What is a Medical Marijuana Card and How to Get it Online

What is a Medical Marijuana Card and How to Get it Online

The advance in telemedicine may be just what you have been needing. For whatever reason, you may not been able get your primary doctor or specialist to recommend medical marijuana as a therapy. Some doctors are reluctant to help you register for your medical marijuana card. Telemedicine lets you meet with a qualified practitioner for an online video chat prior to issuing a card.

What’s the problem?

Some 29 states plus have approved sale and possession of medical marijuana. But, the whole idea is news to some, including trained medical professionals. Lacking sufficient research, the medical benefits of cannabis remain too uncertain for many doctors. Still others are terrified of trafficking in Category I drugs; yet, most of those same doctors do not hesitate to prescribe opioid therapies.

What’s the solution?

An online match with doctors qualified to diagnose and treat can help you secure that medical marijuana card in minutes.

Online medical care is a virtual video experience approved by heavyweight healthcare providers like Blue Cross Blue Shield. They limit its use to certain health conditions and with doctors in their networks, but it is a major advance for those seeking care.

Virtual medicine facilitates visits with convenience, modest fees, and no need to leave home. If the doctors must prescribe a pharmaceutical, they can process the prescription online with your insured direct mail pharmacy and/or local pharmacy.

Medical marijuana canna-preneurs, like OnlineMedicalCard.com, have leveraged the same technology to make things easier for medical marijuana patients.

How it works:

You check “connect with” at OnlineMedicalCard.com, a Better Business Bureau service headquartered in Santa Ana, California. The website will ask for your name and phone. It invites you to open an account with information protected by HIPAA privacy regulations.

You will select your preferred option. A doctor’s recommendation is all you legally need. But, you can also order a wallet-sized medical cannabis I.D. card for repeated dispensary visits. The recommendation lasts for a year, but you can renew for a fee online.

With a mic and webcam, you chat with a doctor, available 9am to 10pm seven days a week. On a mobile device, you download a video conferencing app. Either way, you video chat with the licensed doctor available. If the doctor finds that medical marijuana will help your condition (one of the 90 medical problems listed in Prop 64), you will immediately receive a .pdf of the necessary recommendation letter.

What are the benefits?

Now that California has recreational-use marijuana dispensaries, they still sell medical marijuana. But, a medical marijuana card provides additional benefits:

·        Access: Recreational use cannabis dispensaries are still in the process of approval and licensing. But, 1,000 medical marijuana dispensaries are already open and operating. They are conveniently located and well-stocked with medical cannabis product, strains, and derivatives.

·        Age-limit: With a doctor’s recommendation letter or medical marijuana card, you can purchase cannabis at the age of 18. But, you must be 21 to buy recreational use product.

·        Choice: California limits purchase of edible cannabis at 100mg of THC separated into individual 10 mg servings. It also bans tinctures and topicals with more than 1,000 mg of THC. However, medical cannabis patients are permitted an exception. They can purchase stronger stains, more potent edibles, and tinctures and topicals with up to 2,000mg of THC.

·        Confidence: The California Department of Consumer Affairs promotes its BreEZe Online Services where you can quickly verify your doctor’s license. You can also file a complaint with BreEZe, but OnlineMedicalCard.com offers a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your online experience.

·        Confidential: With online processing, HIPAA regulations provide 100% confidentiality for your information and records. If you apply through the state, your records are in the state’s system available for vetting when you apply for a job with the state.

·        Experience: With OnlneMedicalCard.com, you can trust their business experience with 40,000 active patients and 250,000 evaluations since 2011.

·        Plants: Citizens may cultivate up to six plants at home, but medical marijuana patients may grow up to 100 square feet of medical marijuana plants.

·        Process: You can secure a medical card online in 10 minutes. Or, you can go through the state’s bureaucratic process with forms, doctor’s visit, application, and wait for card delivery.

·        Product: The Union reports, “Medicinal marijuana cards also give users access to much better cannabis than what'll be available in recreational shops. The vast selection sold in medical dispensaries is grown from several high-grade strains with various THC: CBD ratios to increase potency, target pain management, and create a better experience.”

·        Safety: California permits grow, buy, carry, possess, and use with limits. Carrying a hard copy medical marijuana card with an embossed seal in your wallet justifies your possession when growing, carrying, or traveling by air.

·        Taxes: Medical marijuana is taxed differently than adult-use cannabis, roughly half the rate even though the product may be the same. That means saving up to 35% on purchases, depending on the California regional regulations. For example, that can mean a minimum savings of 14.25% in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Oakland, 12.75% in San Diego, and 19% in San Leandro.

An official California medical marijuana card offers you many cost-effective benefits — even with the new privileges provided in California’s Prop 64. Despite the extension of rights to adults wanting recreational-use cannabis, a medical marijuana card still creates options not available to those without the recommendation.

OnlineMedicalCard.com makes securing a card a 10-minute experience with licensed and reputable professionals and proven service. There’s every reason to go forward.