Hashberry Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Hashberry, voted as the "2006 Strain of the Year" by the High Times, belongs to the eminent variety of Indica. It has a medium level TCH content, specifically 18 per cent. With a pleasant flavour of mint and pepper sprinkles, this particular strain has a thick stem with dense buds. It matures most effectively by keeping low levels of humidity and water quantity, especially in the final two weeks of flowering. The effect of Hashberry on the patient is mild enough to keep you socially active and mentally present. In some cases, depending upon the quantity, it may give rise to a drowsy effect because relaxation is the key component that it provides to the patient. Since Hashberry works as a calming agent for anxiety-stricken, depressed and stressed-out patients, is definitely sufficient to create a tranquil state of mind and body for the user. It has also proved to be useful against the stimulating influences of insomnia. Beginners will certainly have no trouble in using this starring strain of safe medical marijuana.
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Balanced old school feel. Slightly harsh smoke, so meticulous curing is imperative. Sensative to late season mold, and attractive to butterfly and moths, so inspect flowers religiously, feed minimally, cut water to minimum toward end, and consider using Bt. Great all around smoke, recommended for anytime, anywhere. Not overpowering or debilitating as many "strong" strains today are.

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