10 Highest Indica Cannabis Strains of 2021

10 Highest Indica Cannabis Strains of 2021

Halfway through 2021, we are still juggling the many Indica strains on the market, some classics and some new to the experience. Listing 10 highest Indica strains offer readers a take on what is out there and what may appeal to you for various reasons.

What’s in an Indica?

Indica strains and Indica-dominant strains of cannabis grow as short bushy plants. Cannabis sativa has roots in Columbia and other northern South America resources. However, Indica strains have a more extended history originating in the forbidding wilds of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Hardy plants, they have survived the cool to cold climates at high altitude in the Asian subcontinent. That struggle to survive and fight the cold and wind has produced thick cannabinoid-rich resin. The Indica resin holds powerful potential for sedation, from mild relaxation to a whole couchlock experience.

Indica fans use cannabis for medical benefits and/or for lazy stoner escape. In general, Indica strains hold more CBD than THC with terpenes that relieve stress, reduce inflammation-related pain, relax muscles, control spasms, promote sleep, and ease anxiety.

The high CBD content will help medical problems, but it can also weigh down your arms and legs, nailing users to the couch or favorite chair. Therefore, most Indica-dominant experiences are best saved for late evening or just before bed, or you may suffer a lack of muscular coordination or motivation. In addition, using Indica strains should keep you from driving or operating machinery.

On a more positive note, a balanced ratio of CBD to THC can modify medical issues without total sedation.

10 Highest Indica Cannabis Strains for 2021

  1. Afghani

Strain: Almost pure Indica at Sativa 5% to Indica 95 with 17-20% THC and ≤ 1% CBD

Genetics: A landrace strain originating in the Kush Mountains of Afghanistan

Experience: A heavy euphoria moves quickly lifts the mood before relaxing deeply into a sleep-inducing relief of anxiety, chronic pain, and sleeping disorders. Afghani and its offspring with earthy taste and aroma have been a long-standing go-to strain.

  1. G13

Strain: Indica-dominant hybrid (70% Indica / 30% Sativa) with up to 24% THC

Genetics: Unknown or proprietary genetics, including a Skunk ancestor developed in US Government Mississippi laboratories.

Experience: A rich orange taste and aroma attract many users who also enjoy its THC potency. G13 hits users with a significant euphoria that can increase energy and focus. But it will not be long before you surrender to deep lazy relaxation for hours. It will treat anxiety, depression, and pain by removing your head from the struggle.

  1. Girl Scout Cookies

Strain: Balanced strain (50% Indica / 50% Sativa) with ≥ 28% THC and 10% CBD

Genetics: Durban Poison X OG Kush

Experience: GSC XTRM users report tastes and aromas from chocolate and mint to spices and soil. This is an excellent strain for evening and socializing as it delivers a quick euphoria behind the eyes, reaching higher until it slides into brain and body relaxation. In addition, medicinal marijuana users report lasting relief from anxiety, appetite loss, chronic pain, depression, and inflammation-related pain with its spicey cookie taste.

  1. Aroura Indica

Strain: Indica-dominant hybrid (90% Indica / 10% Sativa) with 14% to 19% THC

Genetics: Northern Lights X Afghan

Experience: Aroura produces beautiful, color-rich buds with a fruity, earthy, tangy taste. This strain's effects will creep up on you before leaving users couch-locked. Flavors and aromas of mango, lavender, and earth will offer therapy for chronic pain, ADD/ADHD symptoms, and sleep disorders. As results move toward sedation, users may experience problems with depth perception, muscular coordination, and time dilation. Cannabis novices may want to build up their THC tolerance before trying this strain.

  1. Banana Kush

Strain: Indica-dominant hybrid (60% Indica / 40% Sativa) with 18% to 25% THC and ≤ 0.1% CBD

Genetics: West Coast OG Kush X Skunk Haze

Experience: Banana Kush is a bedtime strain, potently and quickly sleep-inducing. The users seek medical benefits for sleep disorders and stress. But it has also helped those with muscular spasms, appetite loss, fibromyalgia, MS, and glaucoma. Tasting of ripe banana, this strain helps creativity if used in moderation.

  1. Red Lebanese

Strain: Indica-dominant hybrid (60% Indica / 40% Sativa) with ≤ 25% THC

Genetics: Unknown cross between yellow and red landrace strains found in Lebanon

Experience: Red Lebanese will leave you deeply and profoundly sedated for hours. Its sour citrus and forest nut flavors will relieve ADD/ADHD, chronic stress, chronic inflammation-related pain, depression, and migraines.

  1. Mazar-I-Sharif (Mazari)

Strain: 100% Landrace Afghani Indica strain with 19 – 25% THC

Genetics: Originated in the deserts of northern Afghanistan, it crosses Mazar I Sharif X Skunk #1.

Experience: Mazari is a perfect hash delivering an inebriating high. The potent punch begins in the neck and upper spine before it warms and tingles the rest of the body. Its rich vanilla experience will manage depression, anxiety, and pain.

  1. Revolver

Strain: Indica-dominant hybrid (80% Indica / 20% Sativa) with 12 - 15% THC

Genetics: NY City Diesel X Original White Widow

Experience: Revolver hits early, challenging, and lengthy. Touches of citrus, flowers, and earth surround users deep into a relaxed body buzz. That soothing relaxation will treat muscular spasms, depression, anxiety, and pain syndromes.

  1. Pac-Man OG

Strain: Indica-dominant strain with ≤ 25%, and ≤ 4% CBD

Genetics: Af-Pac Clone X Pinkman

Experience: This Pac-Man strain has a lemony, earthy, and intense aroma. It delivers a powerful euphoria before settling into a happy, calm, and peaceful happiness, all therapies for pain, insomnia, and stress.

  1. Grease Monkey

Strain: Indica-dominant hybrid (70% Indica / 30% Sativa) with ≤ 27% THC and ≤ 1% CBD

Genetics: Gorilla Glue #4 X Cookies & Cream

Experience: Hints of vanilla override the skunky diesel in this strain. It hits high behind the eyes before creeping into a calming and hazy slumber. Grease Monkey treats appetite loss, chronic pain, insomnia, migraines, and nausea.

Final note

Any list of high Indica cannabis strains should also include standards like Durban Kush, Skywalker, Strawberry Kush, Granddaddy Purps, and other stalwarts. In any high Indica content with a high THC percentage, new cannabis users must proceed with caution. The content can disorient users and put them at risk of driving or working under the influence of heavy sedation. The intelligent thing to do is high Indica cannabis stains conservatively until you build up a tolerance for the THC content allowing moderate use for medical benefits or stoner experience.