10 Ways to Counteract a Too Intense Cannabis High

10 Ways to Counteract a Too Intense Cannabis High

Sorry, but paranoia and panic are not good outcomes when you use cannabis. Hallucinations that leave you confused and terrified, anxiety that reaches your core, and altered senses that turn you inside out, a too intense cannabis high can lead you there.

Each user is unique. Every strain produces its own effects. And, any batch of weed may contain adverse elements that lead to “greening out.” But, you should know how to counteract a too intense cannabis high just in case you find yourself someplace you don’t want to be.

10 ways to counteract a too intense cannabis high:

According to Huffington Post, “Users want their cannabis to be strong and pure. And they want it to have a distinct flavor, and to impart a high marked by greater sensory perception.” The same report said users do not like hangovers, memory loss, and, lung problems.

For starters, you need to know two things. First, you should know your limits. If you’re a first-time smoker, you want to ease into any experience. If you are an experienced user, you should know what you can handle.

There may be the occasional user who wants a high that reaches some edge of experience. But, most people are looking for a relaxing chill, a pain remedy, relief from anxiety. If you are finding yourself over some edge, here are some options:

  1. Give it time. The effects will wear off within a few hours without lasting effects. Marijuana does not kill. So, if you feel overwhelmed, you can outlast the sensation, especially if you are among friends.
  2. Stick with good friends. If you can, you should not smoke alone, especially if this is a first-time experience for you. If it is a first time or if you are trying a strain that might exceed your tolerance level, you want to smoke with people you know and who know your tolerance.
  3. Stick to your guns. Other smokers might try to push you into something you are not familiar or comfortable with. Their tolerance and metabolism may differ from yours, or they might chase experiences you don’t like. So, you should stick with your own stash or walk away.
  4. Pace yourself. Smoking slowly and taking breaks between tokes will distribute the impact. Pacing yourself lets you stay in control, so if you don’t like where your head is going, stop smoking. The same goes with edibles that creep up on you. A standard edible dose should start with 5mg before you increase the intake, and even then, you should allow an hour between doses.
  5. Distract your senses. One anecdotal solution involves sniffing or chewing crushed black pepper corns. It’s enough to make you sneeze and shift your attention from your anxiety. Others recommend using fresh lemon or lemon oil in the water you use for hydration because the citrus terpenes act similarly to cannabis.
  6. Wet your whistle. Hydration reduces dry mouth and dry eyes. You should completely avoid alcohol because it accelerates and strengthens the THC concentration in the blood. Alcohol also dehydrates your system. But, drinking water, juice, or non-caffeinated beverages will refresh you and dilute the THC impact.
  7. Take a nap. You must take charge of your reactions. Understanding that the sensation will pass, you should find a soothing place to rest and sleep. If you know how, you should focus on some meditation techniques, breathing deeply and listening to your heart. A nap or just time alone should relax and comfort you.
  8. Take it outside. Fresh air will make a big difference. If you are not too far gone, a brisk walk can do a world of good. If exercise is not in your vocabulary, any outdoor venture is better than none.
  9. Change your mind. If you distract yourself, it should calm you down. But, it also improves your focus. You can play a video game or sit back to listen to your favorite music. With some planning, you can enjoy a good meal with good friends.
  10. Plan your munchies. Potassium manages your sweating, so prepare a plate of munchies that include bananas, melon, and citrus. Sugars and caffeine only exaggerate your experience, so you’ll want to keep them off the menu.

Lessons learned

You can make a checklist of responses to counteract a too intense cannabis high. Or, you can take a more sensible approach to smoking in general. Knowing your limits positions you to make better decisions. One research study published in the Harm Reduction Journal concluded, “researchers and clinicians should not only ask people how often they smoke; they should also ask how much they consume and how high they get.”

There is no reason not to try a new strain, but you should not do it in ignorance. You need to know the strain’s composition, its THC: CBD ratio. Knowing that the CBD will balance and offset the THC depending on that ration, you can smoke with some confidence. And, you can adjust your choice and dose according to your experience. Once you are comfortable with a strain and dosage, you can notch it up one step at a time.

Who needs the effects of too much at one time? Severe paranoia, fear, and anxiety may follow a shortness of breath, trembling, nausea, sweats, and loss of enthusiasm, mobility, and orientation. Users are not looking for an acid trip. So, choose the smart strain for you, smoke among friends you can trust, and have some emergency plans in place.

Cannabis is meant to provide a relaxing step away from the daily grind. If you don’t work on it, it will work on you.