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Hours Today: 8:00 am - 12:00 am Open
2028 10th Avenue , Longview, WA, 98632

420 Holiday is a Washington licensed recreational marijuana retailer that is now open! 2 miles off I-5, we offer the highest quality bud at the lowest prices in all of the Longview/Kelso area! Come on in and check us out! We strive to provide a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, where no one should feel pressured into buying anything. That is our goal at 420 Holiday. To spread the love, and make every day a holiday!


420 Holiday is a Washington licensed recreational marijuana retailer that is now open! 2 miles off I-5, we offer the highest quality bud at the lowest prices in all of the Longview/Kelso area! Come on in and check us out! We strive to provide a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, where no one should feel pressured into buying anything. That is our goal at 420 Holiday. To spread the love, and make every day a holiday!

Operation Hours:

8:00 am - 12:00 am
8:00 am - 12:00 am
8:00 am - 12:00 am
8:00 am - 12:00 am
8:00 am - 12:00 am
8:00 am - 12:00 am
8:00 am - 12:00 am
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420 Holiday Marijuana Dispensary image
420 Holiday Marijuana Dispensary image
420 Holiday Marijuana Dispensary image
420 Holiday Marijuana Dispensary image
420 Holiday Marijuana Dispensary image
420 Holiday Marijuana Dispensary image
420 Holiday Marijuana Dispensary image
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Lots of choices in this tiny town but the staff, access, speed in and out no matter how busy and most of all is the customer service level. Great recommendation today Cowlitz Gold Blackberry Kush A M A Z I N G Thanks again

So I’m a regular at 420 every day or every other day. My brother or I come in. Everyone knows our faces I believe. What are the chance of getting a gram fronted?

They did a great job of setting up their display so it is very easy to read the name of the strain, whether Indica or Sativa and the % of each. The best prices I have seen and I work in the industry in delivery. Good friendly vibe. I picked up an 1/8 of Purple Kush for $20 and it was so inexpensive I didnt even ask for my industry discount.

I love this store. I came from Gresham last year and have been to this location many times. They are friendly and know their stuff. I brought my mother in there for her 1st time going into a shop and they were patient and helpful even though she was shy. (not used to legally purchasing) I have been to other dispensaries and they were a little pricey and were not very helpful. These guys are really nice and knowledgeable. A++

Best deals in the county will always be a regular customer

This is hands down the best shop in cowlitz county. Best prices and friendliest staff ✌❤

I ride my bike 3 miles and past 4 other shops to get here. It is tiny but it has a great selection amazing prices and awesome staff.

I personally have been to quite a few bud shops and this is where all the best deals are! Quality and quantities at the price I wanna spend. Always friendly and professional workers. Only downfall is there location, parking is awful. But not there fault there so busy

Good price, like like the dab...

I have C-PTSD and 420 holiday is best and most affordable place in town. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable.

Pretty much the only shop I go to.. good quality flower at reasonable prices would recommend it to anyone- Connor W.

Excellent selection of products and prices! Website link is BAD

Nice people, good products, great prices.

not good quality products/brands.

Prices are nice and quality is fairly decent. Costumer service was great I'll be going back soon!!

You upgraded your ten dollar grams and now they taste honestly amazing and are terpy as fuck . Keep up the good work

best pot in longview, wa. I only go to 420 Holiday gr my bho. the bho is amAzing here.

what ever u do do not waste your money on this place 10$ grams of bho every 1 taste like burnt tire an smell terrible when smoked

Once again my awesome friends at 420 Holiday have made my day better. Andy and Taylor and Vern help me and my wife find the right products to help with our pain. 420 Holiday has a wide variety of cannabis, concentrates, oils, and they're very knowledgeable about their products. I love the Zen like atmosphere and smiles I get when I walk in the door. Great spot to get what you need to get thru your day!!

This place sold me spice laced weed that shut my kidneys down MELON GUM it was cheap.....if they cant keep the synthetic trash off the shelves then they need to be shutdown!!!!

