10 Strains That Are Perfect for First Time Smokers

10 Strains That Are Perfect for First Time Smokers

Most people don’t wake up in the morning and decide to have their first marijuana smoke. Most of them don’t hook up with a dealer behind the local fast-food place. And, most don’t enter a legitimated weed dispensary on their own.

There’s usually an acquaintance involved, a user who suggests trying it. But, if you find there is a learning curve before shopping, here are 10 strains that are perfect for first time smokers.

The learning curve

If you are a cigarette smoker, you have some of the inhale/exhale thing down. If you smoke cigars, you’ll be switching to an inhale system. And, if you smoke pipes regularly, you’ll be changing technique. But, friends and store clerks will help you there.

However, before you shop for your first marijuana strains or accept some from your friend’s offered stash, you must consider your expectations. You see, the pot experience is new, unique, and various, so you cannot think of it like other smoking habits.

For the same reasons, it’s hard to predict your experience. Since your experience will differ and it won’t match anyone else in the room, there’s no standard guidebook. This much you can expect if you smoke marijuana.

You inhale and hold it for a bit. This delivers the cannabis chemistry through the lungs and through the blood stream to the brain quickly. That means that whatever high you are going to experience will happen fast.

That impact will likely seem intense because it is new to you, but it will diffuse over the next few hours. And, because the experience is new to your lungs, you may experience some harshness and cough-inducing irritation. So, it’s smart if you start with small puffs.

That being said . . .

Here are 10 strains that are perfect for first time smokers.

  1. THC Bomb – A first choice among medical marijuana patients, you’ll experience a mellow and euphoric high. The sweet berry taste and aroma offer a pleasant smoke with side-effects limited to dry eyes and mouth.
  2. Game Changer – It tastes like fruity pebbles of grape and tropical fruit and packs a solid uplifting punch. But, because it leaves you clear-headed, you may wonder what the fuss it. As a balanced hybrid, it is good for daytime use. The uplift has served medical marijuana patients like anxiety, depression, and anorexia.
  3. Kaya Girl – If you want to zone out like a stone, relaxing and tasty, Kaya Girl might be your choice. Smokers use it for PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Easy to grow, it is also recommended to folks who want to raise their first plant.
  4. Tangie – This strain wins a lot of competitions because of its sweet orange aroma with a touch of spunkiness and pepper. A Sativa-dominant hybrid, it delivers a euphoric, uplifting, cerebral high. The high THC level can overwhelm novice smokers, but the experience is generally positive and happy.
  5. King Cake – You’ll get a fast and euphoric hit leaving you with high energy. Some new smokers comment that they don’t notice any influence from their smoke, but they won’t say that about King Cake. Sweet candy-flavored and brightly colored when ripe, it has a touch of skunk.
  6. Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies – Varieties of Girl Scout Cookies have been go-to options for smokers for years. A prize-winner in competitions, the Thin Mints remind you of the real Girl Scout favorite. Their sweet pine smell smokes rich, thick, and chocolatey, and it flushes your body with a relaxing sensation that leaves you chatty and happy.
  7. Papaya – This is heavily recommended for medical marijuana patients, so it’s a likely starter for novice smokers, a daytime smoke that won’t leave you lazy and drowsy. Its papaya/mango taste signals a relaxing and happy euphoria.
  8. Easy Sativa – A spicy and sweet sensation produces the classic Sativa high. New smokers might worry that the mind races first and then in waves. It’s a buzz you won’t soon forget. It last long and makes you giggle. So, it can be fun for the first-timer in a party setting.
  9. Sugar Black Rose – Flavors are sweet and musky in this high THC content strain. Heavily recommended for medical problems, it benefits patients with muscle spasms, nausea, stress, and tremors, so it’s likely to provide a mild experience for new smokers.
  10. White Widow – With huge THC content, this one is the opposite experience from Sugar Black Rose. A high-energy impact and creative euphoria follows its lemony, earthy, and woody smoke.

The choice is yours!

When you smoke for the first time, the context has a lot to do with your experience. A small group of friends or a party situation will affect your expectations, and the first tote may or may not meet them.

However, you do want everyone with you that this is your first time. Don’t be shy. Ask them how to smoke and what to expect. And, trust to someone if you have an unwanted bad experience.

These ten strains are perfect for first time smokers because they represent a variety of generally mild experience. The list has excluded those known to risk paranoia and bad trips.