Cherry Pie Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

THC: 16% - 24%, CBD: 1%

Cherry Pie is a indica dominant hybrid of Grand Daddy Purple and Durban Poison. Although it is hard to find the authentic version of this particular medical marijuana strain, it definitely will not be hard to believe that this is the best type of strain. In structural composition, it has dense buds with orange hair all over and displays a slight tint of purple. Inspiring the name of this medical marijuana strain, the aroma is that of cherry pies. It is most commonly used by patients who are suffering from evident symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, migraines and other stress-oriented syndromes. Although it may cause dry eyes and mouth upon use by the patient, it definitely helps in elevating the level of euphoria, relaxing body and mind, uplifting moods and focusing the conscience. For patients who are specially looking for something that would ease muscle stiffness and related ailments, this can definitely prove its rescuing ability. Conclusively, this is the best kind of medically favorable marijuana strain that patients prefer above all others; it diminishes the above mentioned syndromes in the most relaxing order and even though sedation may cause irritation, but its value is still undeniable.
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Great strain. Billed as a 80/20 indica, it felt more like a 50/50 to me. Great smoke for daytime or evening. Really gets you aroused and is Great for sex

The flower smells good and smoothe toke. The flower is better than the oil.

Great strain nice cherry 🍒 taste not to overwhelming and the high was outstanding..definitely a creeper

Smooth & Moderate-Strong high Amazing taste! Hints of cherry High Indica content, couch-locker, good for watching TV/Gaming Good for sleeping. No anxiety Only downside is the batches I've had havent been 10/10 strong but still packed a solid punch

Two of my favorite strains. Durban Poison keeps any anxiety at bay, and the Grand Daddy Purple really helps with my neck and shoulder pain (I'm a software engineer, so in a chair and trying to work on my posture). Really talkative strain, and still retains all the good indica effects. Solid strain, can't go wrong, so pick it up if you can find it!

first time smoking cherry pie kush I loved it helped my lower back pain and sore muscles

Lovely dark forest green nugs with hints of purple peaking from under the huge amounts of golden trichs all over. One of the more kiefy buds ive seen in recent memory. The smell and taste are very similar, Berry on the inhale and berry-Earthy exhale. All in all, It tastes decent however for me what shines on this one is that it really does provide a lot of good medicinal benefits. I have been smoking this one all day and feel good. I am relaxed but not sleepy. I am not in any pain whatsoever and still alert to work all day even though I started my first bowl at 5am this morning with coffee. I'm an all day every day smoker and I will say that you get the benefits from this indica hybrid without the couch lock and heavy sedation that leads to a mid day nap. Made it through my dreaded 3pm crash period without any trouble. Cherry Pie is a great balance of the indica dominant traits and I would recommend for people who are seeking an indica all day smoker and need relief with a clear head.

Cherry pie has become one of my favourites strains. The cross of Grandaddy purple and Durban Poison really created a top shelf flower. Cherry pie is a indica dominant strain, with really appealing effects, aromas, flavors and also, it looks astonishing. For the aroma, it smells like sweet, berry and cherry , smells so good, the flower really holds a great aroma. The flower shape is also something really interesting and appealing. buds shapes look incredible, a classic indica shaped flower, dense nugs with spiral flowers, frosty buds and a bright olive green and orange tone. also it displays some purple spots here and there, a beautiful display of a 3 color mix. Tastes so great, a delicious cherry, berry earthy flavor that can be found in each toke. Effects are a mellow sensation in the head, eyes and body. a mild cerebral, euphoric high, leaving you floating and relaxed in deep space, it holds really special and unique effects. Cherry pie is a must try, an A+ strain. Really liked this flower, everything is excellent and tops every aspect.

Delicious rolled up in the mornings. I had a variant that had Durban Poison inbred with it. The best of both worlds, mentally clear and lightly soothing bodily.

Great strain. Another insomniac strain I’ve enjoyed within these last 3 days. Smells good not 🍒 🥧 appealing but good. Just a hint of sweet tone. Taste about the same as smell to me. Hits in my head first then slides to my body in high sedation level. Head high doesn’t last long but body effects for awhile. Very enjoyable strain to pick up anytime available

She’s my Cherry Pie! Anything this strain touches is fire. Grape Pie is another great cousin

Great flavor. Lasts for awhile then a nice head high. Leaves you satisfied.

