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21.2 miles, Medical, Storefront, ADA Access, Debit Card, Delivery
Hours Today: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm Open
1200 West Chestnut St. , Brockton, MA, 02301

In Good Health is a state-licensed, non-profit medical marijuana dispensary located at 1200 West Chestnut Street in the city of Brockton, MA, just half a mile off of Route 24’s Exit 17. We are one of eleven dispensaries initially approved by Massachusetts for operation. We are a self-contained facility. We grow, cultivate, and dispense our own products. In addition to a variety of medicinal cannabis strains and edible products, we can provide any necessary devices for their use, and are happy to help demystify the process for new patients.


In Good Health is a state-licensed, non-profit medical marijuana dispensary located at 1200 West Chestnut Street in the city of Brockton, MA, just half a mile off of Route 24’s Exit 17. We are one of eleven dispensaries initially approved by Massachusetts for operation. We are a self-contained facility. We grow, cultivate, and dispense our own products. In addition to a variety of medicinal cannabis strains and edible products, we can provide any necessary devices for their use, and are happy to help demystify the process for new patients.

Operation Hours:

9:00 am - 7:00 pm
9:00 am - 7:00 pm
9:00 am - 7:00 pm
9:00 am - 8:00 pm
9:00 am - 8:00 pm
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
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In Good Health Marijuana Dispensary image
In Good Health Marijuana Dispensary image
In Good Health Marijuana Dispensary image
In Good Health Marijuana Dispensary image
In Good Health Marijuana Dispensary image
In Good Health Marijuana Dispensary image
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Always willing to help, great service.

Nice and clean... quality is great

Awesome staff and flower.

Awesome service

Awesome selection! Always have something new

Wide selection to choose from and good quality product

Love this place always happy with what I get thank you so much for everything

I love In Good Health and I am so grateful for the support and advice, and help that they give me every single time I enter through their doors. Medical marijuana has saved my life. I'm a 30-year-old woman who suffers from fibromyalgia and Crohn's disease without medical marijuana I would not be here. Each and every person who works inside this building cares about the welfare of every single customer. You actually become family with these people. I love seeing each and everyone of their smiling faces every time I walk through the door. Their delivery system is very convenient and it helps when I cannot make it out of the house. Thank you for all you do for me In Good Health!

The best place around they have helped my son so much the people there are so nice

Great place! The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable and they have an awesome selection of edibles

This place has a friendly staff and good merchandise.

Love this place! They have an awesome rewards program. Holiday sales are pretty great. They’re the only one in my area I know of that carries a certain strain that is my favorite. And they’re regular prices aren’t that bad! They also have the best dark chocolate bars around that are the higher dose I need so I don’t have to eat lots and lots! Please keep being awesome!

Good people. Good bud.

Super convenient for those of us on the south coast who don’t want to travel into the city. My first visit was awesome. Not nearly as overwhelming as other places have been. Edibles here are awesome

I found In Good Health very helpful. They know the different products. They are knowledgeable. They have so many things to try.. And I have found I am able to relax and sleep, thanks to this great staff.

Staff members are concerned about meeting medical needs and they are very knowledgeable about their medicine. They are very professional. I also feel very safe in this facility. Security is great. Very professional and caring.

Best option south of Boston

Love IGH I use delivery service so convenient and always great service👍

I enjoyed their Kimbo kush and Skittles vape cartridge! Will be returning to try out their edibles

The balm has been really helpful for painful rheumatoid arthritis hand joints. Not only does it reduce the pain, but also some of the inflammation, redness and swelling. When I put it on at night, it allows me to sleep without waking up with joint pain and the next day I am able to use my hands with more ease.

Very helpful staff and great flowers....

Great delivery guys. Staff on the phone was very helpful.The flower was right on

Never answer the phone, flower is dry and they are to much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ !

Great personal service. Good deals.

I like this place it's really nice place to an interesting I finally got my discounts

Omg! Please try IGH I keep going back and I travel from the cape! I’ll be trying their delivery service next but really the products are excellent, great prices and you will love their point system and each day they have a deal.

Awsome environment and extremely helpful. Recommend if you are in the area.

Awsome place very Knowledgeable about the products and very professional people love this place

High quality products, staff Is courteous and helpful. The point reward system is great !

Professional, ontime, even calls when 15 minutes out. And they were ontime within their 2 hr window.

Great Place Great Staff Great Product Very convenient. Easy 5 stars

Great quality and an extremely convenient and professional delivery service. Would recommend to anyone!

Great selection and the staff is very knowledgeable. I experienced excellent customer service and I plan to return in the near future.

Excellent delivery service. Great products, good selection. No need to drive to a dispensary and stand in line. Excellent customer service.

I was very impressed with In Good Health. Great customer service, delivery is a huge bonus as going to the dispensary and finding out they don't have what you want or need is a huge pain! The customer service took time with me answering all my questions, as I am a new patient, and was knowledgeable and professional.

Great Service and Excellent selection.

Excellent experience, very educational to someone new to MM ,& friendly staff

The price and product are always great. My fav. Og scotts. For pain it works well.

VERY happy with my experience at In Good Health. Extremely friendly staff and great selection of products. Will absolutely be back!

Definitely the best dispensary I have been to in Massachusetts and I would highly recommend their distillate; the Scotts OG and Light Saber strains are my personal favorite.

This place is one of my favorites. Great products, customer service, and product knowledge.

First time going! Has a great menu daily and can't wait to try more of their edibles. Although the one down side is the pre rolled were really tight an barely smokable. But overall great variety

awesome product and great service-dcruz7411

IGH has the best staff they are friendly and knowledgeable and genuinely care about the patients!! They have great variety of strains and the edibles are amazing too!!! Thanks IGH keep up the great work!!!

In Good Health is Excellent. They truly help Veterans on Veterans day and all throughout the week. Today was extra special though. Thank you In Good Health !

Great Medical dispensary with a large selection of cannabis products. High quality flowers, concentrates and much more. The "space foam" is a must try for dabbing. Daily discounts and helpful staff. Thank You!

Great place :) Eveyone is so willing to help and explain anything you want to know!! So friendly :)

I was really happy with this place the first time I went. Got a little confused pulling in, so don't forget to go around back thats where the entrance is. Great bud, Nice and helpful staff and a wide array of unique products. Deals on your first visits and double points on Sundays. You should go here. Its worth

Great place! Very friendly and informative.

Great place because the employees are very knowledgeable. I went for the first time and had no idea what too get. But I definitely walked out with a variety of stuff and felt very comfortable. Its definitely not cheap but you can’t have it all. Thank You very much for your help and understanding ,

First time visit and got a delivery from them as well, super helpful 10/10

There are a lot of good weed, tasty edibles and the coffee chocolate bar is incredible

Fast and good bud

Convenient parking and easy in and out! Helpful and efficient staff! Love their strain Peanut Butter Breath. Good vape carts!

love their kimbo kush and their delivery system is awesome. i dont always have a car

New card holder here,what a great place with a great selection.Love the staff and there knowledge of products.

Great dispensary. The staff is friendly and very helpful. The prices are average, but they offer a points system that get you discounts if you shop there regularly. Every day they have deals on different products too - edibles are 10% off on mondays! Great quality all around.

Very Professional customer service via phone. All my questions were answered in a professional, knowledgeable, thorough manner. The delivery service is perfection: friendly, accurately estimated for arrival time, thorough, and professional. A breath of fresh air!🤗

I Love in good health I come almost everyday there have great products quality wise price sucks everywhere at least they do a point system. Only complaint is recently I bought an 1/8 of lemon ice got home threw it on my scale 3.5 grams perfect and a 1/4 of white knuckles when I put that o. The scale it came back 6.5 grams? Little frustrating. Will continue going there until a new dispensary besides theroy opens up in south coast ma

I Love in good health I come almost everyday there have great products quality wise price sucks everywhere at least they do a point system. Only complaint is recently I bought an 1/8 of lemon ice got home threw it on my scale 3.5 grams perfect and a 1/4 of white knuckles when I put that o. The scale it came back 6.5 grams? Little frustrating. Even if I will still continue going there until another dispensary besides theroy opens up in south coast ma

Awesome staff and security ~conveniently located on the Brockton/ Easton

The staff here is really nice, good selection and quality

I love going to this dispensary

Friendly staff that goes beyond welcoming and is so knowledgeable that even a beginner med user like me could make good choices the FIRST time. The products do EXACTLY what they're described to do and the strength is exactly as they describe. The space is peaceful and beautiful, so those of us who are nervous feel at ease. GREAT place!!!

The balm was amazing. It took the pain away from my rheumatoid hands and lasted a whole day.

Great products and a very fast moving line.

Great place with really awesome strains. I will definitely be back🔥

Staff and product is excellent

The staff is extremely helpful!

In good health has some of the best strains I've seen in MA. The amount of edibles they have is also lovely.

Great place for medicinal needs! The staff is pleasant and helpful. The chocolate cookie was stale, not very happy with that. The bud is good and my favorite is the lemon cake- out of this world delicious !!!!!

I went to IGH yesterday looking for a new way to medicate, other then just smoking it. The staff is very helpful and patient with you and will explain it all to you. The hash oil is amazing!!!!! Would definitley recommend. MMJ4BetterLife

I Really appreciate the CBD Rick Simpson Oil! Thank you for responding to our feedback. Great Product! Keep up the great work!

I love going to In Good Health! The staff is very knowledgable, and patient. They are always more than happy to answer any questions I have. The bud is top notch and the concentrates are out of this world! I met the guy making the oil, Boosa, he does an amazing job! Also, I highly recommend their edibles... they taste great and work even better. I love the lozenges! Keep up the great work!

