How to Hide Your Cannabis High

How to Hide Your Cannabis High

If you choose to get high with cannabis or find yourself with an unexpected high, you may have reason to stay off the radar. Family, friends, or others may object to your indulgence. If you are up for an unexpected visit or inspection, you may want to hide that cannabis high.

If you are a profound and committed stoner, you do not worry about image and reputation. But if you are the frequent, occasional, or social user, you may need to hide that high and appear clean and sober for the moment.

  • Clean up!

When you smoke cannabis, the smoke will attach to your skin and hair. If you have the time, you should shower and shampoo. It means brushing your teeth and tongue, too.

  • Change clothes!

The same smoke that skunks up the skin, hair, and breath will embed in your clothes. Therefore, you must change your clothes, including your underwear, as part of the cleanup.

  • Freshen the air!

Cannabis users, like cigarette smokers, fail to notice the weed aroma that fills the air. You will smell the cannabis aroma, of course, but it lingers strongly. Scented candles, room deodorizer, air freshener, or burning incense will offset or cover the pungent smells.

  • Close your mouth!

A cannabis high can talk you into the doghouse. If the cannabis strain of choice produces giggles and conversation, you should focus on keeping your mouth shut if you can. It is tough to be silly and discreet at the same time.

  • Think ahead!

You can ward off some risks by preparing ahead of time. For example, cannabis users can use shaving lotions, scented moisturizers, or other fragrances to counter the odor. Moreover, if others associate you with these smells, the cannabis may not alert them.

  • Set up the room!

Smoking cannabis in a closed environment will cover you and the room’s contents with the airborne by-products of the burning cannabis. Therefore, you should open windows, turn on fans, and use air purifiers to minimize the effects. In addition, it makes sense to air out curtains, slipcovers, and bedding regularly.

  • Take notes!

Some cannabis strains leave you chatty. The trouble is that much of the chatter makes little sense to those nearby. One way to keep your mouth shut is to write down the thoughts running through your brain. Jotting things in a journal keeps you quiet and looking focused and intent.

  • Count calories!

Cannabis will lead to munchies. If you want to hide your high, you must avoid the Cheetos and other yummies. Instead, you might have a snack before imbibing or prepare a platter of nutritious treats. However, the best solution involves hydrating with large volumes of water to reduce hunger and replenish your systems.

  • Sport shades!

The bloodshot eyes triggered by most cannabis will give you away quickly. You might blame red eyes on allergies and treat them with eye drops formulated for eliminating the red, but you can also wear sunglasses where it seems appropriate.

  • Get moving!

You may find difficulty in getting up and moving once your high has left you sedated and couch-locked. If you really do not care, you can stay on the sofa. However, if you want to hide the high, you must walk around and push yourself to some light exercise. The exercise will help the respiratory and circulatory systems stabilize.

  • Secure the stash!

All your efforts to appear sober will go to waste if you leave tools and cannabis lying around. You must hide the cannabis equipment and secure the stash in odor-proof containers. While you are it, you should straighten up the room in general. If your décor has gone to pot, you must put things away, clean carpets, and wash surfaces with fragrant cleaning products.

  • Fix the thoughts!

A cannabis high usually involves a euphoria that melts into relaxation. While it may relieve stress and anxiety, it will also jumble your thinking. Your thinking and perception may slow down, leading to what seem profound insights. Other strains will lead to hyperactive thoughts. Either way may give you away unless you can focus on something external. For example, while you keep your mouth shut, you can fix attention to color or object.

  • Fight the fidget!

Cannabis stoners often appear chilled, mellow, and lazy. However, they frequently fidget nervously, especially in the presence of others. You can control the fidgeting by physically holding onto something. You can transfer the tension by squeezing a book, phone, or anything you can carry.

  • Listen well!

Listening well reduces the temptation to talk. Active listening skills have you nodding while others speak, repeating some of what they say, and writing things down. It keeps you focused and interested. In addition, others see your listening as respect for their contributions.

How to hide your cannabis high

Some cannabis strains produce mild effects. They leave you active and creative without sedation and disorientation. Those who use these strains do not notice their high because it is not really very high.

However, some cannabis strains will trigger a high noticeable to others if not to the user. Therefore, chronic cannabis consumers are fooling themselves if they think they can hide their cannabis high. The hints provided herein may or may not work, but they might convince the cannabis user that no one notices.

A better solution may be to avoid smoking, vaping, and dabbing in favor of select edibles with no aroma, smoke, or debris.