10 Best Strains in 2018 to Get the Party Started

10 Best Strains in 2018 to Get the Party Started

Pairing your cannabis strain with your party plans takes some thought and some originality. It takes some understanding of the strains’ flavor, aroma, and effects.

Pairing cannabis with your party plans depends on the nature of the event and the food and drink being served. So, let’s start with a precaution.

Up front warning about alcohol

Cannabis and alcohol do not mix well, even though that has not stopped pot partiers in the past.

Drinking alcohol with cannabis will complicate the effects of both. You certainly don’t want to be operating heavy machinery like a car. If you can take care of that by staying home or using a designated driver, you can take the chance.

You might pair a glass or two of wine with a strain the complements the taste. Unoaked chardonnay might match well with a strain featuring woodsy aromas or fruit tastes. A complex cabernet sauvignon might stand up to a strain with earthy aromas and flavors. But, you don’t want to spend a lot on the wine because smoking will alter its virtues.

Likewise, a smoky bourbon, whiskey, or scotch, sipped gently, might relax everyone after a diner or in a social smoking circle. But, beer is not going to any good, partly because it doesn’t relate well to the flavor and aromas of cannabis and partly because beer drinkers may likely drink too much.

And, because alcohol affects your brain, it is likely to aggravate the cerebral effects of cannabis. If, for example, you are using a THC-potent strain known for its near paranoiac effects, alcohol is not your friend.

Pair cannabis tastes, aromas, and effects

Choosing the best strains to get the party started starts with the nature of the party. It could be a New Year’s Eve celebration, a backyard barbecue, a formal dinner party, a card game or bachelor party,

If you’re the host, you should provide foods that mitigate the cannabis effects before and after the smoking. With a menu featuring nutritious foods, you’ll have confidence that your guests are prepared for the cannabis intake.

If the guests are unacquainted or shy, you can plan icebreakers, including cannabis. You can discuss the pros and cons of a strain or simply opt for one that makes people chatty and giggly.

And, you can set up a buffet of several strains, along with papers, pipes, and lighters for self-service.

10 best strains in 2018 to get the party started:

  1. Blue Diesel developed from Blueberry and NYC Diesel into an Indica-dominant hybrid that relaxes without sedating. It produces a lasting body rush that’s great for a pre-party or happy hour.
  2. Chocolope comes out of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze for a Sativa-dominant hybrid. With a light but psychedelic effect, it’s the go-to strain for music festivals.
  3. Hawaiian is a beautiful plant with tastes of tropical fruits. It reduces anxiety, helps you meet and greet, and makes you want to dance. It’s a Sativa-dominant at 40: 60 with a 20% THC that produces cerebral energy with little body buzz.
  4. Orange Bud is another hybrid out of skunk ancestors. The plant and smoke have strong orange and nectarine scents. It’s a good option for the party host because it lifts your mood while it keeps you energized and focused on tasks at hand.
  5. Pez owes its flavor, aroma, and effects to its parents. Afghani and Pakistani roots leave you relaxed without dozing off. A THC content of 20% or more is offset slightly by a low CBD percent for a calming, energetic, and focused energy. That makes it a perfect choice for sharing with arriving guests.
  6. Skywalker OG lets you go to a party and ignore it at the same time. Indica-dominant, it helps you escape and float above the crowd. The child of Skywalker and OG J
  7. Sour Lemon (OG) was bred from California Sour and Lemon OG. That makes it a Sativa-dominant hybrid. It produces tastes and aromas of lemon and lime. It’s light and flavorful and perfect for birthday parties or wedding rehearsals.
  8. Tangie descends from a mix of California Orange and a Skunk. It’s more tangerine than orange, but it is just light and refreshing enough to use and mingle at a cocktail party. Its 70 Sativa: 30 Indica effects are uplifting to euphoric.
  9. White Russian is an Indica-dominant hybrid of White Widow and AK-47. It will let you start and sustain conversations with dinner guests. THC counts reach 23% for a cerebral effect that is highly energetic and motivated. With social anxiety eliminated, it makes you a better host and conversationalist for a long time. But, those same qualities can push to paranoia, so you should be careful.
  10. Zeta Sage is a balanced hybrid with almost 20% THC and CBD as low as 0.03%. Breeders crossed S.A.G.E. with OG Kush for an energetic boost. Its sandalwood and citrus work well with barbecue and beer.

Partying with cannabis

Your taste will determine the best cannabis strains to get your party started. Still, you’ll want to give it some thought. Parties often include alcohol, so beware of mixing booze and pot. And, where there are weed and drink, there is a temptation to overdo both.

Too much of anything can ruin the party. So, you want the cannabis to pair with and support the food. You want to consider the cerebral effects, and you don’t want to doze off.

So, you will have a better time if you can remember some of it. Smoking in moderation and choosing moderate impact strains will see that you do.