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff! Large variety of items! Short line is always a plus!

This place is absolutely fabulous and I can't say it enough! Every single time I have visited In Good Health I have been created with happy, passionate, and helpful team members - even the security guards are pleasant! This place and the teams attitude makes the whole process EVEN better! Thanks again for being awesome! Keep up the good work!

good people great product

Good establishment. This is the only dispensary I go to.

Great customer service , clean inviting atmosphere , and great selection of medicine in many different forms ....

In Good Health has a wide assortment of product that I have yet to conquer! But of all the product I have purchased.. I have never been disappointed. I usually am greeted by the extremely friendly security staff.. and I always end up with either Chris or Oliver (man bun) when ordering. However all of the staff have been friendly, helpful and great. The edible menu is large and the cookies and cream chocolate bar is delicious! I've even seen such edibles as barbeque sauce, whipped butter, and honey! If you are purchasing a large quantity of flower - they allow you to mix and match strains to equal that amount and keep the price. The strains peanut butter breath, white knuckles, and gorilla breath are out of this world. The preroll deals are money (and time) savers. They have a rewards system that really helps to save money! Not to mention daily specials with discounts and even double rewards points on Sundays. They grow and prepare everything there, from seed to sale they say! And I am thoroughly impressed every visit. The only thing I don't like about this dispensary, is that I have to travel 40 minutes to get there! (And when they are sold out of pre- rolls after a busy day:/) I highly recommend In Good Health as your medical marijuana dispensary

Great selection of flowers and great staff

Excellent knowledgeable staff!!

Amazing staff with a nice selection of flower, edibles and oils.

Love In Good Health! The pre-rolls are 1.4 grams and the Scott's OG is off the charts!

Staff are knowledgeable and friendly. 3 stars for high prices and limited menu

Very happy with IGH!!!! I met with Chris last week and he noticed there was a discount that wasn't applied...if he never mentioned it I would've never known!!! Definitely be back!!!

Good product and friendly people. Nice hours and convenient location

best and biggest pre rolls 1.4 grams and i loved the labor day mini prerolls i heard that they are going to continue the mini prerolls for next Wednesday.. Free easy Parking

In Good Health has great products and their staff is extremely helpful. I especially love their concentrates and topicals.

Great selection, lots of capes, edibles, accessories, and flowers. Prices are reasonable. Hours are good, staff are friendly and informative. Very clean environment. Good security.

great product selection, knowledgeable, and very friendly and professional. Also Very clean.

Peeps going to try to get there today great deals 15% off total purchase as well as double points that's awesome also try the terpene just a little drop in your CO2 oil or dabs amazing flavor, also I must say the staff has come a long way from day one very fast and courteous as well as trying to give people the time they need that don't know if they've never done it thank you in good health and all you budtenders good job, JW.

I love this place good service great advice from budtenders good strains great products I recently picked up the select cartridge in moonshine haze and I'm very pleased. 10/10 would recommend

This is my favorite dispensary. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Love the selection of the edibles an flowers.

Friendly staff. Delicious fudge. Always a great experience here. SMB22

Patient Education and Friendly Team ~ Wonderful people from the entrance, with loving and encouraging people helping patients find the best medicine for them. The location is nice and the inside is lovely. Prices and selection with everyday savings are amazing! Two suggestions - instead of line, make it like verizon where attendant is in lobby and when order is made, go behind the desk-it allows for more shopping and conversation about best choices, with gratuity added.

Very nice and helpful staff, prices are good. Best of all they have tincture!!

I've been too 5 dispensaries so far and IGH is by far the best one yet. Whether it's edibles, flower, or concentrate they are the best. Also very reasonable price wise. I should also add all of the employees are very friendly and knowledgable. Will be returning !

I absolutely love this place. They were so helpful. I will be returning soon

great flower, great deals, friendly staff .. have been coming here since day 1 and it has came a long way... always have a pleasant visit here.

Great place to go to get our stuff great dispensery

I'm very satisfied with my experiences at In Good Health. The staff was knowledgeable regarding their products, the cashiers were happy to answer any question i had. The line for me has never been long opposed to some other dispensaries, however i would like to see a wider selection of strains available, especially more sativa and or sativa dominant hybrids. The quality of their cannabis never ceases to disappoint me time after time. My only criticism being the building aesthetic. The outside looks like any other generic commercial building, lacking a uniqueness that'll differentiate it from the competition. The inside fares slightly better with a more contemporary look but still somewhat sloppily arranged. Overall i enjoyed my dispensary experience here. I will definitely return not only for their convenience of location being outside of the boston area meaning a pleasant ride with low traffic, but also for their great quality bud!!

Regular customer always satisfied leaving

Great selection of both edibles and strains of marijuana. The representatives working there are always so friendly.

Good dispensary. I remember getting ok product right after opening but my recent few visits have been great so far. Friendly atmosphere and staff

I live right down the street from the godsend known as In Good Health. They started off slowly, but are now off and running. They always have product available and have very reasonable hours of operation. If you want your Health to be In Good shape, check out IGH!!

I think these guys are awesome. I have tried (almost) every product on the menu, and I'm a fan. The chocolate edibles (although not great for your weight) are great, and come in a variety of strengths. The flower is consistently strong, and they have a good "regular" selection of different strains. The staff is super friendly and always willing to help and answer questions.

The staff is great and helpful and they have a good variety of quality products including edibles

Excellent customer service

I love how friendly the staff is, the bud is bomb, and the edibles are delectable.

Excellent professional staff who are eager to help with my questions and find the best solutions available. I also got the military discount on my purchases, and every little bit helps, which does make a difference. I was very satisfied and would recommend to anyone looking for the best in available cannabis products. It's a very clinical atmosphere since this dispensary carries only certified and medically tested cannabis products. Peace of mind matters to me. Will N

i am very happy that i found In Good Health. The staff from the greeting to the service is very knowledgeable and welcoming.your staff member oliver has let me pick his brain on your products and has been very helpful in making decisions on what best fits my needs. your staff is professional and courteous good addition to brockton

If you are looking for a great, friendly experience with a great selection of different products, In good health couldnt be better. Great staff, calm enviroment, and awesome selections. Cant wait to visit again

Awesome atmosphere. Great and knowledgeable staff!! Excellent flower and oils!! A must go!

Fantastic selection and knowledgeable staff!

I am grateful for excellent service and helpful delivery rates from the friendly folks at In Good Health from Brockton, MA. Nice team work. One caveat for consumers concerned with personal privacy: Your delivery person will be videotaping you and the inside of your home with a body camera.

Customer service is great and there is a wide variety within the dispensary. I will continue to go to in good health!

I think you are improving a lot and your customer service is great

Great selection of products, from flower to concentrates. Some of the best tasting edibles I've ever had. And, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable! If you're a first time patient I absolutely recommend you get you education here!

I really like this dispensary and their pre rolls

This dispensary has done a complete turn around interns of flower quality "top dispensary in the state". The staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. And lets not forget the security guards friendly and informative. 5 stars

Kind, knowledgeable and professional staff. Comfortable environment for patients. Oliver is fantastic and knows his stuff! Cant wait to go back

I love this place. Great customer service :)

Staff are always so nice and helpful. I feel comfortable getting my medicine there!

In Good Health has friendly and knowledgeable staff and a wide variety of products.

In Good Health has very knowledgeable staff. They also provide transdermal patch, very innovative and useful. They respect the patient.

Like there place, people and products. Prices have gone down a little Quality is always there but they have great rewards programs that make up for it

This dispensary has a convienent location for southern mass and cape cod. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable.Always willing to answer questions without any rush. Friendly service and weekly discounts keep me coming back.

The flower is medical grade, Lightsaber and Scott's OG are two favorites. Concentrates clean and tangy. Edibales are unique and irresistible Topicals aromatic and serving is plentiful. Employees are helpful, and the work shows in the product.

The staff is very helpful and takes all the time you need to answer questions. I just tried out their delivery service today and it was awesome. They communicated well and came right to my home.

Quality an Selection is Outstanding and the staff are very Knowledgeable😄🤗☆☆☆☆☆!!!

Great people and great products. Always pleasant and well stocked!!!

Awesome experience, staff member Oliver was extremely helpful and knew everything there was to know about each product, will definitely be returning

The selection is terrific, and the staff is very helpful. I had some questions regarding cbd vs THC. The staff member Oliver was very helpful in explaining and helping me to select what I needed. A pleasure to shop there. Haven't tried the delivery service yet, but I definitely will.

I totally enjoy my experience there from the friendly police at the entrance to sharing smalltalk with Ann, and Oliver EXCELLENT customer service skills.i would recommend in good health to anyone.

Very comfortable atmosphere and Chris and Oliver are as knowledgeable as they come. Both are passionate about their products. Huge help for new patients like myself. I'll be back soon!! SC65

My go to Dispensary! Always has product for any patient. Great parking and accessible off highway. Safe, secure and clean environment. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable!

Been going to IGH since they opened their doors and I'm impressed with how much improvement has been made, the supply meets demand, the Staff (Oliver, Lindsey, Alicia, Chris, and the entire crew!) is extremely knowledgeable & accommodating to each and every patient, and I'm extremely grateful. My life has improved tremendously, in utilizing their service and MMJ products. I highly recommend IGH 👍🏻

Best product and service

My experience is always good at IGH, and I have been there many times. The cannabis is measurably top-notch, so this is usually where I purchase flower. I have also had good luck with their edibles, but with cartridges I have done better elsewhere.

Great place. It's clean, it has great bud, edibles, rso, and everything else you need. The staff is kind and knowledgeable and they have special prices on certain days. Also off street parking. Check them out.

