Jack Herer Strain


THC: 23%, CBN: 1%

Jack Herer is easily one of the best-known strains in America. Originating in California, this sativa honors the memory of Jack Herer the man, a longtime local cannabis activist and medical marijuana user. It's not quite as strong as its popularity might suggest, but the high is heady and distinctive. Jack Herer has a unique loamy smell and taste with hints of pine and trees. The sativa high is happy, bubbly, and euphoric, spurring energy and creativity. Jack Herer is ideal for errands and other daytime activities. This strain is effective for patients with mental or neurological disorders, including bipolar disorder, anxiety, migraines, PTSD, and ADHD. Dry mouth and red eyes are common, along with occasional dizziness and paranoia. Jack Herer is popular throughout the United States, but, like many other strains, it's most popular in the West.
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A perfectly clean energetic happy high. Your mood is elevated, but your mind is clear and focused. No anxiety or paranoia at all. Named after a 420 great for a reason.

I'm a sativa man and I get Jack from my dispensary when it's on sale for $20 an eighth. It never let's me down. I stock up on it and always seem to have it around.

Nice cerebral high, it really energizes me but Iā€™m still high as šŸ¤¬, but creative, definitely got me leaning, like a willow in the breeze.

A perfect sativa leaning strain, the only thing that even comes close or competes with Jack is Golden Pineapple...at least for me. Beautiful buds, intoxicating smell and taste, and the high is a super mellow, euphoric, cerebral, relaxing yet uplifting, zero anxiety or paranoia or jitters. All day medicine, great for pain, physical and mental, all around super fun high. A strain worthy of it's namesake! You gotta get a top shelf grow. I got Phat Panda, in WA state, 26% tot cannabinoids. Can take hits off of this strain in my porta vape all day šŸŒžšŸ˜Ž

Absolutely amazing taste, and perfect anytime you want to relax.

Very nice bud!! Looks great big full buds. Smokes very smooth

Love this strain dont make me drag..lasts a while before landing a perfect strain for creative projects for sure ..Enjoy!

A buddy and Iļø randomly picked this strain about 4 years ago. We absolutely loved it and have been looking for it ever since. Iļø JUST FOUND SOME at a dispensary in Pueblo West, CO. It's as good as Iļø remember. Clean, uplifting high. No paranoia, great body buzz.

THIS WEED ...Hmmm, This Weed is one of the best strains for introducing someone, ANYONE too grass. Very Unique aroma, flavor, and the high isn't too schizoid for a beginner. Not sure why I needed to say all that? Hey.,this is good fuckin' weed, so buy if you can, smoke it, oil it, or rub it in places only you or your lover knows, I don't care, just do it... Damn! Seriously, for me, this strain brings a very strong body high that KILLS PAIN and the depression caused by chronic pain. However, it is a blast socially, will have you laughing or hiding...lmao Peace, love, and light to all, Remember, your neighbor is not your enemy like some would have us believe. I say, join, not divide, love not hate...

I believe EVERY person using cannabis should try jack herer! Its 1 of a kind from the taste,effects, & quality of flower,... its AMAZING! I grade it A++!

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