesive tabs for easier sealing.

The setup

  1. Lay out 1 gram of ground cannabis product, one 1.25” paper, and one crutch, filter, roach, or spacer (whatever you call it).
  2. Grind your product lightly. You want it to shred into a fluffy consistency. A grinder is optional; some chop away with razor blades, scissors, or credit cards. But, the grinder does make things easy. Don’t overdo it; you don’t want togrind it into powder. (Some veterans like to mix their product with tobacco, so that tobacco should have the same consistency as the marijuana.)
  3. Remove any seeds and debris from the product, and regrind it until texture is satisfactory.
  4. Crease the length of the rolling paper at one-third into a V shape or boat. It will make a seam where you can lay the filter at one end.
  5. Pinch the paper lightly at the filter end as you spread product along the crease. Distribute the marijuana so that it is fuller at the end opposite the filter.

The roll

  1. Rolling is easier described than done, so be careful. As you roll, the filter will determine the shape of the joint. Holding it horizontally by the filter end, you use the fingers of your other hand to lightly distribute the material and tap it down.
  2. Roll the paper around the filter. Then, keeping the paper secure around the filter and with your thumbs roll the joint away from you.
  3. Roll it up, and unroll it when you are not happy with the shape and density. This should leave a horizontal tab.
  4. Lick the paper, starting at the filter, along that tab. Then, roll the paper and product upward to the moistened seal as you shape the tube. With more product at the one end, the shape will be a slight cone or a baseball bat. The conical shape burns more evenly, but you might prefer the pinner shape of a standard cigarette tube.
  5. Holding the joint vertically with filter end down, tap it several times on the tray to help product settle and pack to eliminate air pockets. Or, you can tamp it lightly with a finger, skewer, or pen.

The finish

  1. Gather up any spilled product and add it into the open end, and twist the paper shut.
  2. Insert the joint into your mouth and pull it out through wet lips to lightly coat the paper with your saliva.
  3. Set it aside to dry for a couple of minutes.

You can prepare one at a time or a small supply of three or four joints. Roll just one if you are going to smoke it soon. Roll a small supply if you are going to share or smoke them later. But, you don’t want to make the too far in advance because they will not age well.

Cannabis has a long shelf-life, but once you have rolled your joint, it will dry quickly if you don’t smoke it soon.

What you need to roll a blunt

A blunt is a different approach to your buzz. The classic blunt is a hollowed-out cigar or cigarillo stuffed with cannabis. The various tastes and aromas of the tobacco mix with the cannabis for a different experience.

You start with your cigar, cigarillo, or blunt wrap of choice. Using a grinder to ready your project will promise an even burn.

Preparing a blunt wrap is easier, but you may prefer to cut a cigar or cigarillo lengthwise with an X-acto knife or razor blade. Then, use your fingers to break up and remove the tobacco from the inside.

Fill the cigar shell with your ground and fluffy cannabis and pat it down. Roll it between your fingers to distribute and pack the product. Then, using your thumbs, tuck one side of the wrap under the other, lick one side, and seal it along the length.

The cigar tobacco is fragile, so handle it carefully. Once finished, rotate the blunt through a lighter’s flame to dry or bake it.

The conclusion

You may find it tedious and frustrating at first, but rolling your own joints or blunts has always been part of the event. It’s part practical and part ceremonial. It’s a sort of ritual that you will get better with over time.

The people I know who roll it well. Their skill and comfort level with turning out the best toke comes from repeated tries and their own personal touch. They can do it in the dark, in their sleep, and with a certain pride in their product.

You can learn to roll a perfect one with lessons like this or online how-to videos. But, once you roll the one you most enjoy, you won’t forget how.