This place is garbage!! Your crazy if u would actually go there and waste ur money on there trash bud. If ur on the south shore u need to hit up theory wellness or ermount both put this place to shame!

The prices do seem high. For example, a gram of wax costs $90 compared to $60 at NETA.

Closest dispensary to me menu much improved since their beginning!!! Decent menu NOW

Prices are awful. Quality is sub par for the money you spend. How do other dispensaries manage to not have a debit fee but IGH still does? Local delivery services are SO much better! Better Prices, better process, better product, WAY more options. Just a quick search for deliveries and you'll be so much happier.

First time going there. Everyone was super nice and friendly. Explained every thing and what products would be helpful for my pain management. Excellent!!!

IGH is the only place statewide where I've found Rick Simpson Cannibis Oil.. and they now deleiver!

Awful all the way around. Pre-roll is to tight to hit. Alison was super rude. And they rip you off $3 for using Debit Card and Alison said they could do it because it's called a "'Convenience fee' and it cost them $2.80 to run a card because of the banking situation." not a "Debit fee" but it says "Debit fee" on my receipt. Not my problem. Cost of having a Weed business.

This dispensary has gone way down hill since opening in terms of quality and customer service with no signs of improvement. It is by far my least favorite dispensary in the state. I would buy off the street before going to IGH again even with their lower price structure. Lowering the prices doesn't up the quality of their horrible products or change their shady history of bad customer service and business practices. With so many other options now for dispensaries that are local that do a fantastic job i don't see IGH staying in business much longer.

Horrible service horrible customer service nad products across the board they are open late but besides that this is a sub par dispensary. The state is currently investigating them...

I love this place! There are so many choices I can always find something new! The quality of the bud and eddiables is the best around. The staff is really helpful and they know there stuff I would recommend if you you are not in the area it's right off the highway and worth the trip!

I haven't been to this place in over 6 months .. The guys at the front door are fantastic and make the process easy. The staff is now always smiling and are very knowledgeable about the products .. the flower has made a big turn around . The flower is properly dried and cured and the quality is very good .

Flower was awful. I've had better homegrown. They also stiffed me for $5.00. When I tried contacting them, they never responded. The only reason I gave one star is because I had to. Big thumbs down!

I was there shortly after they opened and several months later. Dave Noble greeted me at the check in point & he & his staff were very proffessionally laid back & helpfull. I also received a $10 veteran discount and, due to my disabillity, was escorted out. Second visit several months later I was told my script was out dated so they helped me gett my script updated from my doctor & I was set to shop! I got a quarter elbow and got another veteran discount & a gift, so how awful was that customer service experience? They're professional & laid back so your both comfortable. After all, after 45yrs, this was my 1st legal purchase & I wasn't nervous at all with this crew. And that section of Brockton is the quiet section!

stay away from this dump. three strains of bud..wicked harsh prerolls..a metal detector... way overpriced. wont take mass heath acceptence letter as hardship proof...despite EVERY other DISPENSARY doing that. also charges a $3 debit fee (way more then cost) unlike every other dispensary Ive been to that does not charge debit fees. they run this like a poorly run for profit instead of a non profit.. literally any dispensary and independent delivery person would be better then this place. take your choice.. even the guys that dont show up will be better then this as at least you didnt give these idiots money.

While the prices may be a little high I found the overall atmosphere to be wonderful and the people working there were extremely helpful and knowledgeable

Comes down to in good health last night I went and got myself a gram of crumble hash I wanted to buy 2 but when I asked the price I was astonished. They want it $90 a piece so I couldn't afford to so I bought one I got a $10 discount because of being a veteran when I got home I opened it up some of the crumble hash was like a yellowish most of it was black and burnt and the taste burnt when you try to tell them about it they don't want to hear it I get crumble hash and Quincy for $60 everything you get from Brockton they price couch this so-called medication is out priced and not up to par I suggest you stay away and write a report if you had problems they are definitely price gouging the state and federal government should check them out.. we all could call the better Business Bureau all the attorney-general's if they get some calls they'll definitely check it out this is a big deal the stuff is trash ermont in Quincy number one for sure

Ive been once myself. when I was they wanted 55 for a 3.5! it turned me off immediately and is not top of the line and turns to dust when u break it up. ive only been once and grabbed a whole gram, lol because they turned me off so much. every other dispensary gives me a 10% discount, this place wanted me to bring my life story, lol which wasn't worth it from what I saw. this place would be very convienant for me but they have to step up their game asap! wanted to go today because of time but im deathly scared of wasting my time! I hope all these bad reviews will help in good health get it together. thank you for listening.

Their CO2 vapes are absolute TRASH. Total rip off. Go to Ermont in Quincy for Pre-filled vapes. I HATE this place. It's HORRIBLE.

This place sucks!!! Don't waste your time seriously. I've been there 3 times & the staff is rude, the flower is overrated &expensive, and their edibles & concentrates are nothing great. There's a few caregivers who blow this place away, namely Real southcoast buds, unconditional medicinal(they're my fav), & grasachusetts. All their products are far superior & their caregivers are not a bunch of rude assholes like in good healths "bud-tenders". Who btw are clueless!!!! I wish I could give this place zero stars for a rating because that's what they deserve

I love these guys. Always professional and very helpful. Everyone including security are very nice. I've never had a problem, and had to exchange something and they said no problem. Oliver helped me, and was so pleasant. Keep up the good work guys!

I love these guys. Always professional and very helpful. Everyone including security are very nice. I've never had a problem, and had to exchange something and they said no problem. Oliver helped me, and was so pleasant. Keep up the good work guys!

They are exploiting the fact that they have little competition- once others come into the game, this place will be a footnote. I go because it's close to me. I'm letting my med card expire and won't be bothering anymore. I wrote two emails regarding some issues and bad customer service-NO reply. They don't care, they are printing $$$$... I see other dispensaries in CA and CO on youtube and am amazed how amateurish this place is. The only good thing is the older guard that checks you in. Like I said, once other places open up, this place will be dead. They obviously are not in it to help others. Screw them and their greed..

Went in after reading these reviews and was VERY pleasantly surprised! Lots of oil, flower, edibles and topical to choose from. Top quality. Prices are a bit high though, I agree with that.

This place is awful. The staff is rude, prices are out of control and quality is horrible. Their oil is weak, all they ever have is "Bullfighter" or 9-strain or 4-strain for concentrates. The dispensary is obviously owned by someone only out to make money who has no idea what actual patients want or need. Save your money and go absolutely anywhere else.

They're out for cash & that's it. ALL their "flower" is DRY & had almost no smell IF any. pre-rolls are all "bottom of the baggie" dried up chaffe (sp). I've gone here & had them say "no grams" AND at the same time they had NO pre-rolls! Which meant the minimum i could buy was $55 worth of weed! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Why would i get that much if it's NOT the strain I want? Which gets me started on BULLFIGHTER.....IT'S THE ONLY 1 THEY ALWAYS HAVE & its awful. Cartridges leave you sucking your brains out. ..dont bother to let them know. ..they dont care! who watches over the dispensaries? They're taking advantage of the fact that there is no other dispensary close to Brockton.

Gave this place more than 3 chances, was let down every time! Will not be going back! C02 oil was advertised as 85% TAC on website and on their menu for that particular strain, got home and on the label it was only 79% TAC, and the c02 oil (NOT FECO) was black and contained zero terpenes. They have a sign in the shop that says something to the extent of "check your meds before you leave, no returns"...but the girl put the c02 oil right into a baggie and stapled it before I could even check it out...or I would have noticed and not bought it. for 80$ a gram (1 ml = 1 gram for c02 oil) I expect top notch extracts, not sub par trash. they don't cure their buds, they speed dry them to sell faster, as was obvious when a budtender girl told me, "the buds in the display boxes dont have any smell left because its been out for a day and people have smelled it all up" I kid you not thats what she said. maybe noobies will buy that lame excuse, but well cured buds dont lose there smell from being smelt too much SMH. I have heard budtenders giving wrong information to other patients regularly as well. Ill stick to Rosin, blows anything they have out of the water!

Fact. "Patients " have about 4 options for dispensaries with commercial licenses in the area. Fact. Place has wonderful staff. Fact. Charging the prices they do is broken down"per" gram for optimum profit. (State law requires a nonprofit status and operation). Fact. They are supposed to operate on a nonprofit basis. This rating would be a 5 if the prices were a reflection of operating properly under state law. Instead they charge for profit prices and use fuzzy math and salaries to get away with robbing people blind, Prices like this are for profit. And greed. And in a limited commercial economic climate it's quite lucrative and sustainable. That's a nice benz the owner drives I wonder if that's a write off or bought with his "salary"?

God willing, I never have to step foot in this place again. I never buy flower from them and a year ago I was doing some oil. I was new. The thc has gone down and the price, I mean most of us are on restricted incomes has gone up. My final rant would be about the manager. If she can make you feel like shit, she will. I've been consuming Cannabis at least 75% of her life, I'm sorry she isn't going to tell me how to medicate. I do love Caitlin at the windows Paul and the rest of security.

I agree with the review below, that the Night Terror is dry bud, no juice in them. Tiny bits of bud with little smell or life left. As far as the THC doesn't ring the bell as it should for what is advertised, your mileage may vary, but..... The oil cartridge is ugly, some light colored oil, with clots of dark material. The atmosphere/vibe wasn't very friendly, especially compared to other dispensaries. Disappointing overall.

