The Differences Between Bongs Vs. Dab Rigs Vs. Vaporizer

The Differences Between Bongs Vs. Dab Rigs Vs. Vaporizer

Bongs, rigs, and vaporizers are alternate ways to consume cannabis. Users will have their preferences, but each alternative has its pros and cons.


Bongs have been popular because almost anything can be converted to a bong. They all work on the same principles. In recent decades, they have become more sophisticated in design and materials although most are made of glass.

People use bongs to smoke dried cannabis flowers. The herb is placed in a bowl where it is lit and combusted. The smoke is inhaled through a mouthpiece that pulls the smoke through filtering water. On inhaling the smoke, you take it in, push it deep into the lungs, and exhale. The bong is generally large – tall or bulbous. This allows the smoke to dissipate without loss of flavor or potency

Users like the fact that the dried flower is combusted without the paper used for joints. It may be a subtle difference but removing that extra carbon from the combustion creates a cleaner smoke. They may collect bongs many of which come in unique and artistic designs. However, they should care for their bongs and clean them thoroughly and frequently.

Plus: Bong pals find the smoke is clean and smooth because the water filters out the toxins and water-soluble waste. You will see the tar stick to the bong’s walls keeping it from entering your lungs. The smoke also serves to cool the smoke making it more comfortable to smoke.

Minus: Bongs are often fragile and complicated and require changing the water and cleaning the parts to reduce germs and toxins. More importantly, the water filters out the THC reducing the potency.

Dab Rigs

Dab Rigs assure maximum flavor, aroma, and potency for several reasons. Dabbing involves placing (or “dabbing”) a bit of cannabis concentrate of a heated “nail,” a small flat spool-like protrusion. The nail requires repeated heating with a butane torch as it cools between puffs.

There is no combustion involved in dabbing, so inhaling cannabis does not include combusted paper or toxins. Because you are not inhaling flower, the smoke comes from a cannabis wax or concentrate already processed to remove debris, toxins, and unnecessary elements. The processing produces a concentrated wax or honey that is purely potent THC or CBD.

Dabbing rigs are consequently smaller than bongs because you want the smoke to reach you quickly without loss of potency over a lengthy trip. The rigs are more complicated and delicate than bongs and need care in cleaning.

Plus: Because it heats cannabis concentrates, the experience is clean and potent. Concentrates have been processed to create the most potent experience while retaining the benefits of flavonoids and terpenes. Because you use so little wax or honey, you save money by getting an optimized result.

Minus: Dabbing ensures a highly potent experience, and that can be risky for many. When the effect is bigger than experienced with smoking weed, the reaction may be extreme increasing the blood pressure, heartbeat, and paranoia. Some concentrates are tainted, packaged while still contaminated with solvents and toxins.


Vaporizers come in many shapes and sizes. They are smaller than a computer flash drive, about the size of a pack of cigarettes, or larger than a ballpoint pen. They work on a combustion principle, but the materials and systems vary.

They are available at low cost or high and in high or low quality. Some are meant to be disposable after one use while others guarantee longevity if used correctly. Vaporizes use tiny mechanics to heat fluids creating vapor for inhaling and exhaling. They will produce a high volume of vapor, so they are not as discrete as their size would indicate.

Vaporizers are used by millions with fluids other than those containing cannabis. Many vapes do satisfy the oral dependency associated with smoking cigarettes. Many teenagers vape because of peer pressure, and many just like the flavors and aromas.

However, cannabis users will feed their vaporizers with fluids infused with cannabis. Then, depending on the vaporizer, the fluid will be heated by hot air or bypassing the fluid over a hot surface to produce the vapor that carries the cannabis effects. Vaping has the shortest path from product to lungs, so it should provide results quickly and efficiently. However, the process that infuses the oils may reduce the potency.

Plus: Vaping clearly beats smoking cigarettes. It is healthier, and that starts with keeping your teeth and breath clean. It also does away with the inconvenience of preparing joints. And, it remains a smart healthier alternative to smoking tobacco with its carcinogens.

Minus: Some vaping oils contain nicotine which can have negative health effects with some users reporting increased gum disease. The dry mouth attached to vaping also can lead to oral problems. Recent lung infections among adolescents who vape included fatalities attributed to the Vitamin E acetate in some vaping fluids. And, the costs accumulate as you repeatedly replace low-priced devices.

So, you see!

Bongs, Rigs, and Vaporizers differ. It can be a matter of “to each his own.” However, each device needs some advice. You should just pick one up from King's Pipe and try it without some good input from friends or experienced “pros.”