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hi guys Producer

Got a oz for 95, was no bug all below popcorn level and dry as fuck. So mad I wanna flush the whole shit oz. I won't even go to a place that sales this shit now.

I bought a quarter ounce of Evergreen Kush and it had huge stems in the buds.

Hi guys told us that their joints were bud and not trim and indoor not outdoor but they said that to the wrong connoisseur, these joints were by far the most disgusting joints I've ever smoked in my life and I've been smoking for 25 years whatever they say about their product is a lie from this point forward as one lie usually means there's more! Did they think that I would not know that was low quality disgusting Leaf in the joints? I think even a new aged smoker would be able to tell. Integrity is everything and I will be making sure the public knows that hi guys lacks integrity I don't like to be fooled on how I spend my money and when I am I definitely let people know. Hi guys is not the place to go! Sorry any one else!

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