How to Make Rosin Dabs

How to Make Rosin Dabs

Cannabis customers have been turning to more potent and “cleaner” cannabis experiences. Perhaps it follows the anxieties created throughout 2020, or maybe it reflects the arrival of new customers in states where cannabis has been newly legalized or decriminalized. Consumers may want more excitement in their recreational use or more potency in their medical therapies.

Cannabis Rosin has gained fresh popularity, and it something you can prepare at home. If you want to save money charged by dispensaries and ensure your outcome and quality, you must know how to make rosin dabs.

Consider dab rigs first

A Dab Rig heats a cannabis extract to produce a vapor for inhaling. You can buy them off the shelf or build your own. In any case, using cannabis in this way requires experience and expertise.

A Dab Rig operates like a complicated bong:

  1. A small narrow mouthpiece lets you take in the vapor created.

  2. A chamber holds the vape and may be made of glass, ceramic, or other material manufacturers create in hundreds of shapes and designs.

  3. A Nail that users heat and where they place (Dab) the cannabis extract.

The user torches the Nail to a high heat where the applied concentrate will burn and melt, releasing the power and potency of cannabis. Using the Nail and Dab differentiate the Dab Rig from a Bong.

Why invest in cannabis rosin

  • Pure! Making your own Rosin requires heat, pressure, parchment (or cannabis sift bags), and gloves. You wind up with a clean sample free of solvents, increased in potency because the result concentrated cannabinoids and terpenes.

  • Potent! The potency of your cannabis Rosin depends on the cannabis strain used. It also depends on the pressure applied. The processed product can reach 70 to 80% cannabis concentration. Terpenes take up the remaining percentage, providing fragrance, taste, and medical benefits.

  • Price! Fresh, homemade cannabis Rosin costs less than the dispensary-bought concentrate. Once you cover your initial investment, you can process Rosin and other concentrates at a bargain price.

LTQ Brand offers a curling iron press for under $50.00, a handheld pressure clamp that comes with baking papers and filters. DONSU has a double-plated hand-cranked press for under $160. The MyPress Deluxe Package sells for $420.00 and comes with an assortment of supplies.

A 20-pack 120-micron supply of cannabis concentrate sift bags from The Press Club sell for $21.95. ROSINBOMB markets 12-pack 45-micron sift bags at $20. The process works better with 120-micron mesh.

How to make rosin dabs

Rosin differs from other similar cannabis extracts. Users like Rosin because it lacks the solvents introduced in other extract processes. Rosin contains no residual propane or butane, eliminating the health danger and the preparation risk.

The most common do-it-yourself process requires an electric curling or flat iron, unbleached parchment paper, and heatproof gloves. With experience, you may prefer to purchase an electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, or mechanical press specifically engineered for pressing cannabis. These devices can run into hundreds of dollars, but you may want to invest if you use Rosin frequently.

  1. Measure the surface of your press area.

  2. Cut a piece of organic, unbleached parchment paper to fit that press plate after the paper is folded in half. You can also purchase sift bags designed for this extraction process.

  3. Place the cannabis bud of your choice in the center of the parchment. Then fold the corners toward the bud to direct the flow of the pressed oil.

  4. Press the parchment holding the cannabis flower for 30 to 180 seconds at 190◦ to 240◦

  5. Take out the crushed bud and collect the Rosin squeezed out of the bud.

Pick the best cannabis strain

Some cannabis strains produce more effective Rosins than others. The five strains reviewed here produce high yields of Rosin:

  1. GMO Cookies

  • Strain: Indica-dominant hybrid (90% Indica / 10% Sativa)

  • Genetics: Chemdawg X Girl Scout Cookies

  • Reputation: Highly potent and long-lasting effects with sedative influence over chronic pain, chronic depression, sleep disorders, and more

  1. OG Kush

  • Strain: Indica-dominant hybrid (75% Indica / 25% Sativa) with 19% to 28% THC

  • Genetics: Proprietary development from a Hindu Kush strain

  • Reputation: OG Kush produces large volumes of Rosin from its major trichome count. It will hit fast and hard with a wild euphoria before drifting into a total couchlock. Users report relief from depression, stress, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

  1. White Widow

  • Strain: Sativa-dominant hybrid (60% Sativa / 40% Indica) with 18% to 25% THC

  • Genetics: Brazil Sativa X South Indian Indica

  • Reputation: The nicely balanced strain provides a relaxing experience without sedation. It offers a cognitive clarity that helps with anxiety, depression, pain, and PTSD.

  1. Lifter CBD

  • Strain: 50% Sativa / 50% Indica with 20% CBD over only 1% THC

  • Genetics: Suver Haze X Early Resin Berry

  • Reputation: The super CBD count guarantees a whole body and brain-mellow lift. Lifter CBD produces a woodsy, tropical berry, and earthy soil taste and aroma from the strain’s high trichome count.

  1. White Ice

  • Strain: 50% Sativa / 50% Indica with 20% THC

  • Genetics: Afghan Hash X Northern Lights X Dutch Skunk

  • Reputation: Flowers are extremely dense and loaded with Rosin. The THC triggers a case of the giggles while treating anxiety, depression, and pain.

Making your cannabis rosin dabs

A Dabbing Rig has a Nail. You apply (or Dab) a small amount of concentrate to the Nail. This action produces a vapor that users draw on through the rig’s mouthpiece. Cannabis Rosin is one of the concentrates used in Dabbing Rigs or Vaporizers. Rosin is extracted from trichome-rich cannabis flowers in a process using heat and pressure. The same process can remove Rosin from bubble hash, kief, and trim. The process is easy and fast, producing individual dabs or a stash for use over time.