Very nice! Great for anxiety and alleviates arthritis.

Finally. A pro-cannabis review that's also cogent and well articulated. Well done

Very nice! I suffer from severe anxiety a couple of hits and my insides totally relaxed. One of my favorites 💚

This strain is really nice. I actually am surprised that its an indica because i've been using this as a nice plane ride over my recent tasks and feel hella productive. Fully support on its relief for ADHD symptoms. Feeling clear as ever. (Also should note I meditate and do inner work frequently as well which more contribute to the level of clarity) (also my first review) :)

NOW WE ARE TALKING FOLKS! This was the first strain I ever tried when I got my marijuana card. I LOVE this strain. It doesn't knock you out, but still puts you in a really relaxed and happy mood.

Excellent presentation. Excellent pot. As good as it gets.

Nice taste and smell, average cerebral stimulation at best. Mild relaxation. No couch lock.

Great for my stress and anxiety!!

Definitely powerful both medically, and recreationally. This strain is amazing for medicating away different stresses and depression, while not being overpoweringly heavy. The durban genetics are heavily present and shut down anxiety with incredibly powerful mental euphoria, while the giddy body high of the GDP finish off any stress you're feeling. The dabs of this strain are very tasty and have a strong sour and sweet cherry flavor, with undertones of herby, skunky dank bud. The inhale is incredibly sweet and sour, with traces of fruit and herbs, while the exhale brings the strain's name to mind with it's incredible cherry flavor. The terps are among some of the tastiest I've ever had the pleasure of trying. Overall, cherry pie is a select choice for treating a wide variety of different conditions, while having a distinct and memorable high for recreational users. The terpenes are sure to please any palate with their candy like sweetness, and fruity sourness. Despite being indica dominant, it's still an amazing daytime strain while still giving you the relaxation you need after a busy day at work. It's an amazing smoke for stoners of all walks of life.

Love this strain. I don't think I've yet given something 5 stars, as nothing is perfect... But this one is a beauty. It tastes fantastic, burns decent (depending on grower) and I love that it's on the indica spectrum. Cherry Pie truly reminds me of Key Lime Pie. Key Lime being a little more sweet. 4.5 / 5

Just received”cherry pie”in 1mg cart form.#1,I’m an indica fan,#2 clean fresh bud,and definitely not harsh Which brings my to #3 and th ultimate point#3 I DO NOT like banana/chestnut/bubblegum flavored bud. So if you have read my 3likes”cherry pie”is indica dominate👍 The title be the least favorite flaver 👎alright so it’s theonly indica they had so I am pulling on the cart of the strain,and tastes perfect!and took only maybe 3 pulls and have a nice head euphoria and feel relaxed with no harsh throat aftertastes,I rarely rate anything very high,but once I put this book down I’m taking a couple more pulls and be????

I have only tried this in vape format, but it was love at first hit! Melted away my cares, put a smile on my face and made me giggly. The parent strains on this are two of my all-time favs. Don't miss this one!!!

This is my morning and evening weed. I love the relaxing feeling i have when i smoke this strain. its not a couch lock high that some people experience. I love it so much that every time i find this strain available i get it.

Cherry pie has became one of my new favorite strains it’s test so high in thc and very potent smell with a very potent indica buzz, plus the taste is amazing. Love it for my chronic pain and inflammation, plus back spasm. Glad I found someone that grows it organic and just kills it wish I could post pics

A very smooth, mellow high. It left me very clear headed and relaxed. Tastes and smells great. Goes down smooth!

This Indica dominate strain was by THC Design & contained 29% THC. Tight, rock hard smaller buds that were green & golden yellow with touches of dark purple. Plenty of golden yellow peach fuzz hairs with crystal trichomes. Sweet, earthy, fruity, & berry were the taste & smell which made for smooth hits. Happy, relaxing, & sleepy were the effects but, they were not overwhelming. Protect the Harvest......

This is gonna take you to Flavor town. Two of my favorite strains mixed and damn man cherry pie makes complete sense. What a treat. Smells and taste like a piece of cherry pie. The high is ultra relaxing and chill. Mood boost for sure. This is a pure winner. Great genetics and powerful taste and effects 🤪🍒🤪

By far the best. Really relaxing. It's my #1.

