Bubba's Gift Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

This medical marijuana hybrid variety is the indica dominant cross between 'God's Gift' and 'Bubba Kush'. Bubba Kush is the hybrid between Bubblegum and Hindu Kush and God's Gift is the hybrid between OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple. Bubba's Gift is a strong indica-dominant strain and the indica/sativa percentage are nearly close to that pure indica strain. The buds of this plant are large and extremely dense and are covered with orange-brown colored hairs. The flowers will be ripe and appear snowy just like the buds. The aroma that is being produced by this strain is sweet with the earthy and dessert spicy odors. When the plant is crushed or grounded, a complex blend of smells would emerge. The flavor of this strain distinguishes from the smell. The different sorts of sweetness that are dominating the aroma are subtle in the flavor. Typically, this is the night-time strain which is recommended in order to get relaxed quickly. In addition, this could be a good appetite stimulator. This can be a good pain-reliever and is extremely euphoric. Bubba's Gift can also be taken for relieving anxiety, depression and stress.
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I got one small female seedling from my brother, who had more plants than space. The seedling was not in good shape when I picked it up, not enough direct sunlight, and some insect damage. I transplanted around mid-June, into some decent soil and let her do what she could. Too much early damage has kept her a little stunted, but not enough to cull the plant. I garden at 5000 feet elevation, with high summer temperatures and very low humidity. Frost is now my main concern. Flower development is slower than the other cultivars in my outdoor rotation, and yield will most likely be small. I'm hoping that the cold fall night temperatures will bring out some purple before a killing frost happens. This cultivar is one of the least troublesome that I've grown.

This is one of my top 3 favorite tasting strains. Wayyy bublegummy with a purple taste instead of green

Bubba's Gift so far is one of the most beautiful and interesting High that I have ever experienced.

Superb,vagrant for measuring well

Just to be clear, "Bubba Kush" is *not* a Bubblegum x Hindu Kush cross. It is an OG Kush x (west Coast Dawg x Old World Kush). That makes Bubba Kush roughly made up of 50% chemdawg genetics. with that out of the way... Very vigorous vegetative growth. Remained short and compact throughout the grow. A stinker from very early on, so odor control is a must. Topped twice, and 4-way LST'd, and scrogged. I let mine go 60 days (same as the c99 it was next to). Harvest dry weight was 3.2oz. Best smelling weed ever! Very pungent, unmistakably strong cannibas with a strong sweet grape nose. Simply out of this world. Effects are excellent. I thought it was similar to GDP, but with more headroom. Pretty clear for a hybrid, but definitely indica dominant. The grape comes theough in the smoke flavor. This should be a staple in anyones garden. If you're an OG kush or GDP fan, this is a must try.

Phenotype I grew out had 0 stretch and never got above 15". Still had about an ounce of amazingly grape smelling sweet indica that will knock you out. Wish it produced more. Amazing purple tones without having to drop temps due to the GDP lineage. Not a strain for those looking to be social. This is the "take a hit and unravel the secrets of black holes" shit just before you fall asleep.

Best I've grown this year, did well outdoor only got to five feet but what a harvest. Great smoke all around.

Love it...use it for nerve pain and does the job! Ty

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