I got burned real bad there recently, Night Terror OG was dry af,no smell and loose light buds. Called and complained and the girl who answered didn't give two hoots, no return, no refund. I told her I am a repeat customer and spent thousands of dollars there, she grumbled into the phone. I feel like a piece of garbage like she wanted me to when I complained. It's all tested she said. I'm going to not go back here , I feel real bad and wish the state heard me. Wish anyone heard me, we should have a protest there, I read these boards comments doesnt dph?

Dont waist your time or money place............... worst dispensary ,oil is horrible the one you screw on your pen garbage. ..

As a patient visiting all the local dispensaries & then seeing your options are very disappointing. Your options are extremely limited to say the least...You've had the same 2 strains of flower for the past 2 months. Your CO2 oils "9 Strain" or "4 strain" removing the ability to pick & choose a specific strain for treatment that the patient desires. And if 1 stain doesn't work well then you know not to purchase in the future... with your method for CO2 oil, it makes that difficult. It is easy to see why I am in & out in 5 mins whereas at other dispensaries 30 mins is average wait time. But funny I don't mind the wait.

Poor in EVERY single way (variety, availability, quality, weight, PRICE, rudeness, atmosphere, etc....) I hope the recent opening of Ermont in nearby Quincy puts these clowns out of business, or at least wakes them up to straighten their operation out.

Purchased some Bullfighter. Very mellow and true pain relief! Had a bad toothache to add to this awful damp weather. Purchased some Night Terror earlier along with some gorilla glue#1. Mix together for an intense feeling of pain relief!

Need better products with patients in mind. The flower had more than a few seeds. The Rick Simpson oil was so week and it supposedly have thc in it. Very weak product and very expensive. They say they are there for patientsl they are there for money

Go to Brookline. This place is simply not ready for business. They are always out of stock, they are more expensive than Brookline, unprofessional, and a inferior product compared to Brookline. These people are supposed to be HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS. It's insulting to those who need medication. Try calling to find out when they will have anything in stock. They won't respond.

In Good Health is vastly improving in quality and availability.

They NEVER have any product other than high priced edibles and oil seriously? Do they know they sell medical marijuana? People count on them to have product and they don't. It's a bummer! :-(

In Good Health? Seriously??? They have zero flower and when they do they put it in pre-rolls to hide the mold and lack of crystals!!! They just try to pump their butane filled concentrates on you like a crack peddler. Keep your "Good Health", Im all set...Try one of the amazing delivery services the south shore has to offer and boycott this dump!

As care giver for patient I have written good reviews in the past for this firm. During a recent visit the patient bought CBD Distillate. Reportedly, the previous THC concentrate was approx. 80% and is now only 28% DTHC? Patient called and requested assistance and firm management. They refused the request for any return or a credit issued. Unfortunate attitude by management since the staff is very nice. We will now drive to Boston for all future medicine.

Mold in the crap

I've been to IGH three times and every time I go they treat me very nice they take the time to explain the product to me so I know what I'm buying although a little expensive so far I'm happy With there flowers.

I have been there 3 times. Each time, I was waited on by friendly and knowledgeable staff, who took their time with me explaining different strains and different products. Their prices were a bit higher but worth it, for good service, quality product.

Place is nice but the product is horrible. Overpriced and never stocked. I'd rather drive to Boston then go here

Very nice staff. Extremely knowledgeable in all aspects.

So I have boycotted IGH for months now, we paid to much for this kind of place. We fought to long to have a guy come around and say he's changing the game and we are aall to smoke oil now, you are better than that, your money is to valuable to buy junk from a very arrogant young lady. same stuff,mostly nothing I see, still putting 90% of flowers to bs $$ oil that is garbage. Hopefully the place is rebranded or gone very soon.BTW it was he who screamed about the delivery services mostly.

While the building is clean, I was shorted 4 lozenges and over charged. No answer when I called to complain. Based on the other reviews, I will probably not hear from anyone. Will not be returning.

An employee was so incredibly rude to me here about being shorted. I was lied to about product before and overall just treated like shit in general every time I went there. They act like we need them, but hopefully it becomes the other way around. I've been going to NETA when I need a dispensary despite being a 3 hour train trip and they've offered decent products every time and REAL prerolls. Not outstanding, but good enough and they have sales. Not to mention the staff will never, ever be rude to medical patients. It blows my mind how others and myself have been treated here. If this place doesn't change soon or isn't shut down, that is a very bad sign for cannabis in MA.

this place sucks and is a complete disgrace to anything acceptable. do not waste your time, people like this that run places like this will cease to exist soon enough. they really don't give a shit at all. it shouldn't be called ingoodhealth, it should be called buy my oil junkie and get the fuck out.

never have flower

I was shorted 1.5grams on a quarter after driving over an hour to reach the store. When I go to call no one ever answers there phone and I also got no reply from my email. Now I have to drive an hour back to complain in person. And I can almost guarantee after reading other reviews my problem will go unresolved. Flower does not dry that quickly! Seems like they might have an employee with sticky fingers

Went there yesterday and was told no flower but to check tomorrow (that is today) but they are closed. I will not go back.

This place is really terrible. I've tried almost every strain, the CO2 oil, the distillate, and a handful of edibles. First, stay away from the pre rolls. Even if you're thinking, "I'll spark this guy on my walk or ride home" and just want to grab one in addition to your normal supply to smoke right away. No. No no no. I wondered what the problem was, so I picked up a few more and broke them open to check out the weed inside. It was littered with stems. No wonder it couldn't burn and the paper was torn. The flower is OK. A few strains have been pretty good, but like others said - either the bag is light or the quality is subpar. Not cured right, poor trimming, etc. You can't win. The oil and distillate is not very good either. The taste is way off, it's very harsh, and just not like most oil I've dabbed, vaped, or smoked. The high is OK, very quick, and goes away just as fast. Again, not like any oil, wax, shatter, or anything I've tried before. Forgive my poor explanation, pick up a syringe or mL and try it'll see what I mean.

The owner made a very large investment in a co2 oil machine, reason never have flower. Using all flower on it, playing with it trying to make his own big juice that is going to take off, it's not, the price, it's out of reach and it's not that good, It has no terpenes, it's harsh,sizzles and is messy. Pushing this oil so much that I think they are against flower consumption and treat it as a nuisance when asked about restock. Bags are light for sure .50-1gram per 1/8th as of late. Poor quality.Dry and over cured. Trim job spotty. Expensive,never any sort of dry sift, bubble hash, when I asked about it told me it takes too much to make it, rebutted with the large stock of oil and nothing else and was met with a blank look. Glad that there is other dispensaries now, I have been wanting to really say what's on my mind, I have been afraid to because by the way they act if you have a problem, they will not take to kind to it, that's why I am not going back. I now take the T to other places and buy more. Soon we have Quincy. The State hasn't made it easy on the patients with hardly any dispensaries. Places like this a Monopoly that will be over soon.He can't wait for Legalization to push oil.

What I don't understand is why no flower all week when they've been turning grape ox, purple confidential and champagne something into distillate. I check the website every day (sometimes multiple times) and have never seen any of these flowers for sale!!! Just really odd to non compassionate. Every other dispensary has multiple flower choices EVERY day. IHG will not be on my list when Quincy opens in a few weeks. Why add new edibles when you can't even keep the lozenges in stock.

Waited a week for 5 mg lozenges. That it. I'm making my own from cannabutter. It's soon cheap too!!!

Back to no lozenge choices again!1?! The place seems to be swimming in oils and distillate but only a 3.75 mg weird mix of lozenge--what you ran out of flavors and threw the black cherry in with the lime? I don't understand why the watermelon or root beer is not always in stock. Like all my meds I try to take the lowest dose that does the job but IGH not making it easy for me. Obviously they sell, why not meet the needs when you have to concentrates on hand all the time and can make anything with them.

I disagree with the last post. I thought the Light Saber was good medicine. The 5/6 mg watermelon lozenges were good too! I've been there 7/8 times since 9/3 and found some good flower and some oil that's too much for dailyour use.

Purchased G-13, Light Sabre, Green Ribbon, Bullfighter. G-13---Non-usable. Smells and tastes like wet hay. Very poor curing and possibly harvested too soon as evidenced by high CBG percentage. Right in the toilet. Light sabre---Middle of the road. Looks and smells good but completely under dried, had to store with boveda for a week. Leaves sour/chemically after taste. Green Ribbon---Completely different than green ribbon when IGH first opened and not for the better. The very first batch of green ribbon they had was superb, this however was harsh and bitter. Bullfighter---Basically, the only one of the bunch that was somewhat decent. Smoke wasn't harsh, smell, taste, and effects were all...ok.

This place is a joke how know one has shut them down is beyond me rude they have no flower they are a disgrace would never ever go there !!!

We have to thank other dispensaries for getting to more patients with flower. Gave IGH time to get flower supplies up. I've always said IGH grower is very skilled and I like the Light Saber a little under cured--more moist than dry. I just open the med bottle for a couple of days. Still want many more choices on lozenges. You guys are a little short again on 5mg. Obviously they are popular and no other dispensary has them. Where are the root beer, banana, watermelon or butter scotch. I need a consistent med at this point with no citrus!

Last time for this bud,lol same stuff subpar,overpriced will never make the cops rich off my wallet!!!! Caregivers they care,!!!!Dispensaries, want your hard earned money !!!!

I'm glad to see the lozenges daily and more consistent flower! ! Could IGH have lozenges without citrus--you know banana, root beer, watermelon. I really the root beer and missed it last time cause it takes an hour to get there. Even if I'm in downtown Brockton (which I am for work sometimes) it takes an hour back and forth. I can't tolerate even small amounts of citrus.

I'm wondering why the is no keif. I've been very happy with the 5/6 mg lozenges. Pl have them every day!

