The Little Blue Pill Vs The Big Green Buds

The Little Blue Pill Vs The Big Green Buds

When it comes to marijuana and erectile dysfunction (ED), there are so many myths out there that it is hard to tell whether it is helpful or not. Some state that if a man smokes before sex that he will loss intensity in the act of sex itself and not be able to get a boner as a result. Others say that smoking before makes it easier to get a stiffy and makes the sex more enjoyable, so which one is it.

Currently, ED is something that is getting a further review and much-needed research on it, as well as the relationship that cannabis and ED have. The views on sexual health and marijuana have a very negative impact currently despite many users reporting some very distinct strains saving their love lifes.

Despite the self-reports and studies being done, there are still lots of unanswered or falsely answered questions when it comes cannabis and ED. In the past many users were told it decreased sex drive, it took the interest away from the individual who smoke the marijuana. That, in fact, was a lie created to scare individuals away from marijuana at the time. The wanted to ensure that young adults feared marijuana and that it affected their love life. Got to thank reefer madness for the incredible lies, myths and scares they created.

Thanks to laws changing in 23 states, we are starting to see more information about ED and cannabis come to light.  We are learning that marijuana increases sexual desire and arousal. Marijuana's euphoric-like effects help elevates a user's mood which improves the chances for arousal and desire.

Although ED is not currently on the list for medical use yet, studies like the one done on mice, have found that marijuana may cure ED and improve the chances of getting a stiffy without the assistance of medication. Some medical doctors are even prescribing marijuana for the use of ED if it is severe enough that it's effecting the patient's life.

Who likes popping a pill to get hard? The medication Viagra known as the little blue pill states that its use is for relaxing the muscles found in the walls of the blood vessels and increases blood flow to particular areas of the body which in turn causes the erection to happen. This all sounds great until you hear the side-effects which are headaches, dyspepsia, visual disturbance, bladder pain, burning, crawling, itching, tingling feelings as well as several other significant side-effects. This little blue pill has known to cause an erection that won't go away, which means a painful visit to the ER. It sounds like a wonder drug doesn't it, not really.

Marijuana on the other hand, with proper dosing, correct usage and the right strains like Alaskan Thunder Fuck and Arjan's Strawberry Haze, you can achieve the desire needed as well as an erection to have a pleasant night. These sativa strains have the right cannabinoid make up to bind to your brains receptors to help restore the function and blood flow to the smooth muscle. Imagine never needing a pill again all through the proper use of cannabis. All the cannabis is doing is promoting the natural repair of the damaged blood vessels, tissue, and muscles surrounding the penis. The vessels can restore themselves to full function with the proper cannabis treatment.