Pickle Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Pickle is a mild choice for treating chronic pain, anxiety, low mood, and muscle spasms. It's apparently a sativa-dominant hybrid, at least judging by its mostly cerebral effects, but its exact genetics are largely a mystery. The THC levels in Pickle are also hard to verify, but there's little public evidence to suggest they're anything but modest. The head buzz is calming but energized, with clear mental focus, creativity, and euphoria. Very little is known about the CBD content of this strain, which means it probably shouldn't be used as the exclusive treatment for epilepsy or other conditions that respond to CBD concentrates. True to its name, Pickle has a distinct dill flavor, while its odor is earthy, musky, and sour. The tiny buds are roughly the size of popped popcorn kernels. This strain isn't popular enough to generate credible public reports of negative side effects, but red eyes and dry mouth are common with most strains. Pickle was born on the Colorado medical marijuana market and can still be found there, but it's not common there or anywhere else.
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Found this on the street in Texas... Smells just like pickles! Immediately feel its effects, cerebral high, very heady high... Nice bugs, few seeds....

Just grabbed some nugs in Greeley at NHW on Flower Friday :) Two thumbs up! Good energy, focus.. happy happy.. Smoking it right now

Just bought some today at natures in dtc area and I must say very very good. Just was diagnosed with a herniated disc and I swear this flower right here does my body some good.

I picked up some yesterday not knowing what strain it was. I just took 2 hits and it is a very cerebral high kinda heavy behind our eyes and the only downfall is the dry mouth other than that its amazing and its truly an honor to have came across it. I rarely get the same kinds twice and probably won't get the chance to see it again. My favorites are Crystal Gail and alien og.. Stay chill homies, One Love Ray Ray whoop whoop

Just bought some j's at Nature's herb in Greeley Co and it was good. 👌

Dill flavor is apparent for sure, kinda sour but not sweet at all. Nice stoney looking buds, light green color like dill pickle potato chips. Sharp clear buzz, uplifting. Highly recommended to burn in water pipe.

Not the best I smoked but its a good head buzz..great when playing video games. Mango g13 is my fav

Been looking for this bud for 6 months. Best sex youll ever have when your on this!!

Oasis has it. Worth the trip.

Its at natures herbs and wellness in greeley co right now. Great smoke!

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