Vaping or Smoking Cannabis: Which Is Better For You?

Vaping or Smoking Cannabis: Which Is Better For You?

Vaping cannabis is an ever-growing trend amongst the cannabis culture and community. Everyone from retail cannabis consumers who just enjoy a toke from time to time all the way to medical marijuana patients who utilize cannabis on a daily basis for its medical benefits, people are turning to vaping cannabis as their preferred consumption method for many different reasons.

First, let's look at what vaping cannabis is. When you vape cannabis it is typically done through an e-cigarette style device. These devices come in basically three different styles. Some are made for vaping dry herb cannabis. Some are made to utilize cannabis cartridges and others are made specifically for vaping cannabis concentrates by placing them directly onto a coil which is heated by the device.

Vaping dry herb allows you to still enjoy the taste of cannabis buds while eliminating the health hazards of combusting the dried plant material. Most dry herb vaporizers utilize a ceramic chamber that can be heated to a wide range of different temperatures allowing you to better control your dosing.

Many people enjoy the medical benefits as well as the significant buzz that you receive from cannabis concentrates, however, they do not enjoy the process of having to use torches and whatnot for smoking concentrates out of a dab rig. These individuals are finding a great alternative in concentrate vaporizer pens such as the Dabsolute Concentrate Pen.

Other vaping pens utilize what are known as cartridges which are filled with CBD or THC based oils which are heated and inhaled. Vaporizers such as the Revival vape pen offer a quick, on the go option for vaporizing that is very classy and discrete.

All three of these types of vaporizers have one thing in common and that is the fact that they do not present the health risks associated with heating the dry plant material to the point of combustion making them a much healthier consumption choice. What is the safest product to vape though is a question on lots of minds.

According to Adam Winstock, a drug use researcher at King’s College London, vaping is safer than smoking and vaping dry herb/bud is safer than vaporizing cannabis oils. This is great news as many people who are turning to vaping are long term bud smokers and by vaping the dry herb, they still get the same experience of breaking up the bud, packing a device and the flavor of actual bud. It is believed that vaping the dry bud is safer than the oils due to the fact that oils may still have residual solvents left behind which could be harmful.

These are just the basics of vaping cannabis. There are hundreds of devices that are available in a multitude of styles to fit anyone’s lifestyle and budget. If you are looking to vape concentrates, the Dabsolute Concentrate Pen is highly recommended. When it comes to vaping dry herb, ArioVape offers a vaporizer option that can also be modified to include a water bubbler filtration as well. If oils are your thing, the Revival offers discretion and style for a great deal!