The Ultimate Guide to Snoop Dogg Pounds

The Ultimate Guide to Snoop Dogg Pounds

Snoop Dogg’s image has gone from gangsta, to pimp, to spiritual rastafarian but one thing has never changed; his love of weed. Snoop’s favorite method of enjoying cannabis is with his signature blunt. He’s even done interviews on BBC Radio 1 with a lit blunt in his hand, and he has claimed that he smokes up to 81 blunts a day (that’s a whopping five an hour). Of course, it wasn’t always that way. Snoops first ever blunt was given to him at a party by by none other than Tupac Shakur after a freestyle battle at a party. Since those halcyon days he has gone on to become cannabis’ best hype man for the last quarter century.

Snoop has referenced weed in a host of his most famous tracks. He’s smoked with Wiz Khalifa, Seth Rogen, and country legend, Willie Nelson, and he’s a giant in the marijuana advocacy market. Snoop is a canny businessman and has turned his love of weed into cold, hard cash.

Snoop hit the weed scene hard with a huge range of products, all of which have the quality that a true connoisseur can curate. If he really is burning through 81 joints a day then Snoop certainly knows what strains of herb are the very best; so we can be sure that the Leafs collection of delicious strains has some real expert knowledge behind it. Not only that, he’s also put his name to a whole host of papers, rolling kits, vaporizers, and now; a range of masterfully designed bongs.

The POUNDS collection is Snoop’s massive line of high quality bongs. These are some of the finest water pipes for weed and concentrates we’ve ever seen. What is it that makes them so good? Well, let’s take a look.

There’s A Bong for Everyone

The POUNDS collection is a diverse range of pipes, containing both bongs and dabbing rigs. The Mothership is a gargantuan edifice of a bong, that stands at over 13 inches and features an array of percolators and splash guards for the ultimate dry herb experience. For the concentrate fans out there then the Spaceship Puck Rig is a must. It’s a compact and squat dabbing equipped with a range of fantastic cooling innovations. Inside of it you’ll find a ruffled filter to offer you incredible cooling. The POUNDS collection is meant to be a line that can equip anyone with the ideal water pipe that suits their needs perfectly.

Glass Is Going Through A Renaissance

Snoop is a canny entrepreneur, he’s not likely to put his name to anything unless it is something that has real quality; his image is too good to sully with shoddy merchandise. Recently glass has been going through a renaissance, more and more brands are basing their reputation on the beauty and quality of their products. The POUNDS collection is no different, each piece is a beautiful example of high quality glass. Each piece bears a ship’s name, from the Mothership, to the Spaceship, each has a unique design to fulfill a particular niche. Snoop is all about style, so you know that these bongs are some of the coolest and best-looking piece on the market.

Snoop Knows Cool

It goes without saying, but Snoop Dogg is the last word in cool. From the soft chill of his flow to his timeless aesthetic, Snoop is a true thought leader, so it only makes sense that his POUNDS are stunning and mold-breaking examples of bong design. Every piece in the POUNDS collection is made from high quality glass and are available in a range of unique and innovative shapes. The Mothership, for example, is a gigantic water pipe, standing at over 14” high. It is equipped with an array of striking and effective cooling percolators and splash guards. The Mothership is a true centerpiece that will give any collection an injection of true gravitas. For those of you who like something somewhat more understated then the compact and beautiful Spaceship is ideal. It is a compact dab rig with a unique puck shaped design that has a squat profile while making plenty of space for a cooling reservoir.

Each POUNDS piece is named after a type of ship. The Rocketship, The Starship, The Spaceship, The Battleship, and The Mothership; Snoops have a strong identity and a consistent quality across the range. This is testament to Snoops own unforgettable identity and personal brand.

A styling bong is a truly great thing to have, and it can add to the atmosphere of your smoke sessions. After all, it’s always nice when your friends admire your glass at a party.

Made For Aficionados

Snoop is nothing less than a weed expert. He knows exactly what makes a great smoke experience, what the best level of cooling is, and what really constitutes a quality bong. The POUNDS collection isn’t a beginner brand, it’s intended for experienced and discerning bong fans. Every piece is made of high quality glass, subtly accented with colours, and gimmick-free. These bongs don’t have any tacky extra features, they do what they do, and they do it well.

Snoop has taken the herb scene by storm yet again, the POUNDS collection are a must have for anyone serious about bongs. Quality, aesthetics, style, and serious hits, the POUNDS collections are a must have.