Ten Benefits of Cannabis THC

Ten Benefits of Cannabis THC

Cannabis is a naturally grown plant that has been used for thousands of years, and it’s also a safe and effective form of medicine for a wide range of people. The plant’s compounds contain powerful medical properties and health benefits, which explains why more people are willing to give cannabis a chance in hopes it’ll relieve a medical disease or condition they’ve been living with. Specifically, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) aka the psycho-active compound in cannabis contains miraculous healing properties and benefits, which will be further explained below.

1. THC Kills Cancer Cells:

One huge benefit of cannabis is its ability to kill cancer cells in the human body while not killing or harming the body’s good cells. The U.S. government has already admitted in the past that cannabis is able to shrink cancer cells and cancerous tumors, and yet, the substance remains illegal. According to MedicalJane.com, a recent British study suggests the fact that cannabinoids could be very effective against cancer when combined in a way in which the cannabinoids act synergistically with each other. To this day, worldwide studies are being conducted to discover more information about the linkage between cannabis and cancer treatment.

2. THC is a Chronic Pain & Inflammation Reliver

For those who struggle with chronic pain related to inflammation or not, THC is an effective pain reliever because it works with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which controls and regulates pain and inflammation. As compared to traditional pharmaceutical painkillers, THC in cannabis is much safer, more natural, and non-addictive. As mentioned by MyChronicRelief.com, THC has twenty times the anti-inflammatory power of aspirin and twice the power of hydrocortisone. No matter what degree of pain you may be experiencing, THC contains the essential pain-relieving properties/benefits that you and many others look for.

3. THC Reduces & Eliminates Nausea + Vomiting

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in cannabis contains powerfully effective results regarding eliminating feelings of nausea and vomiting. Cancer patients and those suffering from eating disorders and/or cachexia can definitely benefit from the use of THC. Historically, cannabis has been used to reduce feelings of nausea, and research shows that THC in cannabis has a variety of digestive benefits too. Next time you’re feeling nauseous, consider implementing a mid-high dose of THC into your cannabis regime.

4. THC is an Appetite Stimulant

Not only can THC eliminate nausea, but it can also stimulate your appetite. According to an article by MedicalJane.com, THC has shown to be a powerful appetite stimulant for people suffering from eating disorders, mental health issues, cancer, cachexia, and a variety of other diseases. A study published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders stated that cannabinoids could prove to be effective in treating anorexia, and more studies continue to come out, which explain how the endocannabinoid system helps modulate the body’s appetite.

5. THC Treats Mental-Health Conditions

Tetrahydrocannabinol is a versatile and useful compound, especially regarding the treatment of mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, alcoholism, and other addictions. As stated by Cannabis-Med.org, based on historical and modern case reports, cannabis has been shown to be an effective remedy for treating withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, opiate, and benzodiazepine dependencies. Similarly, the usage of THC is a beneficial treatment for depression and anxiety, but finding the right strain and dosage is key. Hybrid strains are ideal when treating mental health diseases/conditions, but everyone is different, so finding the right strain and cannabis products for yourself is essential.

6. THC Improves Creativity

An extremely unique aspect of THC is that it can improve and activate creativity in users’ brains. As mentioned by Metro.co.uk, a Consciousness and Cognition study from 2012 discovered that cannabis, especially THC resulted in making people more creative regarding how they used language. Additionally, the results went further and mentioned the following, “Cannabis increased verbal fluency in low creatives to the same level as that of high creatives.”

7. THC is Anti-Spasmodic

In addition to THC relieving pain, this compound serves as an anti-spasmodic, which is ideal for people who suffer from stomach, intestine, and/or urinary bladder spasms. Also, people who struggle with digestive issues can benefit from THC due to its powerful medicinal properties. In most cases, pharmaceutical medications are commonly used to treat these spasms, however, cannabis is not only a natural medicine, but its compounds are extremely helpful and worth trying.

8. THC Provides Relief for Digestive Health Problems

Another significant benefit of THC is its ability to provide users with digestive relief. For people who have Crohn’s Disease or Diabetes, THC plays a significant role in relieving digestive pain, spasms, and overall discomfort. The connection of THC in cannabis and the endocannabinoid system work extremely well together, which helps alleviate/reduce pressure and pain that’s commonly associated with digestive health problems.

9. THC Creates Euphoric Effects

One significant reason why people enjoy consuming cannabis is because of the euphoric and uplifting psychological effects it delivers. For those who suffer from depression or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, it can be difficult to compartmentalize different problems and negative and/or upsetting feelings. Fortunately, after cannabis consumption, the stimulation of THC in the brain’s cells results in the release of dopamine, which creates euphoria, as noted by The National Institute of Drug Abuse. Tetrahydrocannabinol is an ideal choice for people who want to feel a positive change in their mood and well-being with little to no side effects.

10. THC is an Anti-oxidant

Lastly, according to a study conducted by researchers from Maryland’s National Institute of Mental Health, THC and CBD both serve as anti-oxidants. In the human brain, cannabinoids act as anti-oxidants, which reduces ‘glutamate toxicity’, which is a good thing since glutamate serves as a neurotransmitter that signals nerve cells to fire, as noted by Herb.co. Too much glutamate could cause nerve overstimulation, but the cannabinoids help protect the brain’s cells from damage thanks to the anti-oxidants in THC and CBD.

Before reading this article, you may have had a different viewpoint of Tetrahydrocannabinol and its medical benefits, or perhaps you didn’t think THC contained any medical properties at all. However, after the breakdown of ten benefits of THC, hopefully, you gained some perspective on this powerfully effective medical treatment that can change people’s lives.