10 Cannabis Strains for Pain

10 Cannabis Strains for Pain

It is estimated that 1.5 billion people live with chronic pain on a daily basis worldwide. Pain can come from a broad range of different factors. Sometimes pain is simply related to an injury and other times it can be a side effect of larger and more complicated problems. No matter what causes the pain, there is no reason to have to take pill after pill, day after day, to manage it in hopes of some relief.

Cannabis is a natural alternative for pain relief that is being consumed by many individuals throughout the world to address the chronic pain that they live with daily. Let’s take a look at the top ten strains that are effective in treating chronic pain.

1. Girl Scout Cookies, aka GSC, is a hybrid of the OG Kush and Durban Poison strains. GSC is often referenced as having an earthy and sweet aroma with a full body relaxing effect that is greatly needed for those patients looking for pain relief from cannabis. GSC has a THC content that ranges from 17-28% and a CBD content that varies from .09 - .2 %. Girl Scout Cookies has been the winner of many different Cannabis Cup awards and is also great for nausea and loss of appetite. Many patients like that Girl Scout Cookies can give them pain relief without a fatigued or tired effect accompanying it.

2. Grandaddy Purple is an indica strain that is described as being very sweet and tastes much like grape. This strain is a child strain of Big Bud and Purple Urkle, both of which are indica strains. The THC content in this strain ranges from 17-23%, and the CBD content tends to average at 0.1% consistently. Being an indica, it can bring significant pain relief but it can also bring with it some tired feelings in most patients making it a great nighttime pain relief strain for many. Granddaddy Purple is also great for stress, insomnia, and depression.

3. White Widow is a hybrid strain. The parent strains were South Indian indica and South American, which is a sativa strain. White Widow is one of the most famous strains of cannabis around the world. It offers excellent pain relief as well as an uplifting, energetic, and euphoric feeling. This strain is also great for treating stress, depression and lack of appetite. This strain is described as having an earthy taste that is a favorite of many.

4. Jack Herer is named after a renowned cannabis activist, and it knows how to fight pain like he fought prohibition. This sativa strain will help to ease pain while providing you with everything you could expect from a great sativa. It is often commonly used to treat depression, lack of appetite and fatigue in addition to pain. This strain is described as having earthy and pine like flavor. The THC content of Jack Herer ranges from 18-23% and the CBD content ranges from .03 -.2%. Jack Herer is a sativa dominant cross between Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights #5 and a Haze Hybrid.

5. Sour Diesel has a THC content of 18-23% and a CBD content of .1-.3% which means that it offers a lot of medicinal benefits. Sour Diesel is great for treating pain, stress, depression, lack of appetite and fatigue to name a few. It is a cross between Chemdawg, Northern Lights and Skunk #1. This strain is described as having a pungent, diesel like flavor and a happy, uplifting feeling by many. It is a sativa dominant strain and provides the energy you need to get through your day.

6. OG Kush is thought to be a hybrid of Hindu Kush, Chemdawg, and Lemon Thai. It is described as having a very earthy flavor to the majority of individuals who have reviewed it. Many have said that dry eyes and dry mouth often tend to accompany this strain of cannabis. This is a small compromise when it comes to the pain relief that it provides. This strain is also commonly used to address stress, insomnia, and depression. The THC content in OG Kush tends to range from 19-26%, and the CBD content is between 0 and .3%.

7. Blue Dream is a hybrid that stems from crossing the Sativa Haze with Blueberry Indica. This strain has a sweet berry flavor and aroma. It has been reviewed as having significant pain relief properties as well as a great strain for depression and stress relief. The THC content of Blue Dream falls between 17-24% while the CBD content ranges from .1-.2% consistently. Many individuals have stated that it provides a very happy, euphoric and uplifting effect.

8. Green Crack has you covered if you are looking for pain relief without wanting to catch some ZZZs. This strain offers a fruity and tangy flavor while whisking away your pain, stress, and depression. It also provides an energy boost with an uplifting and creative effect for many. THC content ranges between 13-21% while the CBD tends to test at 0-.1% in this strain.

9. Bubba Kush offers a very earthy flavor and aroma and is derived from the Hindu Kush landrace strains. This strain is an indica which means that it provides a very relaxed and sleepy effect for many who enjoy it for their pain relief. Bubba Kush is a wonderful before bed cannabis pain relief strain that is also great with addressing stress, depression, and insomnia. The THC content of Bubba Kush ranges from 14-22%, and the CBD content ranges from .06-.1%.

10. AK-47 comes from a variety of different parent strains including South American, Mexican and Thai Sativa strains and the Afghani Indica strain. AK-47 offers a pungent, skunky and earthy flavor that is enjoyed by many individuals. This strain is great for relieving pain, eliminating stress and managing depression. Being a sativa dominant strain, it also provides individuals with an uplifting effect.

These are just some of the wide variety of different strains, including sativas, indicas and hybrids that can help with pain. As cannabis scientific research continues, and more states legalize the medicinal and recreational consumption of marijuana, the known pain benefits of cannabis will only increase. Allbud has the most comprehensive directory of marijuana strains on the web. The database includes variety, effect, symptom, aroma and flavor. Detailed descriptions, along with consumer reviews, photos and deals in a specific location are also part of this resource. You can research thousands of strains here and find those best suited to your needs!