I arrived 10 minutes before they closed after I rang the bell I was "greeted" by a woman who looked at me and only said...Yeah? I asked if they were still open and was told "We close at 4:00. Promptly at 4:00". I asked again if they were still open she sighed, mumbled something then said "get in get in I'm closing the door and give me you're IDs. I'm holding onto them and you'll get them back later". She said if I have questions they wouldn't have time for me. Told her I knew what I wanted. More muttering and sighing then put me in the system and told me to go in. Had to ask where to go as it was my first time there. More sighing and just a finger point in the direction. Once I got in, it was ok. The guy that helped me was friendly and got exactly what I wanted. When I left there were still people being helped that were in there before me. Guess I didn't take up to much of their time, but they will never have to worry about that again as I will not return As a paying customer and a first time customer I should have been treated with more respect than what they dished out. I'm telling everyone I come in contact with hears of this treatment and I will recommend them to my caregiver.

I'd like to see Chocolate Covered Strawberry every week. The Night Terror OG is primo too! Why can't we see those as a standard flower.

Good to see the Night Terror back! I'm still adjusting to the oils/concentrates. I definitely prefer flower!!!

I had some good experiences the last 3 times. I'm using more lozenges--6 mg which are in range I want. I'd still like some product with 1:1 THC to CBD. Maybe higher on the THC but whatever. Let's have that option!

I agree the State has made it very hard for the dispensaries to operate! I was happy with the 6 mg lozenges today. I think 5/6 mg is the way to go. I'll be happy when some other suburban dispensaries are operating for more consistent flower. I want more lemony herb that's around.

Prices are at least double what I expected. Very few selections and constantly running out. Also computer problems created a wasted trip on last visit. State has this process WAY over regulated.

Wondering how they run out of lozenges with all the oils, distillate etc. Seems to be some poor planning! Glad to see more consistent flower though. Lay off the staff. They've been very nice the 6-8 times I've been there.

This dispensary is grossly overpriced compared to every other dispensary I have tried.

Poor stock and if you have anxiety or not the staff here will create it...not welcoming at all

In the last 2 months plenty of flower and variety. Really have improved keep up the good work.

This place treats patients like animals. I have had the good fortune of being treated like a piece of crap when I came into complain on a day of flare ups and sickness. They have no sympathy or compassion and I am sickened by their continued existence. This place is taking advantage of the sick.

I have to congratulate IGH for getting thru the first 6 months! I had another vision for my local dispensary but IGH had differwnt vision which focused on oils and concentrates. I've said since 9/6 the grower is top notch and produced very nice flower. Either way good for IGH staff.

Not the people who should be in the industry. Poor service, poor quality, outrageous prices. They make no attempt to provide service. When you are the only store in town you can get away with it. Hopefully the state gets its Shit together and more places open. FYI-disabled vet

Not the people who should be in the industry. Poor service, poor quality, outrageous prices. They make no attempt to provide service. When you are the only store in town you can get away with it. Hopefully the state gets its Shit together and more places open. FYI-disabled vet

Wondering why there's a deficit of edibles the last week. Seems to be lots of oil and 'distillates' (whatever that is ?). Now there are root beer lozenge at 27 mg!?! Want to send me to the stratosphere! Let's get back to the 5mg please!

Way better with consistent flower! I'd like some Afghan or Panama Red Sativa. Something hash like would be good. Maybe mix in some of chocolate covered strawberrie.

Things are lookin up at igh, flower available on a regular basis staff is happier,maybe we were wrong,time will tell,lets hope so ,so much hope, we. All waited a longtime ,but ,this is their last chance to prove they belong .!!!

Awful. Never a live person on phone. Will not return phonecalls. Does not have flowers. Stay away! PS, had to try several times to have this site accept one star - should tell you something. Shame on you.

Staff was very helpful. Environment was welcoming. Product very satisfactory. I'll be in for flower as soon as I see it's available. Overall, an extremely positive experience. The best part for me was the scent in the air! Heavily!! I felt like I was back in the 1970's...I hope "In Good Health" goes forward with their expansion plans. More selections would be nice.

I want to thank IGH for my improvevent in my immune related pain condition. I started 9/5 with Night Terror OG and then moved to Chocolate covered strawberries with some success. I added 5mg lozenges on the off days. The bud tenders said go slow on i appreciated this since 10mg was too much for me. I've had a 30% decrease in pain!

Hoping to get some flower this week and try the new product the Distribute or somthing. Heard rumor about it being ready for Saturday and there is a bunch of strains. Hoping bullfighter!

I've had some good experiences with IGH. Still looking for some more Night Terror OG flower. Now I'm missing the root beer 5mg lozenges which is the dose I want--I have a citrus allergy so other dispensaries are not meeting this need. With all the oil, distillate (sound scary to me) etc would think they'd have all kinds of lozenges!

Glad to see they're responding w less THC strains! I feel some of flower is too strong for me. The lozenges are v good medicine and right strength. I don't even think wax is a medicine. Vape tubes are plenty strong and eat to use.

I am a senior (disabled vet)I spent quite a bit of money for a vaporizer and cartridges. In the meantime 10 days after purchase the vaporizer doesn't work. My wife looked up answers on the internet and unfortunately this is a generic private label one of very poor quality. I called 3 times with explicit information with regards to having trouble and being in pain one will have the decency to call me back. The cash only/debit card mandate leaves much to be desired, specifically it makes it very hard to deal with problematic purchases.

Nice choices! Very good flower and some intense wax!

Recent flowers which I was fortunate to get were a nice effort. Nice medicinal effects and fruity aroma. Was the Black Swan a Sour Diesel sister? Nice fruity and fresh!

just had some of their co2 oil..terpiest stuff I've ever tasted, still smacking my lips! the sizzle means not all the water is out yet, they seemed to have corrected that issue.

chocolate covered strawberries were contaminated with mold. Suffered a soar throat as a result. 'HYBRID' wax was made from contaminated trim. most likely spider mites. The wax was sizzling on the nail and actually splattered in my eye. The worst medicine I purchased thus far, from any dispensary. Staff is not knowledgeable but very nice. Don't waste your time and money. Dangerous.

Just returned from IGH - they have nice moist flower in stock today (1-18-16) - Captain Cook Hybrid. Spoke to staff - said they have many more patients than expected and State labs require over 100 checkpoint regulations for each batch of flower. Asked them to try to be more communicative with web site, etc. They were very nice and really seem to be trying ...

Please, please, igh get it together,we all want you guysto succeed,we are all frustrated, but omg,we need meds not cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still no flower. I tried the lozenges. Not too bad for 5mg. I actually had to vape more flower to level out. It got me too amped. It was some sativa I didn't know they sold. I checked every day since 9/3. Wish the prepped me for it. I would have tried the flower version first!

The dispensary was nice when it first opened but no bud for the last three weeks totally unacceptable. And the edibles suck there. They are not potent at all and way overpriced. Also where is the dispensary getting the flowers for the edibles since they have none in stock. Hopefully it's not from the harvest that got mold that they said they got rid of. The other dispensaries are in stock and no issues. Come on igh get your sh*t in gear. We are suffering.

I complained before and not afraid to again, what are they going to do, not sell me any bud or ask me to leave if I complain, they never have anything and are overpriced when they do anyways. Patients spend there money there, just like any place if it's bad then complain, you may be used to your dealer having you so scared you don't complain but I am not. Questioned them about dryness, hermies seeds and supply, they denied the flowers were dry, said seeds were normal and had a different story about supply every time.

Absolute worst dispensary I have been to. Every other facility I have been to I was treated nicely and actually felt cared about. Here the employees were extremely rude and I didn't feel comfortable enough to ask any questions I had. After the hour and a half drive I am completely unsatisfied. Also, they had no bud at all. I ended up leaving with the lozenges and they are gross.

I have been there 3 times,came out with nothing,22.5 miles each way.One day they closed 2 hours early.Next day I went only to hear on there answering machine they were closed but they failed to post until Friday,get there Friday closed again,no update on website that they were closed that day too. I only seen 2 edibles & a chocolate covered Strawberry Cannibas. For a dispensary up & running,cultivate, grow & sell, they don't have enough of what they are growing to supply the demand for patients.Poor communication I think on their part!

The owner of this dispensary has no idea what he's doing. Head extractor and grower both told me they are looking for new jobs as they think IGH will close any day now. Bummer as it's the closest option I have until the Quincy dispensary opens up, probably not until 2020 at this point.

Hands down the worst dispensary I've ever been to. They are usually 100% out of everything and what little product they do have in stock is aweful. Vape cartridges that stop working after 1 hit, co2 extract that sizzles on your nail and makes a huge mess, dry over cured bud and generally rude customer service people. And the edibles taste like bong water. Avoid at all cost. Hopefully a professional dispensary will open up near me soon.

I'm really curious as to why this dispensary rarely has any flower, while the other ones (NETA, Alternative Therapies) almost always have a few strains available. I know that In Good Health has a state of the art growing facility on-site, so why isn't the flower getting to registered patients who need their medicine? Something seems fishy here. Perhaps the state authorities should investigate.

I purchased a $75.00 vape pen and it doesn't seem to be working. I live 3.5 hours away so it's not easy to just drive over to see if they can help me. I've call twice and left messages but no one returns the calls. This pen produces nothing - no taste, no vaper. I do not believe it is working and would like some assistance.