ALWAYS GOT #BLOWYOURMIND DEALS!!!!!! TRY THEIR 4 PACK PRE-ROLLED 3/4 JOINTS FOR ONLY $15 LODI DODI (We like to party) & PLUSHBERRY ARE MY FAVORITE!!!!! AND THE HIGHEST PERCENTAGE ON IT'S MENU. SINCERELY, THEIR FAVORITE HAWAIIAN!!!! But waaaiiiiiitttttt there's more!!! Jus' found out there's a new flavor... *drum roll please* " Secret Recipe "

I picked up a Super Amazing 3.5 gram, Eighth of marijuana at this 420 Holiday Marijuana Dispensary in Cowlitz County AND had to go back and pick up 3 more before the pot shop ran out of this perfect deal on weed! Thank you 420 Holiday for being the best Pot Shop in Longview, Wa...Shoot, the best Recreational Marijuana Dispensary North of San Francisco! No wonder you are The number 1 Cannabis Retailer in Cowlitz County. Keep it up! The other weed stores in Longview/Kelso area do not know us customers like your store does 420 Holiday.

Amazing Marijuana Dispensary, this 420 Holiday Pot Store is.

Great place quick easy nice people

This sweet little place is perfect if you know what you want ahead of time. It's super small and you wont be able to take the time to really browse comfotable as it's set up like a convenience store. However, the prices were cheap and from decent growers such as Orgrow and Rootworx. Taylor is my favorite. She remembers people, is extremely helpful and very sweet.

Great place. :)

Always friendly and knowledgeable staff

This place is super dirty for starters. Secondly the guy with the skunk hair tried recommending chem dawg as a sativa! Friggen CHEM DAWG. I expect just a smidge of product knowledge when I come into these stores. The selection is a bunch of low-end product. They do have cider creek, but it seems that it is the only thing they try to sell.

Just tried the Animal Cookie Shatter, WOW! At $20 for a gram what a great way to add that little bit of extra POW to a bowl.

The best pot shop in Longview, or even Cowlitz County! Just look at the menu! The cheapest place in Longview/Kelso!!

Bought a 3.5 gram Tommy Chong Willies Wonder for $15. The guy said that it was lower priced because it got low reviews. Three hits off of a Peach blunt got me super high.

Big selection, great staff, & best prices.... $15 1/8!!!!! You can't beat that anywhere!

great prices friendly staff love going there relaxed kind of place

great prices friendly staff love going there relaxed kind of place

I will never shop anywhere else! 420 Holiday has the best prices, selection, and employees out there! The owner is super awesome too!!! Not to mention they have a wacky, waving, inflatable arm-flailing tube-man!!!! Definitely buy your stuff here! :)

best prices in town Andy know what he is talking about very happy place to shop at

really nice people very helpful staff great variety I walk 1.5 miles one way to get there 3 mile round trip but well worth it

Love this place. My favorite one. Great quality and selection. Very professional.

Great customer service. I love the awesome employees, they make me feel like family. Keep up the happiness

Really great place. I visit this store all the time. Great people and great variety. I don't like to go other places : )

This place is awesome good prices and awesomeness product love this place they always have specials and the best in town I will always go here, they also have a fan club where you check in every time you buy something and once you get to 10 visits you get a %20 coupon

real nice place, great variety ,excellent quality cheapest prices I go here several times monthly

It's the only place I'll go! Tried the others, 420 is the cheapest, with best selection and GREAT employees!

On one of my visits to this store I was with my grandma, she was planning on buying a 1/4 ounce of a certain kind of bud but they happened to be out of them, all they had was 1/8s. It was a little more expensive to buy 2 of the 1/8s of course but my grandma had only brought enough for the 1/4, Andy (the owner) was there and he hooked her up and cut the price down to what it would have costed for the whole 1/4. This place is the best

The best shop! I've been going here since they opened, best prices best buds best staff! Very friendly and helpful! Awesome selections I never run out of new strains to try! I love it!

Best prices and selection ever! I won't even go anywhere else! :)

Amazing people! Went in with a shopping list of sorts I created from their allbud menu at ~9pm, and was able to get 3 out of the 5 things on the list. Replaced the missing two with two other strains that they personally recommended and wasn't disappointed. Their menu is updated frequently and they have some great strains! I'll be comming back for sure :)

I go multiple times per week or sometimes daily, always the best bud and best price in one stop. Never left unhappy and always look forward to coming back in and seeing whats new in this great shop. 420 HOLIDAY thats the shitz I do like!!

I love going here. I go at night and the people are awesome.

Great little store.

Excellent customer service, great product, and awesome deals! I have been a repeat customerr since they opened.

