Top 10 Retreats for Cannabis Lovers

Top 10 Retreats for Cannabis Lovers

It’s nice to get away for a weekend or longer with a loved one or special friends. There are beach people, mountain sorts, and destination planners. The time away is meant to get some rest, rejuvenate, and rejoice. We all do it in different ways at different locations. But, these days such trips are built around cannabis, its industry and origins.

We thought you might be interested in these 10 cannabis retreats:

1. hosts weekend yoga and cannabis events at the Cliff House Lodge in Morrison, CO. Charges include lodging, meals, and goodie bags. Yogi D leads events with traditional yogi discipline. But, he also likes to bring in music and fun. He counsels on cannabis use from personal experience emphasizing laughter, restorative massage, and flow and partner yoga.

The Cliff House Lodge is eight themed cottages, each with its own hot tub. It has a Great Room inviting guests to lounge on overstuffed leather chairs and an outside acre to explore. You can walk to shopping or make travel arrangements to the famed Red Rocks Amphitheater. Breakfast is served from 8 to 10:30 AM in your room, the Great Room, or Patio.

2.  The Adagio Bed & Breakfast is Denver’s secret getaway for couples. A Bud+Breakfast™ location, this Victorian home has only six unique and private rooms in the heart of Denver close to major Denver attractions and several cannabis dispensaries.

In addition to your comfortable room, couples can enjoy spa treatments including hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, and more. Your room includes air conditioning, a private bath with shower, and bathrobes for relaxing, but you step outside the room for the included “wake+bake breakfast,” complimentary beer, wine, and appetizers at the 4:20 Happy Hour, and munchies are available all day leading to an 8:30 PM desert—just in case you’re hungry!

3.  Rose Creek Retreat, a boutique camp stretches along the Columbia River in Rosburg, WA. Each secluded campsite is rented to one camping party, so you shouldn’t worry about large campers and RVs. As they say, you’re not renting a campsite; “you are renting your own private nature park.”

Rose Creek Retreat hosts campers who are cannabis-friendly. The campground welcomes responsible users, but it has core concerns for fire safety. So, they may restrict use to vaping during the dry season. Otherwise, you can enjoy yourself by the creek, watching fish jump in the river, or bird watching for the local eagles.

The Rose Creek is for hard-core campers who must bring all their supplies. There is an outhouse, and you’ll find a cell phone charger and basic lighting at the Rose Creek Hut.

4.  Bowman’s Bear Creek Lodge in Hope, AL, amid 1.3 million acres of the Chugach National Forest, is home to Hope Dope a legendary local strain. The family-friendly property includes eight individual cabins located for maximum privacy. Cabin guests must shower in one of two heated shower houses. The cabins are smoke-free, but you’ll find it easy to enjoy yourself in open locations.

The most spacious cabin sleeps six comfortably in a queen-size bed, two singles, and a queen futon. It features a microwave, small refrigerator, wood burning stove, electric heat, BBQ, and a picnic table. Other cabins sleep three or four, but The Bridge Cabin is a private site across a footbridge. This cozy cabin for two has a queen size bed, propane heater, four-burner stove and oven, television, hot and cold water, and other amenities.

Guests are invited to the included gourmet five-course dinner at the Bear Creek Dinner House, menus include local greens, fresh seafood, sizzling steaks with soups, salads, and appetizers.

5.  Coral Cove Beach Resort & Spa is down winding unpaved roads in Jamaica, a secluded all-inclusive resort. This Ganga-friendly resort is a “pristine pot paradise” on Jamaica’s southwest coast. Coral Cove was the site for a CannaBliss event this year.

Eighteen rooms face the cove offer a romantic getaway or honeymoon option. You rise to breakfast in bed or on the room’s private terrace. You can enjoy views of the sparkling Caribbean or snorkel and sail before a romantic starlit dinner.