Ya sure that's must be what they are doing, growing the meds legally and then selling it illegally out the back door.? That makes a lot of sense. It's a supply and demand issue. Neta is great, but they are out west, where there is less demand. When a few more dispensaries open, it will take the burden off IGH, and everything will balance out. Hopefully everyone will be happy then.

first time that a Massachusetts dispensary waiting for the oil that is said to be coming out while I sit and will buy a syringe filled so I can put it in my pen everybody seems happy and demand looks high! Great to see the movement making it here in Massachusetts finally!! I love the pre rolled White Lies cigarette!! Well worth the 50 mile round trip drive but make sure you bring cash or debit! no checks no credit card

I don't even bother they can't keep more than one Strain at a time with no consistent flower and to top it off a limit on what you can purchase . I buy in RI

Such an amazing dispensary, will definitely be coming back. Great selection. The oil is out of this world, amazing, best dabs I've had! Totally impressed by the staff with how helpful and knowledgeable they are. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.

Totally love the C02 dabs: the taste was probably some of the best tasting dabs I have ever had! The selection of flower was also unreal, so many choices. The staff was also really helpful to get me the medicine that I need.

best dispensary ever ! they have the best products ive ever had,ill never go anywhere these people,thank you so much im now off all other meds and I feel great !

They are slipping really bad over the last month. They have some good bud but they are never in stock. After a very busy start I knew they would run out however they never really got back to the capacity they had in the beginning and they should have by now. They go days and weeks without any product then creating a mad dash and lines in the cold weather by stocking a few lbs. You have to show up early when this happens or they will run out. They are good on their website as far as removing named strains when they run out but would like to see them give an idea how much they have in stock and estimations on availability however this is far fetched as they would need to fix many more key issues before they could be considered reliable at all. If you can get your hands on their product it is very good but on the dry side. It's packaged totally wrong which does very little for freshness.Place is not going to make it, I have been getting a bad feeling there lately.

The people who work there are great. Always had great experience there.

Similarly, had a good experience there in October, but no reason to return since. Management should give some explanation. Where do the delivery services get their meds?

Flowers prices are too high whenever they do have it, which is a rarity. When they do have it it's usually one strain, limited to an eighth per patient per day. The very first time I went was a good experience with a lot of product I don't know what happened but you need to change. Will not return until things are much better. There's a lot of delivery services out there with better flower more choices and cheaper prices.

Very good chocolate at 68 mg, good tasting too! Flower prices on the high side.

Went to in good health today. It was my first time and after reading some of the reviews I was skeptical. I was very pleasantly surprised. The staff was so welcoming and answered any questions that I had. I was very happy with what I left with including my free grinder!

I was skeptical, but I was very impressed with the professional operations. Very busy at times but the employees put all their efforts in keeping everything running smoothly. Friendly staff is more than helpful with questions. Of course there are kinks that will be worked out in time. I am greatful for all there hard work in providing quality products.

Just left In Good Health. Experience was totally different than the reviews that have been posted. Staff was pleasant and more than helpful. No line and was able to purchase a half ounce.

[MUST READ] My experience with ingoodhealth !A few months ago when this dispensary opened, literally ten minute drive from my home I was excited. WAS being the key word. Since opening I have made several trips . All trips I left feeling like I have over paid for sub par products from under-dosed edibles(labeled higher than actual product) , un-cured flower , one batch had seeds , vape cartridges that don't vape , extremely limited or no flower at all ! all these examples are a constant black cloud that hovers over InGoodHealth. You think that a company that has and knows about all these issues would at the very least have the outward appearance of caring about the Patients they are serving. When in fact the opposite is true !

Visited this place for the first time today. I drove about an hour each way due to traffic and when I arrive...... No bud..... but I was able to purchase a $30 dollar fun size chocolate bar ........ plus $2 fee for debit transaction. Employees seemed to hate their job and were very impersonal. What a waste of time and money. Will not return. I wouldn't have bought anything if I didn't drive an hour, but I felt like I'd be even more disappointed if I left empty handed. Here's some advice, find a caregiver or go to NETA in Northampton. I feel robbed....... :o(

I was happy to learn that they are now selling RSO oil, grown and prepared right there at the site. If you go to their web site you'll see it listed as long as they have it in stock. 0.5 ml for $50 and if you prove hardship you will be able to get 10 or 20% off depending upon income. It was quiet there today and took 5 minutes to get what I needed. Everyone was very nice and it seems they are finally getting organized.

Out of the five times they were only, opened 2 times. At the time, I did not have a computer, I am disabled and have been in servere pain for a few years. I moved on to Boston, they deliver. Thank you, but I need medical for my pain, PSTD, no sleep, because of pain.

Why do any of you even bother with this place? They are hardly ever open. They have one strain; limit 1/8 per visit. In 3 months, they have no other strains or quantities ever. They did for like 4 days. Yet, there is a BRAND NEW dispensary in Northamptom (search leafly for neta) that has eight to twelve strains of BEAUTIFUL buds - just look at the photos on leafly and their site at netacare dot org - there are no lines, you can take your time, the staff is amazing There are at least seven delivery services in the Boston area alone that will DELIVERY medicine to you and you can choose from all kinds of high quality buds. Just search leafly for massachusetts and it'll bring up all of the others. This dispensary is a sad joke that'll go out of business in six months - it was a HUGE waste of my (and dozens of others I know) time, money and energy. Goes to show that a family that runs nursing homes shouldnt be in the medical cannabis business - "In Good Health" - hah!

To anyone out there that has a legit med need this is a good dispensary. I have brought my husband here several times and the product is always good. The staff is knowledgeable and let you see and smell the buds. They have had a problem with stock and people can be angry if they want. I understand, but don't blame the dispensary for having to limit sales to 1/4 a day. Blame the people who go there and buy 10 ounces at one time!

Good the first time. Never a supply and an hour drive if no traffic. No thanks. I will re-rate if they get their act together.

Limit one day 1 pre roll if they have anything not even a full gram for 20 dollars highway robbery ! Now 1/4 limit as of weds for 110 1 that's 440 for an ounce!!! Good health is price gouging! !! And your limited to that 1/4 a day hello! People are driving a hour add gasto that! The state needs to get on board and help patients there are providers out there that will deliver prime meds door to door for 300 an oz

I understand In Good Health is new. I understand they have to deal with State of MA regulations. I've talked to those working there and understand that as a new business in a new and budding industry (yup, lame), there are a heap of kinks to be worked out. I believe based on lack of inventory that something in the process isn't right. Could be bad seed. Could be poor growing conditions (humidity, etc) due to the new building having kinks of its own. The bud is the most important part of the medical marijuana program in any state. Oils, edibles - many like them, but the majority want bud. Who knows, maybe it was a bad judgement call in when they opened, as it's a delicate balance of getting in the game versus tarnishing ones reputation with erratic hours and lack of inventory. As a new business they could be running at a loss (paper and cash) as different issues crop up (yup, again lame). I still give four stars because i want to believe they are trying.

I wonder what their expectations were when they opened? I can't imagine it was this! I've been once and the girl who checked us in was highly unpleasant. When we got in they had very little and we're running out quickly. There was quite a few people in line when we left (10:30). I felt like telling them not to bother. Now I look on the website and they have NO bud at all. Out of stock? Harvesting? They need to get another grower on board BIG TIME!!. Not very good planning. After spending a million bucks to get up and running you'd think they'd at least have some bud for sale. Also, after driving from the Cape and having coffee, its pretty stinky to have no bathroom! Salem has a nice bathroom. They also have bud, vape pens and really friendly staff. I won't go back to Brockton until they get it together. They surely have a lot of kinks to work out. I

When will I have the oils? Left several voice messages. . Thx

First visit yesterday, pretty good experience. Friendly, helpful staff. Not much supply but they expect more each week, up to 20 varieties soon. I live close, the web site said they were open and they were. Talked to a couple of other patients who have been several times each and they were happy with the service.

I waited patently for my temp card, 4 weeks, now that i have it i was told to go to Brockton cause they have the best products and most strains or whatever their called, not knowledgeable in that lol. Anyways, i'm reading all the reviews and so many are negative so not sure i should go there cause it would be an hour drive 1 way. My rating means nothing cause i haven;t been there yet.

Called during business hours per company website- never answer. Called all last week. Listened to the answering machine to press a number for hours and the message was "check our website for hours?" Little on menu- "Good health" has left me in bad health since September.... Never once open. Seems poorly managed, unorganized. Disappointed!

I'm waiting for my card but I come on both sight and read comments, I know you guys are just beginning, but I watched many videos on how you talked about growing plants at different stages an times so you wouldn't run out Every week. I'm nervous when I finally get my card where will I buy from. I live in brockton. Help please ty

I was in 3 or 4 times, not necessarily checking the website. I live a few miles away and I am in their general area quite a bit, so it isn't an issue if I want to swing in and pick up some product. A few times, I drove in and the gate was closed and the sign was up. The times that I was in, there was basically no line at, or at least practically no waiting. The only things that they were out of was the canabanoid heavy strains, but the hybrids were pretty rockin'. I know I'm fortunate to live close and it sounds like I have been hitting the times pretty well compared to a number of others out there and I feel for you. The staff was great, knowledgable, friendly and professional. I'm certain that the facility had to maintain strict guidelines mandated by the state or their insurance company (that is, IF anyone WOULD insure them!). The armed guard at the door and the metal detector didn't make the atmosphere threatening, awkward or irregular. Everyone was cooperative & friendly.

lack of inventory, short hours, and remote location defeat its purpose to serve the growing needs of the medical marijuana community.

Visited twice, and both times they did not have anyyhing except pre-rolled.....I have titanium pins and screws in my spine, knees , and hips. Had to start taking opiate pain meds again because they nrver have anything. Wait in line for them to tell you they don't have any product???????????????????????????????? Does not make sense to me.


