Upcoming Pre-rolled Cones Shortage

Upcoming Pre-rolled Cones Shortage

The market for pre-rolled cones is in for some surprises. Customers will soon find them in short supply and at higher prices. They must also watch out for providers who push poor quality. So, what can you do to manage the upcoming pre-rolled cones shortage?

What are pre-rolled cones?

Pre-rolled cones offer the convenience of not having to roll your own cannabis joints. Cones come pre-prepared for smoking. They are neat and finished, and they save the trouble of chopping, cutting, and packing your joints by hand.

Pre-rolled cones offer new cannabis users a ready-made alternative to rolling their own. Producers often present the cones in containers like cigarette boxes or packs for additional convenience in carrying and storing.

The best pre-rolled cones use premier papers in proportioned quality to avoid tearing. The quality will ensure an even burn and unfiltered taste and aroma.

Users fill the cones with their choice of cannabis strain. There is no need to lick the paper to seal it tight. And you might look for cones that come with a filter at the end. Other cones use flavor-infused papers and come in a range of widths and lengths.

You grind or cut cannabis as if you were rolling a joint. Then you pack it gently into the cone with a tamper. Once you have filled the cone, you twist the opening closed and light up. If you want to "go pro," you can invest in modestly priced machines to stuff a supply of cones in different sizes for every occasion.

Benefits of using pre-rolled cones

Consumers will find a wide selection of pre-rolled cones serving most of their needs:

  • Materials used – Pre-rolled cones come wrapped in several materials. Clear cellulose does not affect the taste or interfere with the full flavor. Unbleached papers are the most popular because they copy the classic joint. Hemp-rolled cones use organic resources to smooth the taste and prolong the burn. Cones pre-rolled with rice paper provide a clean, lightweight, pure flavor. And flavored papers can enhance the smoking experience by offsetting rougher tastes.

  • Sizes – Pre-rolled cones come in various sizes to serve individual customer desires or provide a full range of experiences for different occasions. Among the most purchased cones are:

    • 1.25-inch cones resemble the classic cigarette size, which may account for their popularity.

    • King-size cones provide a longer individual smoke or enough for sharing with a partner.

    • Party-size pre-rolled cones are perfect for sharing and passing around a circle.

Where can you get pre-rolled cones?

Until recently, customers could buy pre-rolled cones at local “head” shops, or from nearby cannabis dispensaries. However, pre-rolled cones have fallen victim to the supply chain crisis related to COVID-19 lockdowns and related problems.

  • High demand!

More people use pre-rolled cones than ever before. As more States decriminalized or legalized cannabis grow, sale, and use, new cannabis users saw positive benefits in pre-rolled cones. They are neat, low priced, and easy to use. These benefits appeal to Millennials and Generations X and Z.

They have proven helpful to users afflicted with medical problems affecting their ability to handle their cannabis. For example, caregivers can prepare a supply of joints dosed for the patient’s convenience.

Sales climbed during the pandemic lockdowns of 2020 when customers could not shop in person or used more frequently out of boredom, stress, and anxiety.

  • Low supply!

Ninety percent of pre-rolled cones come from ten manufacturers in India and Indonesia. They use papers manufactured outside the U.S., and most cones are assembled carefully by hand.

With high COVID rates in the supplier nations, unresolved labor shortages, and international supply chain crises, the increased demand challenges the reduced or delayed supply. Consequently, customers may see product shortages, increased prices, and the disappearance of some brands.

You must purchase pre-rolled cones from reputable producers and retailers, especially in the emerging market. Shop carefully and prudently for products with positive reviews and fully detailed labels.

The best manufacturers will test and label their products. You want to know where your cones are manufactured, the materials used, and any traces of toxic materials or chemicals. You must avoid any materials that will release toxins when burned and inhaled.

Pre-rolled cones offer many benefits. They are reasonably priced, convenient, and discrete. They come in different sizes and materials. And they present a real option for new cannabis consumers.

If you have the opportunity, you should stock up on a supply of cones because the shortage will likely continue. It would be best if you did not buy so many lest they go stale. But store your collection carefully, and you will beat the supply and demand crisis.