Strawberry Kush Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 18% - 23%

Strawberry Kush is sweet, strong and truly well-rounded. This strain certainly justifies its lineage and contains a musky artificial strawberry taste with a THC content of up to 23 percent. It is essentially found as a cross between the bitter OG Kush and the sugary Strawberry Cough and is mostly strong but not overwhelming. Based on the dispensary, the ancestry of this strain tends to vary. Certain dispensaries contain more sativa-dominant or hybrid versions that lead to opposite, stimulating effects. This strain typically blossoms in eight to nine weeks and is obtainable by cloning only. In its make-up, Strawberry Kush contains Sativa genetics and it is smoked more as a Sativa than an Indica. Upon lighting this weed, one instantly identifies citrus, pine and of course, strawberry. A clean flavor is provided by the fruity combination and the buzz of this weed mentally stimulates a person, leaving them alert and ready for action. Strawberry Kush is a good smoke for daytime use since it will not make you drowsy. From a medical perspective, it helps patients with stress and appetite loss.
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This strain is good for sex. Why? I am a chemist and would love to look see an analyte profile of this strain. I am guessing the feeling is because of high CBD. The smoke kind of puts you out of it. Nice trip to this smoke. The phenotype more towards strawberry cough was better for sex.

Strawberry Kush is a pretty good strain. I really liked the taste, it’s the most strawberry tasting flower I ever had. The effects are balanced sativa/indica mental happiness and relaxation. I didn’t feel much of a body buzz. If you want to relax but still be focused strawberry kush is a good strain. Taste wise I give it 5 out of 5. Effects of strawberry kush get a 3.5 out of 5 for me.

Smoked here in Australia, if it was sk it wasn’t very good quality or taste, either grower didn’t grow/dry properly or it wasn’t what he said it was

This is a tasty strain that leaves the the smoker feeling satisfied without feeling stupid... Sweet and Beautifully trimmed flower was also a plus.. @24.38 THC was perfect for a nice daytime lift...

What can I say, I love this strain. One of the first times I tried it everyone I hit the blunt & pass it I would feel a head high get greater & greater. By half the blunt me & my homie was pretty F'n high.. Still haven't had a flower to do this as intensely as this was..I'll give it more stars but only 5 available..

A shop here was running a special on Strawberry Kush. (From Humboldt Cannabis Council; THC content came in lower than figures cited here -- 15.5%) The bud I ended up with is definitely a sativa-dominant hybrid, but the leaf-tender mistakenly told me it had more Indica body-high not a head-high. SK is not the most aggressive Sativa-dom hybrid, mild to moderate, but I still would not use it for anxiety / stress. Buds are brilliant green with large quantities of long red hairs, and very prominent sugar leaves are visible. Pungent herbaceous nose with scents of citrus, plum, and pine; delicious on exhale; no cottonmouth.

Yes Strawberry kush had to try cause I love me some cherry so what the heck.... 💨💨💨

My Strawberry Kush was grown from seeds from Robert Bergman. Just drying and smoking the kief during the vegging give a quality buzz. This strain is actually MOUTHWATERINGLY DELICIOUS. Seriously, ZERO cottonmouth and I can only imagine what the buds will taste like. The grow has been fair. I got 60% germination, but the I<3MJ staff replaced the impotent seeds without hesitation. i have been ripped ff by Canadian seed companies and even though they have all kinds of cool strains, Robert bergman's shop is the ONLY one I'll trust.

They literally said it'll make you drowsy and then said it won't make you drowsy. Sounds like the writer has been sampling the wares.

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