Place is never open..... I've tried 5 times Web page said nothing about being closed today when I looked last night, and was closed all last week for restocking and was open sat for 3 hours They really need to pull head out of assistance and get a reasonable supply. W.T.F

They're doing the best they can in a state that makes things as hard as they can for them. I've had no problems understanding when they are open on the website and have found it always up to date. Got great product and service from them.

I am all positivity, Staff is friendly. Great product..

Drove 40 minutes to get there because the site indicated the dispensary was open. Got there, it was closed. Checked the site again when I returned to my office, it still said the dispensary was open.This is not being managed well.

Second visit on Friday around 5:15. No lines. They only had 3 strains left but plenty of pre-rolled. They did have cookies, you get 5 with 10 mg each cookie. The chocolate bar was available too, though the whole bar had 10 mg total. Over all, I really like the place. I look forward to trying the tinctures when they carry them as well as the candies. Everyone was very nice and helpful once again.

Up early Sat morning 10-17 to go up to Brockton to pickup a pen and a refill for vaporizing because I got a call from a budsman at ingoodhealth on Friday 10-16 at 330pm saying they had my stuff to go and pick it up sat morning. Need less to say that I drove up there and they had nothing for me after being told that It would be there .Mr.Bee Awful service..

I went into IGH yesterday for the first time. Honestly was clueless as to how it all worked, have to say the staff were all very pleasant and helpful. No line, though a few people did come in behind me. It all seemed pretty efficient to me! Had questions once inside the purchase center, and again, staff was knowledgeable, comforting and pleasant. This will be my go to spot in the future, for sure! Thank you!

Everytime I go grade A service and flowers. Gone on different days at different times. Never had an issue.

Got my MMJ card. Got my driver's license renewed as requested by DPH and I entered it into the MMJ federal online system. First time MMJ patient, I drove to Brockton from Quincy and I was told that EVEN though my license had the correct information on it and EVEN though my MMJ card had the correct data on it, apparently, when the lady in the front entrance area got on their computer, I was told that the DPH system hadn't any record that I had updated my driver's license renewal when I had double-checked it before I made the trip to Brockton. I was told I was the fifth patient today that this had happened too...all turned away. Lots of money being made here by lots of people. Who cares enough about the patient's needs to correct these obvious bureaucratic glitches? Pot Nazis!!!

Great product! I had read about issues re: them being closed at weird times so I checked the website, which said it was closed that day and would be open next day. Website was never updated next day and no one answered the phone so on the 3rd day, website was updated so I drove over. Very clean facility, friendly and helpful staff. I was annoyed when told they'd had edibles yesterday given my experience with phone call and website the day before. What matters is I was able to access clean, effective medicine in a safe environment. They are new and working out the kinks. Patience, my friends. Let's support this new cannabusiness so we can pave way for more safe access for patients and success for the professionals bringing it to us safely.

I went to this dispensary under the impression that they would have "full inventory". Upon my arrival I found a line of people who had been waiting some since 10am to get in. The man kept telling us they had all the strains they claimed to have which I believe was 13, that they were just waiting on testing from the lab. During the 45 minutes I waited in line they time had changed twice to later times for the strains to release. At this point they allowed anyone who wanted to purchase the one available strain inside. I purchased a half ounce of the funk, thinking at least this strain looked nice. When I got home I could hear seeds shaking around in the bottom of the container. 33 Seeds I found in my one half ounce. Friendly people, however I have not been back since.

I was so happy when Brockton opened up!!! My First and only experience was a one time deal for now as being on a fixed income makes it very difficult. I can only hope that somehow there could be a subsidized type thing or an insurace that could help with expense. The staff....phenomenally courties, and made sure that we(I) felt safe. The sales people had knowledge of the product and I was quite pleased. 11gms of various strains cost 200.00 when on the street I guess a 1/2 oz (14gms)0f top quality was 140-150. I am now learning to cultivate my own.....harvesting now....looking pretty good. Any ideas on making edibles other than brownies?? I gave a 4star rating as I was very pleased with the professionalism and the kindness of the security that were there. Thank you

First things first, all these 1 star reviews are absurd. Are there things they could have done better? Yes indeed, but most of these reviews are based on the FIRST WEEK of opening. Anyone who expected perfection is smoking something else and it isn't mary jane. My experience: the staff were exceedingly happy and professional and all of them working hard to help. The facility is clean, modern and attractive. The menu is quite frankly a work of art, you can't go wrong with anything on it. I picked up some Jack Skellington, Purple Champagne, The Funk and Moonshine Haze. The THC levels ranged between 17%-29%. The Jack Skellington was the 17% but it also had 6.9% CBD and is very useful for my medical condition. All of the flowers had a nice cure, maybe a little more dry than I would like. Prices are indeed high, and hopefully will drop, but the fact that we now have access to top shelf product that has been tested for mold, pesticides, etc is a godsend!

Thank god use guys opened I love this place David and his crew are great people they help every one that go's there I finally can get some sleep now and I can deal with most of my pain people say that weed is a bad thing I think they are wrong about it I was totally against it as the first but when I did try it for the first time I was in love lmmfao but no really David and his team are the greatest people I ever met and thanks to my doctor for telling me to try it because I would of never had the guts to try it well thank you doctor and thank you David and your crew god bless you all and be safe five s

55 dollars an 1/8 oz. is too expensive for me.

I have yet to visit this dispensary but I am very excited! I'm trying not to be biased about all the negative feedback because it must be extremely difficult to be one of the very few dispensaries in MA who have tons and tons of people with their medical card demanding more medicine. I do have a few questions before my trip tomorrow. I have carpal tunnel and really love items with a high CBD content, is that something that will be available? Also, does your facility help clients find a good reputable caretaker? I live quite far and might benefit from someone highly recommended. I hope all the staff have a wonderful rest of their week and stay positive through this negative time :) Much love guys!

This website indicated that they were open today. In Good Health's website just gave hours with no details about any closures. When I called their phone number, I was directed to a recording which was not updated. I called again and left a message on the recording. Someone from the dispensary called me within an hour. She indicated that they were open today. I'm not sure what time they opened today, but in the early afternoon they were open at my phone call. I would recommend that the personnel at the dispensary make sure that their automated recording is updated hourly/daily and that any customers call before they drive long distances.

Drove an hour there only to find out that they are closed. They don't update their website promptly so I imagine this must happen to people quite often. I really need my medicine but am wary of driving all the way there again just to see a closed sign while the website still says they're open.

Staff is very friendly. Budtenders are good and knowledgable but you need to ask questions if you want them to help you decide what strain works for you. So speak up, thats what they're there for. I have mixed reviews on some of the strains but that should be expected because I'm still seeing what strains work best for me. Some of the flowers I bought were extemely dry and some were perfect so I'm not sure what is up with that. I expect trying to keep up with the demand would cause them to try and dry product quickly. I've noticed communication has gotten better as far as knowing when they're open. I'm hoping that they sort out the the issue with supply and demand. With them being closed often because of being out of inventory incoveniences patients. I guess because there are only two dispensaries open in the state this will happen. I honenstly like this dispensary and do not have problems with it and believe much of the kinks will work themselves out. Just be patient.

My husband really like your dispensary the one time he went there. I am only able to give him a ride on Mondays when, it seems, it is always closed. The one time he did get there I had to take a personal day on a Saturday to take him. I am not complaining or whining but I do have a legitimate concern. We were so happy when a dispensary opened close to home that didn't require an appointment but it hasn't been as good as we had hoped. I understand the state doesn't really want this and are giving everyone a tough row to hoe, but that isn't the whole problem. I also understand that you do not want to limit people to how much they can get but maybe you will have to. Maybe limiting people to 14 grams per visit would allow clients to receive a decent amount of medicine while servicing more of them. I just wished you opened on Mondays, my only day off, so that my husband doesn't have to suffer waiting until he is forced to buy on the black market. Can't wait for more dispensaries to open.

This place is ridiculous the bud is great but they suck so bad at communicating. They emailed me specifically to say they were open today 9.25 and i show up and there CLOSED. I checked the site in the morining and it said they were open and yes I checked ingoodhealthma. Why did they close like 7 hours early your guess is as good as mine but they way i see it is they don't care about patients at all. If they did they would have a phone that gets answered and the best place to get a response from the owner wouldn't be a crap site like this. I have tried over 3 times to come back for a second time here and they have been closed all week. If you are not going to keep your store open on days you open it then revoke your licence and make way for someone who can at least keep the doors open during business hours. I understand that you had to replenish inventory for the past few days but to email saying your all set and open just to close after a couple hours of being open is unproffesional

more seeds than an apple that Needs to be fixed

No matter what, support this dispensary! They may have unexpected issues- such as THE STATE- and MMJ patients have had to wait a long, long time for any MA dispensary! And you're COMPLAINING TO THE STATE! Won't you be surprised if they CLOSED all dispensaries! I have been to, and purchased there. I had no line, attentive service. Let this guy get his dispensary up and running solid- it will be worth it! If anyone has an issue, take it up with 'In Good Health'. They are looking TO BUILD THEIR BUSINESS, not get themselves shut down! COMPLAIN TO THE STATE ABOUT YOUR CARETAKERS, TOO. Then let's see where we are at? Uh- nowhere? Stranded, without? SUPPORT THE DISPENSARIES- give THEM your feedback, or else, we'll never have dispensaries! Can whoever is dissatisfied HELP, and NOT KILL THE SLOW PROGRESS WE HAVE MADE? WE PATIENTS would appreciate it. Stop acting like SPOILED, WHINEY, LITTLE BRATS! GROW UP. THINK OF THE HARM YOUR ACTIONS MAY CAUSE! SUPPORT THE DISPENSARIES- NOW!! Who'd own?

thank goodness we can get it legally......... I do agree that they should be open when they say they will be. made 70 mile round trip today to find they were closed! Guess I shoulda checked the website.

