Maple Leaf Indica Marijuana Strain

Indica Strain Indica

THC: 17% - 21%

Maple Leaf Indica is a grade A- strain that produced by crossing Skunk #1 with BlueBlack. This Indica dominant strain has a high potency due its extremely high THC levels. It has a flowering period of six to seven weeks and gives a moderate yield. This potent strain has a very powerful effect on your system that instantly affects you. The strong body buzz of Maple Leaf Indica makes you feel aroused and then sleepy, which makes it a good antidote for insomnia. It has extremely dense buds that are coated heavily with resins and has very thick leaves. Maple Leaf Indica has a very rich and smooth creamy taste that has a strong hint of vanilla with sweet and spicy undertones that are similar to that of honey and pepper, respectively. Its taste is quite nice too and is a blend of skunk, dung, spicy and sweet flavors. This strain is best used for treating different kinds of depression, stress and anxiety. It relieves the symptoms of these problems and makes you feel calm and peaceful. It is also employed for treating nausea, different types of mild and chronic pain as well as insomnia. Its side-effects include experiencing dry mouth, headaches and dry eyes
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The real Maple Leaf Indica is legit, smells like gassy, honey, and has fastest flowering time ever...I grow mine outside and it churns out sugary dense nugs with the most tricomes ever on a cannabis plant. Resistant to any weather and turns all sorts of colors before harvest...and it does give me a boner joke

I love the euphoric feeling this brings!

WOW!!!! The fact that this strain has some very old history, and is a grandmother strain for many of the current Indica strains should say a lot. I have personally grown this strain, and done very well with it. The other posters here saying it grows like a Sativa and is stretched, have obvious problems with their temp.The 45-50 day finish is a bit undershot. I did wonderful with 60 days. Produced VERY well, and had a very pleasing taste and high. You would not be disappointed, if you have patience and properly controlled temp in your room, this is a great strain.

Couldn't agree more with the other reviewer it says indica but its so obviously pure sativa and stretches like you wouldn't believe i wont be continuing with the genes i have some love black domina in with the not maple leaf and will be going forward with that from now on

The language behind it says Indica but it screams Sativa in growth. Behaves like a Haze hybrid in a room and does not finish within the advertised 45-50 days it is slower flowering than just about anything and stretches for a long period of time through flowering. Clearly Sensi has messed this up as it continues to get worse with each successive back cross.

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