The Newest Cannabis Consumption Trend - Concentrates

The Newest Cannabis Consumption Trend - Concentrates

Concentrates are the newest cannabis products that are taking the world by storm. These products have many different benefits to offer not only recreational consumers but also medical marijuana patients. Cannabis concentrates offer a much higher potency and cannabinoid concentration than traditional dry herb. This not only provides consumers with a more intense buzz it also provides more effective relief for medical patients from a wide variety of different ailments. Unless you are familiar with these products you're probably asking yourself what exactly is a cannabis concentrate? No worries just continue reading on and you will learn everything you need to know about concentrates at the general level as well as how to consume them.

Cannabis concentrates are made utilizing processes and techniques that extract the cannabinoids and oils from the cannabis plant. The extraction processes very as much as cannabis strains themselves. Some extraction methods are relatively safe while others have potential hazards. Two of the most common methods of extracting cannabis oil and concentrates from the plant is to utilize butane or CO2 extraction methods. CO2 extraction methods are solventless unlike butane and are thought to be much healthier. There are many individuals who also utilize isopropyl alcohol to extract cannabis cannabinoids into an oil form that can be purged into a concentrate and vaporized. Making cannabis extracts utilizing butane is hazardous as butane is highly flammable whereas isopropyl alcohol and CO2 do not present the same risks.

When it comes to cannabis concentrates there are three main types. The three different types of concentrates that you will hear of most commonly are shatter, budder, and wax. Wax and budder tend to have THC concentrations ranging from 40% to around 70%. Shatter on the other hand typically yields a THC concentration of 70% or higher. Some shatters on the market today range as high as 99% THC. Shatter, wax, and budder can all be utilized within vaporizer pens or within dab rigs. Shatter tends to be the consistency of peanut brittle whereas budder is sticky and some might say gooey and wax tends to be crumbly.

The most common way of utilizing cannabis concentrates is to do what is known as dabbing. Dabbing utilizes cannabis concentrates and they are consumed by vaporizing them ina dab rig. Dab rigs are similar to what flower smokers call a bong. The only difference is instead of packing a bowl with ground dry ganja you heat what is known as a banger utilizing a torch or an enail and then apply the concentrates to the heat and vaporize them through the rig utilizing a dab tool.

If you have never tried cannabis concentrates or dabbing, I highly suggest that you do so very soon! The experience is much different than smoking a joint or toking on a bowl. But do beware, the effects are intense and no matter what anyone tells you do not hit the dab rig like you would a bong unless you feel like coughing for quite sometime. Otherwise, enjoy!