How to Smoke Weed Discreetly in Public

How to Smoke Weed Discreetly in Public

As acceptance of marijuana use for medical and recreational purposes increases nationwide, use is increasing and is practically commonplace. The National Institutes of Health reports that 31 percent of adults 18 to 25 years smoked marijuana or hashish within the past year in 2014, and 1 out of 10 adults 26 years and over did as well. The stigma of smoking marijuana is clearly diminishing.

Not everyone is tolerant of weed in public, though. Many people are holding onto long-standing biases against cannabis. They may think of it as a gateway drug, dislike its effects, or be afraid that they will be contaminated. They may simply dislike the smell.

For whatever reason, you may need to hide your use or your actual cannabis supply. These are some ways to smoke weed discretely in public and to keep yourself out of trouble with your roommates if your cannabis use is an issue.

Go Outside

Go outside to smoke. Hanging your head out of a window probably is not sufficient to hide your high! When you smoke outside, you give the smoke a chance to dissipate. When you stay inside, the smoke can hang out in furniture, curtains, and the carpet.

Hide Yourself Near Bigger Offenders

You can disguise your habit even better if you smoke next to cigarette smokers. Their smoke is stronger and often more offensive, leading to stronger coughs from sensitive bystanders. Compared to them, your smoke will barely register.

Clear the Air

A vaporizer can do wonders for the smell of marijuana. It can filter the air and remove odors. Look for a vaporizer with a carbon filter that can neutralize smells. The system’s fan must have a higher CFM (cubic feet of air per minute) rating than the filter.

For a quieter solution, you can also try a gel such as Ona Gel, although this may be less effective. If you still receive complaints, you might consider getting your high another way, such as dabs or edible pot.

Keep Yourself Clean

Smoke may dissipate into the air, but some stays on your clothes and hair long after you finish your joint. Sensitive people will be able to detect the odor on you when you walk into a store, get into a car, or arrive home or at work.

Do your best to get rid of the smoke smell after you are done getting high. Change your clothes if possible before you get to work or get home. A good practice is to avoid smoking in your work clothes. When you can, take a shower and wash your hair to eliminate the odor.

Divide Your Stores

This trick may be necessary if you live with one or more people who are against your smoking habits. With weed at thousands of dollars per pound, you cannot afford to lose your entire supply in case your roommate or a family member decides to go through your belongings in search of your cannabis stores. Your best protection against losing everything is to divide your supply and put it in different places.