Cherry OG Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 19% - 22%, CBN: 1%

This medical marijuana, which is often confused with 'Cherry Kush', was created by 'Emerald Triangle Seeds'. This strain was obtained by hybridizing 'Cherry Thai' and 'an old Afghan' strain at first and then by crossing this with the 'Lost Coast OG'. Primarily, this hybridization was done for the purpose of increasing the yield of the Cherry Thai parent. This indica-sativa combination strain is having the indica/sativa ration 50:50. Thus, this strain is well balanced between indica and sativa. The buds of this plant are found to be smaller, darker and round-shaped appearing more or less like the ripened cherries. The flowers of Cherry OG appear dark, lush green colored and are covered by a layer of orange colored hairs. Most typically, this strain is recognized by its diesel aroma with the traces of cherry combined with it. The flavor will be exotic and fruity in nature and is capable of producing a euphoric feeling to the users. This strain is found to be effective in relieving anxiety and can be able to provide the uplift and whole body relaxation. This would also act well with pains and nausea.
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I can function very well, no shakes or heavy highs. This is a no brainer for me because I like both Indicas & Sativas. By the way I been smokin since the 70's and this is a favorite!

Just tried today for the first time, it has a cherry aftertaste flavor with Strong Afghani flavor. I would recommend anytime for relaxation very well balanced hybrid.

Pretty nice strain can't go wrong with this....

The Cherry OG is very nice. I can feel the MMJ before I am done smoking. Cherry is strong in the Sativa in the beginning then after a few hours it switches to Indica time. The Indica with the Lost Coast and Asian Indica is not to be overlooked. I enjoy the taste and effects very much. I give Cherry a 5. The strain I have is actually Cherry Kush not Cherry OG.

Really good head high, very cerebral, love the taste! 5 stars

A very nice strain. Very balanced and long lasting. A great strain for "salads" (combing 2 strains together). I combined this strain with White Buffalo and called it "King Crimson". It was terrific.

I really like this bud. Taste and smells good. High comes on really fast. I can say I don't ride after smoking. Causes me to be a little dizziness. I mostly smoke sativa but this hybrid is great. I'm feeling great afterwards. Also doesn't make me tired. It has a 2 stage buzz. Heavy indica first the sativa comes next. Great bud!!

This is a very tasty treat. Fruity on the dry pull, the aroma and taste are fruity as well. The buzz is a little more Indica-heavy than I thought it would be but the sativa effects definitely are in the wait. The sativa becomes more prominent as the buzz matures. This is a wonderful hybrid. 50/50 sativa and Indica. If you can get it, don't hesitate.

Best bud ever !!

Cherry Cookies Strain Very good cookie crossed Good cherry taste with an aftertaste of girl scout cookies

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