What Happens When You Ingest Cannabis?

What Happens When You Ingest  Cannabis?

Anyone who has ever smoked medical cannabis but hated the harshness of smoke inhalation has thought about ingesting it as well. Whether the lime green bud looks tantalizingly delicious sitting in its baggy or you are up for trying some brownies with an extra special ingredient, it has crossed your mind. You can admit it; you are amongst friends here. But, will raw weed get you high? And if you did get high, how would you feel? We are sure that these pressing questions, and others, have been running through your mind. It is for this reason that we have compiled this concise, but comprehensive, guide that details what happens when you ingest cannabis.

Are you ready for some enlightenment? Without further ado, let's begin our journey into the world of raw cannabis, edibles, and more. The Buzz on Eating Raw Cannabis Most of us have considered eating raw buds before - if only to see what would happen. But while there are some that say that eating raw cannabis has many health benefits, the psychoactive rewards are few. Sorry to burst your bubble but it's safe to say that going this way is akin to flushing money down the commode.

At this point, you're probably surprised - but there's actually a really good reason why eating raw cannabis will do nothing for your buzz. First of all, the cannabis plant isn't psychoactive; it contains THCA not THC. The long and short of it is that you won't get a buzz unless the THCA is converted into THC, a process that happens when the cannabis plant is cured and heated.

Secondly, raw cannabis is very hard for the body to digest. As a result, the bud will pass right through the digestive tract and exit the body with nary an effect. And, while we're on the subject of eating it, can you imagine the texture? Eating a plant sans salad dressing doesn't seem to be a good idea. Not to mention those hairs that cannabis lovers prize so much aren't nice to the stomach lining. And, with all the pesticides that commercial growers use to keep bugs away, it just packs on more reasons why ingesting raw cannabis isn't a good idea.

Gummy Bears, Brownies, and Lollipops - Oh My! If you are determined to experience the therapeutic effect of THC without smoking, there is a tastier and much more effective - read: intense - method that you can use to achieve your goals  Edibles are created by infusing food with cannabis and come in all sizes and shapes e.g. smoothies, soups, chocolate bars, hard candies, cakes, gummies, cookies, brownies, and more. As such, they are a delicious, convenient, and discreet way to get your buzz. When we eat these delectable treats, cannabinoids are introduced into the body through the gastrointestinal tract - versus smoking where they enter through the lungs - the result is a calmer, much more intense high that lasts for a longer period of time - up to four hours to be exact.

Although edibles have their benefits, there's something you should know before you take your first bite - you must be mindful of your dosage i.e. always pick the appropriate serving size. Unlike smoking that gives a virtually instantaneous high - edibles may take anywhere from half an hour to 60 minutes before the effects are felt. As a result, edible eaters tend to eat more than necessary when their highs don't kick in by the time they expect it to, which can lead to a THC overdose. Some of the symptoms include:

● Lack of concentration and focus
● Changes in blood pressure
● Extreme drowsiness
● Hallucinations
● Dizziness
● Hyperventilation

Not to be taken lightly, a THC overdose can get so bad that you may require hospitalization. To prevent this from happening, only ingest about a quarter of your dose every hour until you start to feel the effects. Yes, you will have to exercise restraint but remember, you can always eat more but you can't rewind and eat less.

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