They say they are open, they write responses to reiterate that they are open on Wednesday, they change their website to show that they will be open Wednesday, and then you drive all the way there on Wednesday only to find the big "CLOSED" sign on the closed gate. Terrible business practice. We need more dispensaries open NOW!!!!

Bought a gram and got half. They claim that everything its pre weighed. Also the people there are kind of rude. Their prices are ridiculous. If you get the Maine certificate you get a better quality staff for half the price.

Been reading a lot of negative talk about this place I've made two visits in the past month and was pleased with them I live in salem 1 mile from the dispensery. Well worth the ride things will get better as time goes.

this place needs help. First, I got three strains - funk, kimbo and OG - and none are that good of quality. Compared to California and Colorado, the 'medicine' these guys are selling is sub-standard. They firstly should not be allowed to charge $55 an 1/8 for dry, seedy bud that is registering below 17% THC. They should give someone a bud to update their website. Come on guys. This is not about profits and if it is, then the state needs to control the costs, esp. for sick and terminal people should not be charged $55 for a dry, seedy 1/8 that hardly works, thus having to take more. They should show you the buds you are buying and not put them in a blue container (plastic containers, FYI guys, drys out the bud more. Put them in sealed small plastic bags (I'm sure you can absorb the $.80 a bag it costs vs. .05 cents for the blue jars). Put your hours and menu on your homepage. Lately, been better about alerting on the hours. They need better quality, lower prices.

Hi Tom - I am not associated with the running of this dispensary - I'm a patient just like you. But I wanted to respond because I've seen other similar reviews. I think there is a misunderstanding of what "their webpage" is. The correct webpage for this dispensary is It's NOT this review page on, etc. - REVIEW sites like this "computer auto-generate" OPEN if the time corresponds to their posted hours.They've had a sign (in blue at top of THEIR webpage) posted since Saturday saying they would be closed Sunday & Monday. Overall I have found them very good at providing information - thru their website and also this non-affiliated site, Allbud. They post their menu here, for example, but not on their website yet. There are many state regulations about these things and they just opened. I'm sorry for what you went through - I get it. But they are trying and quite pleasant to deal with. Try watching both THEIR website AND this one. Hope this help. -Ariel

I just got back from a 1hr15min ride to your Dis. because your webpage said open. Saw you were closed turned around came back 1hr15min to Webster. I am disabled with chronic pancreatitus and in great pain. To much pain for a ride that far for nothing. Once home still says we are open. What a horrible ride for nothing and what a horrible thing to do to people. Come on people, things are bad enough without making me ride 3 hours for nothing. C'mon people you need a little compassion to run a business like this! Very sore and disappointed customer As I look still says open You owe me $30.00 in gas Tom

I went there yesterday waited in line for an hour got my product that I inquired about ,when I opened to inspect,it was very very dry I wasn't impressed with the quality of that Strain and I was early,, I definitely did not get that nice fresh new supply that they advertised about for the last five days sorry I didn't get a good first impression from use maybe I'll consider trying again but probably not for a while my street quality is much better and by far a lot cheaper ..

Went there yesterday,after a little bit of a wait in line and dealing with very friendly and professional security, I was very pleased with the products that I was able to purchase. The staff including the owner were all very friendly and informative about thier products and procedures. Only complaint would be the shortage of available products. They seemed to go very quickly. They are new to this and I'm sure all the bugs will be worked out in time. I will definitely be a repeat customer. I am looking forward to trying new strains and edibles. Maybe in time they can get their prices down a bit, but with the line they had out the gate I doubt it. Highly recommended to all MMM patients.

Why can't we get someone to answer the phone??? What is the point of posting a phone number and having a phone if you can't get through?? Can't even leave a message... What's again is the point of a phone?? We are about two hours away and have cards. We want to make purchases, but can't get anyone on the phone... Annoying... Just want to make sure they have things I need in stock... What types are available.... Website is vague. Don't want to drive 4 hrs total to not have what I want. Or be limited to an eighth...why can't someone answer the phone???? Is there a line around the block daily? What's the normal wait? Someone respond with some answers please!!!! I know this is new and things will get smoothed out over time... But an ANSWER A PHONE!!! Crazy!!!!

Is there a list of prices? Do I have to pay taxes on it?

Do i need a app?????

the flowers are amazing would like to see sour diesil on menu seems to be the best strain for my diabetes

Hi I recently got my med card and still have not received my actual hard card. I have the peace of paper saying I can get medical marijuana. Is that going to be enough or do I need to wait until I have the actual card in a month or two?

I am new registered patient looking for a dispensary near me in Norwood. Do I just come on Saturday when you guys re open or do I need to make an appointment?

Good Afternoon this is a notice that In Good Health will be closed until Saturday at 9am. When we open we will have a full strain list and multiple gram sizes available. Sorry for any inconvenience but we need to replenish our inventory. We look forward to seeing everyone over the weekend. Please continue to look at our website and Instagram account @ingoodhealth_ma for more updates. We are reading every review and post here and are actively improving all aspects of our facility. It is an evolving process and we appreciate your patience!

Thanks Drew! That's all people want is the heads up on when you're open some kind of update. I was very impressed with the Night Terror OG but the quality and the aroma.No a seed in there. Kudos to your grower.

Are you open tommorrow the 16th? Are there restrictions on how much I can buy, can I buy 4 z at one time?

the scott og i purchased has to many seeds in it!! whats up with that????

Love this place. They have a great, friendly staff and a great product. I got two strains yesterday that were over 34% THC. I also really appreciate them having strains that are good for cancer and chemo because that's what I really need. Keep up the good work, I know it must be hard considering you just opened.

Today we're offering only a few strains.. Running low on product, will probably close down early today.. Check later for more updates.. ✌️

How can a business not have a phone that answers and no menu online to review. They should hire a professional to run this place. Amateur hour over there.

Staff was very friendly and helpful, made a uncomfortable situation much more tolerable!

1 gram = $20 , 3.5 grams = $55 = 1/8, 7 grams = $100 = 1/4, 14 grams = $195 = 1/2, 28 grams = $385 = 1oz, Financial hardship family size 1 = $35,010 then about $12,180 each additional family member but, this is only to waive the $50 MA registration fee, I do not believe financial hardship or reduced pricing actually available for the medicine itself.

Does anyone know anything about the economic hardship?? Or prices in general?

No calls need just walk in cas credit is accepted!!!

Do they have a financial hardship program , I'm on ssi and I'm afraid of going over there and not having enough.

Was planning on going tomorrow 9/12.. Phone is full.. Do you need an appt? Is it cash only??

Went in yesterday and picked up a half oz of medicine. The strains i selected were Green Ribbon and Chocolate Covered Strawberries. The facility is great, the people working are doing good, the packaging and labeling is spot on. My only complaint is that the flower was apparently cured / Dried quickly, which caused detrimental terpene loss. I smelled 7 strains and all looked very different, however smelled the same: like a dried plant or grass. For $200 I expect amazingly cured flowers that smell like the strain should. Hopefully this gets fixed, as I would like to continue visiting In Good Health.

Does anyone know if theyre open tomorrow the 11th? the website is a bit misleading and says they were closed today on allbud. i live over 2 hours and have an appt in salem but while im out east ide like to come get fower from IGH. thanks! i know this isnt a forum but i cant find anywhere else to ask. green ribbon and capt cook were solid, i hope the night terror is in stock sooner than later if not already

Hello and thanks all for the reviews and comments! We at In Good Health are definitely listening to your concerns. I hope at your visit with us, we were able to answer all your questions and help you find everything you need. @Goliath thanks for the mention! I'm just doing what I love! Glad it shows! Hope to see everyone soon!!! -Phylicia InGoodHealth

The Bud was hermi'd (less potent & full of seeds) , Definately not as good/strong as my caregivers Meds. And at twice the price.. I won't be back. : (

@Kathy... They do have a hardship program.

I am on a fixed income I only have a small amount of money in my budget I can't afford these prices my doctor says this will help with my many ailments instead of taking so much meds I need answers about financial hardship program I have called but no answer I'd any one know how I can someone with solid information ,,,,, $ 20.00 @gram. I am in so much pain please give me some help on this matter

Wanted to thank you for spending time talking with me today. Even thou I did not get anything will be back. I now understand about the waiver and amounts that are allowed. Very helpful and friendly. thanks again' Bonne

Great facility and OK prices. I don't mind paying for quality and peace of mind. Very professional staff including security. Felt very safe coming in and leaving knowing that there were armed guys outside. Made us older folks feel very safe!

This is a great example of how its done, top security quick and easy access.,No appointment needed and some great and out in 15 minutes....highly recommend!!

it is open went in today small menu xrazy prices and the police presence is intimidating

Patience Miagi son, they will be opening. The state is a little slow. I also was told Tursday, but they will soon I'm sure. ATG has openings right now if you can't wait

I was told that they may, may open this saturday Aug 29. I was also told they will only have two strains to begin with. More strains are coming, we just need to be a little patient.

When are they opening

when is opening day? Has any actual date been set? Should be great!

When they open, i heard there will be 32 strains. Thank god, maybe i can get the proper medicine

Anybody know when In Good Health will open. Salem is just to far. I just drove by and not open.

Talked to in good health and it opens at end of this month can't wait no more crap from the streets lol its not good wen back is killing me and it's not good what a waste no more

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