Black Tuna Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 14% - 20%

Black Tuna was created by 5 Star Organic in order to provide patients with a powerful hit of THC that is beneficial for chronic pain relief. It is a British Columbian stain made by crossing Lamb's Bread and Herojuana and is extremely popular in Canada not only for the strong narcotic effect it provides but also for its quirky marketing tactics as this was sold in sealed tuna cans. Flowers of this marijuana strain are compact, covered in trichomes and carry a strong smell. The color of Black Tuna is rich sage green with shades of darker green and also hints of purple. However, this strain does not smell like fish. In fact, the name originates from Black Tuna Gang that was well-known for the smuggling of Colombian marijuana in the 1970s in the United States. With a THC level of 14.9 percent, it is a potent strain and may be a bit too much for a beginner or moderate users. Black Tuna carries a spicy and intoxicating flavor with a slightly putrid and spicy smell. The effects of Black Tuna are experiencing a euphoric feel along with feeling happy and aroused. It aids with insomnia, pain, inflammation, spasticity, nausea, headache and cramps.
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Great hybrid and great for the day! Obviously it dont smell like tuna but it is pungent upon the exhale. It starts off with a euphoric state while feeling a little tingle in the back of your head and a nice little touch of energy, I am NOT A SATIVA INDIVIDUAL. Anyways, I feel it a great day weed and also good for social events. Helps me with my ADHD, sometimes a little too much but that goes away shortly so I can get back into my zone. Great for a little morning smoke before headin to work. Enjoy!

Dense dark green nugs with a strong piney note. Kinda weird aftertaste like seawater but nothing bad. Strong indica buzz knocks you silly and lasts. Great for bowls and bongs because you only need a few hits, but I wouldn't recommend it for joints and blunts unless you're sharing and want everyone to shut up and zone out.

Wow. If you find the real thing and need one for calming, laughing and sleep this Canadian fish is the one, it didn't even smell a lot so it's discreet, it even smelt like fish to me honestly so oddly enough reeks when close but not really noticeable if far. Very strong and sedating stuff though. One of my favorite ever. Top 3 overall I tried and I smoke a ton! The other ones win just because of the smell and taste being better.

Haven’t been able to order this strain for about 5 or 6 weeks unfortunately ( in whole flower). One of my all time favorites, it is relaxing and euphoric, relieves pain and increases libido, too. I will recommend this to anyone who suffers from chronic pain.

i have 2 mothers going from my pack of 10 regular NON FEMENIZEd seeds and am estatic about having this strain in my collection!!! it is hands down my favorite strain i have ever come across at any dispensary!! i have never before seen such amazing fat broad leaves that are so so dark green almost black leaves, every 1/4 inch there is branching, insanely bushy plant!!! just 2 of these 1 foot tall plants i have as mothers smell just intense and overpower 10 other mother plants i have in my veg room,.i just cut a few clones to determine sex of these gems and will be filling a few 4x4 flood and drain tables come april when my flower room is finished with my other strains , this strain will guaranteed be my diamonds of my home and i have other amazing strains but this black tuna will be my baby!!!!!!! i do not know who is testing the thc content of these strains but i can assure you all this strain is far far above the 17% thc content i read about, i have a 30% sativa so they say 30% called eran almog from israel and this tuna blows it out of the water by far, i have been growing consistently since 1989 and trust me, i know my shyte!!!

Field tested Btu regionally, with 100% positive response from over 70 knowledgeable longtime medical users. Categorically, Fine Cannabis.

This is the type of bud that you need to be somewhere comfy or cozy because this is going to melt you in your seat. It's harsh in pipes but tasty in J's. As for it being for moderate to advanced smokers. That would be dead on correct!. I have 26 yrs of experience and this was a great bud for REALLY taking the edge off, this is not fully enjoyed while being out in public.

I have grown Marijuana since I was 12 years old, in the Appalachian Region of Ohio & W. Virginia border..I had great Teachers, A Vietnam Veteran, Named Frank Kovaleski, had brought seeds back from Vietnam and grew them for years, back when there was no Indica around. I bought Black Tuna seeds from Old School breeders Association, and grew them, bred them for seeds, and grew more during the summer. I am 49 years old now,..Been growing for 37 years, and I have grown many many types. My Favorites are strains from my Legendary Hero..Neville Shoenmaker,..a.k.a. "The King of Cannabis"..I have always been facinated by Nevilles Achievements, and He has done so insure that we growers have the best genetics available. Black Tuna is unbeatable, in my takes a little longer to grow, but makes up for that with its heavy yield and super high Quality. Before this, Canadian Romulan was my Personal Favorite, but now, I am "Staying on the Tuna Boat with Black Tuna..!! " Truely a MUST TRY for all growers and Medical tastes as good as it smells, as its being smoked, or eaten, This Strain Truely stands out from the rest, and is more potent. I would like to give a big Shout out, to the creators of this Super Fine Strain.."Congratulations!!..for creating perhaps the best strain in the world..Bravo!..Kevin Miser, Gaurrilla Farmer, Appalachian Outlaw, Marietta, Ohio

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