Really great cherry pie taste, actually tastes like cherry pie, and packs a punch. It has great buzz from the Durban poison genetics and great body from the GDP. Just an all around winner, and good producer as well, having big bud genetics in the GDP

Even though this strain is 80% indica, it has a gripping body high and that 20% keeps you going without that sleepiness. Good daytime and nighttime smoke. It's a MUST TRY.

Taste great and very relaxing, perfect for Bi-Polar disorder and anxiety.

This is my second time trying Cherry Pie, and each time is as good as the first time trying Cherry Pie I vote Yes !

Best Strain forever for me, It's helps everything it says, makes me warm and comfy. For me this is an all over Strain, from the top of my head to my feet. I use it for medical purposes and it truly is wonderful for that.

Best strain I've tried so far! It works just like everyone else says it will. One random effect it has on me is that I play videogames soooooooo much better when I'm hi on this. For example, in overwatch I can play any character and beast. I'm on fire for most of the game with 4 gold's. I'm always voted up by at least 6 people! Seriously amazing for gamers!!!!!!!

Works Wonders for my needs.. Especially making Cherry Pie Tinture..To make Cerry 🍭🍭's..!! Yum.😘😁😁

I half a toothache which made me stop cutting the grass.I'm a 38 year old black male from Louisiana right now I have a toothache, pain being a ten just rolled up 8 grams in a blunt for the pain... Cheers.... 10 minutes later.. this s*** don't work for toothaches

My favorite strain. It feels like I'm being wrapped in a warm, cozy blanket and all my troubles fade away. I have an anxiety disorder and PTSD and this things kicks them both right in the groin. Highly recommended.

We have it on the east coast Florida region

Super Good 😀 Amazing taste, incredible high, a true powerhouse!

Nice mellow high. Perfect for relaxing at night. Indica heavy but still able to function. Relaxed but not sleepy.

This strain is a winner!! That's why it's used to make girlscout and so on!! If it looks dank get it!! The taste is super good and the effects are better!! Dank!!

Tasty indeed. smooth.. leaf rolled

🍒🎂 Cherry Pie is a flavorful strain that does one very unique thing besides bring upon a wonderful relaxation, and that is make you smile. For some reason this strain just puts you in that giggly, stoned mood that not many strains seem to do! This is a strain I would prefer to smoke at night. It's definitely one for the flavor connoisseur to try out! If you are sad, try a slice of Cherry Pie! Myrcene: 5.69 mg/g, Pinene: 0.61 mg/g, B-Caryophyllene: 1.05 mg/g

Picked up 3.5g of this by The Happy Crowd. It has dense, sticky buds, and goes down smooth, even in a cheap bong. Good for pain without knocking you out for the day.

I haven't tried the Cherry Pie, Yet a lot of delivery companies don't have this around. If I have to go travel to get some it'll be worth the trip..

It is worthy of pre-rolls, just something to get a buzz from.

Just added a pic of the CHERRY PIE I got a while back I love this strain!

When I dry hit it it's very smoothing sweet cherry berry flavor when I put the light it's very smooth sweet cherry berry flavor I would say 60/40 indica hybrid it's very relaxing & u feel happy good for anxiety 4.8

Got this at Old Toby in Chehalis, WA. See pictures and detailed reviews on my blog the Aging Ent's Tastings -- Brand: Artizen Strain: Cherry Pie Indica-dominant Hybrid-- Potency Analysis: TTL 20. 7% THC 20. 4% CBD 0. 3%-- Cost: $15/gram-- Inside the bag, with my nose down in there, it smelled almost artificial and chemically it was so complex and concentrated. There was this deep, overwhelming sweetness to the smell of concentrated marijuana. -- This is the stickiest of ickiest. -- The first big hit of this was like a Hostess Cherry Fruit Pie without the crust. An explosion of rich, fruity goodness. The marijuana flavor was almost overwhelming it was so strong. --The high was so ridiculously deep, and I was fully stoned.


Great flavor, great high though it was clear headed, I had to lay down to think!

Such a nice high! Smooth and thoughtful and chill! Very respectable strain. Usually really dense nuggets that are not always huge, but it lacks a bright green punch!

Aromas: Fruity
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