Top 10 Cannabis CBD Treatments for Cats

Top 10 Cannabis CBD Treatments for Cats

Who knows the facts about cats? They attract because of their mystery and inscrutability. Who knows what they are thinking or if they care?

Cat owners, however, notice differences in their pet cats’ behavior. Owners know when the cats are hungry, want cuddling, or prefer privacy. However, they also notice when their feline is unwell or unhappy.

Cat owners are turning increasingly to cannabis therapies for their pets. They also look for guidance in choosing the best cannabis CBD treatments among the scores of options.

Cat health issues

Domestic cats commonly suffer from urinary infections, vomiting, and diarrhea, among other problems. Such problems result from germs, bacteria, and viruses. The conditions often respond well to prescribed medication. If the ailments do not respond to medical therapies, cannabis CBD treatments may help or act as a preventive supplement.

Cats often show signs of anxiety, including:

  • Aggressive behavior

  • Avoidance of litter box

  • Diarrhea and vomiting

  • Hiding or withdrawal

  • Reduced activity

  • Trembling and erratic mewing

The change in behavior may indicate a psychological response to the introduction of another cat, the arrival of a new family member, or the appearance of a stranger. Veterinarians believe some rescued cats carry a continuing trauma. And they may suffer separation anxiety while you work or leave the cat alone for extended periods.

Cannabis CBD treatments may resolve problems like those relieved in human care.

Top 10 cannabis CBD treatments:

Veterinarians report an increase in marijuana poisoning among cats. While most of these events follow accidental consumption, it is strong reminder that cats may suffer from the presence of any THC.

CBD by-products must exclude THC if they are to help pets, even those with anxiety. That means looking for full-spectrum and Hemp-based treatments. After all, Hemp is cannabis sativa with only a whisper of THC.

10. Holistapet CBD Treats

Holistapet offers several pet products including delicious Salmon-Flavored Crunchy Treats. These treats contain 0% of THC with 2mg of full-spectrum CBD and other cannabinoids per treat. They are also free of gluten, dairy, grain, and artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

The treats contain salmon, chicken, potato starch, and peas. Other ingredients include brewers dried yeast, natural flavors, citric acid, and potassium chloride. The contents are stabilized in mixed tocopherols and oil of rosemary.

9. R&R Medicinals Hemp Extract Tincture

The R&R Medinicals Hemp Extract Tincture has attained recognition as USDA Organic Certified, always a comfort to discerning shoppers. The tincture offers full-spectrum CBD therapy in a grapeseed oil base. The formulation includes a complex of CBD THCV, CBG, CBDv, CBL, CBN, and the natural terpenes, flavonoids, and antioxidants that create an entourage effect.

R&R Medicinals also provides extensive independent third-party testing accounting for pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, and other negative influences. Their tincture comes in natural and mint flavors and in several volumes and potencies per ounce.

8. Medterra Calming Chews

Medterra’s chews are 10mg CBD soft chews that include calming Valerian root and L-tryptophan. The 10mg potency allows you to dose your cat periodically, but you should consider how appropriate the dosage is for the cat’s size and weight.

Ingredients per volume include chickpea flour, potato flour, cane molasses, and tapioca starch. They are stabilized in water and glycerin with hemp seed powder, natural bacon flavor, and lecithin. Other organic ingredients include organic Chamomile, Valerian root, safflower oil, Passionflower, ginger root, L-Tryptophan, L-Theanine, Cannabidiol (CBD), ascorbic acid, sorbic acid, calcium propionate, Vitamin E, and DI-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate. Medterra confirms this cocktail of ingredients with third-party testing.

7. RE Botanicals Hemp Tincture for Pets

The RE Botanicals Hemp Tincture keeps it simple listing ingredients: Organic Hemp CBD Extract, and Organic Virgin Coconut (MCT) Oil. Its USDA certified-organic designation means they bottle it Non-GMO and free from artificial chemicals, colors, fertilizers, flavors, preservatives, and pesticides.

RE Botanicals recommends:

1/8 of 1ml dropper



1/4 of 1ml dropper

15 plus pounds

They also commit 1% of their sales to regenerative agriculture and helping farmers create healthier soils.

6. Joy Organics Premium CBD Pet Tincture

Joy Organics presents its USDA Certified Organic broad-spectrum tincture with 0.0% THC. It boasts only two ingredients: organic extra-virgin olive oil and organic Phyto cannabinoid-rich broad-spectrum hemp extract.

Administered by mouth or mixed into pet food, it acts promptly. Testing shows no heavy metals, residual solvents, lead, or arsenic. A 2.5oz. bottle promises 3.75mg per quarter dropper.

5. cbdMD Paw Cbd

Paw CBD are chews available at cbdMD. These tasty chews are flavored with chicken and catnip integrated with hemp extract, MCT oil, pea flour, garbanzo flour, palm fruit oil, sunflower lecithin, coconut glycerin, rosemary extract, and other natural ingredients.

ISO-recommended testing confirms the ingredients, quality, and absence of negative elements. Each treat provides 1mg of CBD which aids in calculating dosing. The chews include no raw catnip, and Paw CBD comes in a tincture, too.

4. Green Roads Pet CBD Drops for Cats

Green Roads has grown into a large producer based on its safe and effective products. They were among the first to mandate independent testing and full transparency. Ach 1oz bottle contains 60mg CBD or 2mg per milliliter.

Green Roads drops include MCT Oil (fractionated coconut oil), hemp deed oil, and hemp-derived cannabinoid extract. The products are gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan friendly, and independent lab tested showing <0.01% THC. Reviewers saw significant reduction in feline anxiety and aggressiveness on one dose per day.

3. Treatibles® CBD Oil Ready Pack

Treatibles® have created a clever packaging device, offering the convenience of plastic blisters containing one dose of CBD Oil. Each of the 10 blisters contains 2mg of full-spectrum CBD oil. They report using organic full-spectrum Hem oil and organic MCT coconut oil.

The business claims their products are lab tested, but the website does not provide that data.

2. CBDistillery™ CBD Pet Tincture

CBDistillery™ offers a CBD Pet Tincture at an extremely attractive price. Processed with cold-pressed Hemp seed oil. A one-ounce bottle contains 30 servings at 5mg of CBD per administration.

The manufacturer displays detailed independent third-party testing results confirming the trace THC content falls within legal parameters.

1. Honest Paws Wellness

Users give Honest Paws products 5-stars for effectiveness. Wellness is a 30-day supply of organic full-spectrum CBD oil, and they also make it available at a moderate price on a subscription basis.

The Honest Paws products are free of corn, GMOs, soy, and other negative elements. They secure independent testing for their quality and potency, but results are not available on their website.

Shopper beware!

CBD is not a cure for cat disease, so avoid products making such claims. CBD has confirmed properties that reduce inflammation, stabilize smooth muscle rhythm, encourage relaxation, and fight vomiting and diarrhea.

THC presents a real risk to small animals, so you should opt for full-spectrum Hemp products with minimal traces of THC. While cats, like all mammals, have Endocannabinoid systems, there has been little research on the influence of cannabis elements. There is no clarity on the correct dosing, so you should consider starting with small doses before titrating up to heavier doses or more frequency.

Most of the considerable positive reports on how cats respond is anecdotal. Nonetheless, the users are many and positive.