Their spa offers several massage procedures, scrubs, and restorative treatments. Local activities include kayaking, deep sea fishing, rum tours, and ganja farm tours. And, locally-sourced ingredients appear on menus at the Coral Cove Restaurant and Uncle Sam’s Grill

6.  The Jupiter Hotel and Jupiter Next are two boutique hotels renovated and rejuvenating their SE Portland, OR community. They both offer ultramodern and distinctive rooms and suited recognized in Architectural Digest. Food and drink are available at Hey Love in Jupiter Next, and Doug Fir at the Jupiter also has nightly live entertainment.

Jupiter Hotel has partnered with Dope Magazine to present a cannabis-friendly experience package to get a feel for Oregon’s canna-industry. The experience includes a copy of Dope Magazine, a munchie kit, vape pen, t-shirt, hat, and deals at local dispensaries. But, they do caution that hotel rooms are smoke-free and cannabis smoking is prohibited in public spaces.

7.  Hicksville Pines Bud & Breakfast is one strange place high in the San Jacinto Mountains in Idyllwild some 100 miles directly east of Los Angeles. You have a choice among nine A-frame suites. The 420 Room is the only room in which you can smoke. It has a sunken bed level with the floor, blacklight posters on the walls, and a munchies vending machine. Other rooms are dedicated and decorated with respect to Dolly Parton, John Waters, Twin Peaks, and more. Rooms might include soaking tubs, jacuzzies, waterbeds, or a Christmas tree.

Guests may bring their own weed, but a shuttle bus runs regularly to nearby dispensaries. It will have its own dispensary soon and a morning breakfast. This place is meant to be over-the-top, silly, and just plain fun. In a town where a dog is the mayor, you can’t expect more!

8.  Mountain Views Treehouse Retreat is a nine-sided fantasy retreat in Monroe, WA. Decorated with gypsy crystals and Christmas lights, the room sits in a tree among forest sounds and smells. Guests can book one of three treehouses, two tiny houses, or a suite in the main house.

You’ll escape among their dogs, pot belly pigs, and a parrot who may ask, “Where’s your marijuana?” All units are 420 smoking approved.

9.  Aspen Canyon Ranch near majestic Silverthorne, CO offers 420 Packages in its large 420-friendly lodge with three meals a day, lodging, available Wi-Fi and cable, discounts at local dispensaries, and 420 socializing and appetizers.

Depending on the season, guests have access (at extra cost) to a 6-passenger AWD SUV, keg parties, snowboard lessons, ski packages, snow tubing, horse-drawn sleigh rides, and more. You will want to itemize those fees when booking your plans.

10.  Bremer Mountain Retreat lets you explore Washington’s Cascades from its rustic farm. This is a back-to-basics retreat with little to do but relax, farm, and hike. Accommodations are tiny houses with the guests welcome to prepare their meals in a community kitchen. They are encouraged to select greens, fruits, vegetables, and herbs from the farm.

The hosts provide firewood, meal condiments, coffee/tea setups, and complementary cannabis. You may smoke inside or out (being careful to respect fire bans in dry seasons). Private hiking trails vary by difficulty, and you are free to explore the mountain towns and local dispensaries.

What to watch for

Cannabis-friendly hotels, retreats, and resorts are a growing industry. And, it will face a shakeout sooner or later. Many of these locations are works-in-progress as legalization expands, and they do not have the most sophisticated marketing channels.

Bud+Breakfast™ has put its mark on a lot of locations, but their own website is difficult to navigate. The AirBnB platform is adding options all the time, but you must remember these are mostly apartments, condos, or single rooms which don’t fit the “retreat” idea. And, KushTourism includes many links that simply do not work.

There are also roving retreats for membership communities like Ganja Goddess Getaway and CannaBliss events. Research does not find getaways in Canada or newly legalized U.S. states. Except for the Jamaican resort listed here, all these packages are U.S. locations. But, you can explore exciting retreat options in Spain, the Netherlands, Uruguay, and Australia.

Not sure these are the “top 10 retreats,” the list does include a variety of escapes you might explore.