Been visiting 420 Holiday since its opening month. I think it was Andys personality that keeps me coming back as well as his hand picked employees that are very knowledgeable yet don't push it on you unless you ask. I have tried other shops in town where I have felt like they were out to impress me with their hybrid expertise or just kissing my ass, Andy and his crew are straightforward and not pushy. Quality of service is important but the big reason I visit 420 holiday is that their prices (especially their concentrates) are the best retail prices I have seen in Southwest Washington hands down. Thank You 420! Truly Yours Herman Munster

Great customer service,great prices.really enjoyed the visit! It's a 420 holiday everyday for me!

Best prices! Best selection! Best customer service! Go Holiday 420! From die hard faithful customer!

Thought I might drop by in a couple weeks on a trip. The concentrate price would have been competitive even a month ago but prices are dropping to keep up with Oregon's tax free bud. Vancouver's Main Street is down below 420's prices or matching again. Next price drop in late 2016 when Oregon rec stores sell everything

Great customer service, prices, and product. By far the best little shop in town, and I only buy product from this store. Joseph (Cody) has been very helpful and informative when it come to the product and the effects they may have. Joseph has taught me a lot about the strains that 420 carries, and I am never disappointed in his customer care. When going to other shops, I have felt rushed to make a purchase, also I did not feel that other budtenders were very informed on the products they were trying to sell to me.

Great service. Good recommendations! So far have been super happy and have nothing to complain about. Enjoyed the strains and thought they were as described. Very nice, bomb, chem dog pre roll that i couldn't argue as my first purchase and haven't stopped coming back since.

I was not happy about the bud bombs for $30 it was basically a seed covered with wax and Keith

Decent little marijuana shop. The outside is definitely more lively than the inside. Inside is just decent sales space. Relatively low-end, with very little ambiance. That's ok though, it's a retail outlet to sell marijuana! -- The selection was fairly decent. While they stocked a variety of single grams,they also had a large offering of larger sized items. They've expanded the number of farms they sell and they're all quality. I will say, they had top quality product, overall. -- They had a small variety of concentrates and just a few pieces of paraphernalia

I drive from Vancouver for the wax offered here. They don't just BEAT the prices in Vancouver, they cut them in half.

Very friendly, helpful, and patient with a newcomer to a retail dispensary. Didn't feel rushed at all, and there was a great selection of strains, all top-notch quality. This place is about an hour away from me, but I'll be coming back as a regular due to how well I was treated.

Love these guys. Great service from a knowledgeable staff, good selection, and the best prices around.

I can buy with my Mexican passport I live Longview no have ID

I go in for the 8$ pre-rolls and have always been treated with kindness and respect. ALOT nicer place than recreational at the plaza,

I live in oregon and have my medical card even though there are many dispenceries out here I find myself going to holiday for my flowers all the time. You can't beat these Great prices but most importantly friendly staff is always welcoming. I love there Remedy Strain it is pure CBD which is great for my lower back after my work day.

So I am frequent visitor to 420 Holiday ! Not once have I left there dissappointed ! They have so many diffrent kinds of Bud that not only do you leave there with the bud of your choice ... But, you even leave there knowing a little more about other kinds of bud you may have a curiousness for ! I could not say quite good enough things about my two FAVORITE guys D.J. and Andy :) They are YOUR GUYS and this is YOUR STORE !! Theres no other way besides 420 Holiday ......

Started going to 420 Holiday exclusively a few months ago. Best guys in town. Always out to satisfy the customer!. Andy and DJ are great people!

This is one of the best stores I've been too in the PNW. Great selection and the guys that work there couldn't be better.

These guys are so awesome!!! I have never felt so welcomed by any dispensary!!! Best one I've been too!!! Thanks again for the jump!! And the fire ass weed!!!

I live around Portland and caught wind of a decent price and top quality, recreational dispensary and decided to give a chance. i called before i made the trek and was greeted kindly by a young woman and was quickly informed of the selection and prices and i had to check it out. i got blueberry grape ape ( i know played out strain ) but at a level of 28% THC, i maybe got my hands on that level of grape ape once or twice, and once seeing the top shelf quality first hand (all strains looked 4 out of 5 or better on looks cure and trim job and etc) i went with that one and boy am i pleased perfect for relaxation and getting your mind right so smooth and cured right for a change refreshing to see coming from a guy who had to deal with the street for sooo long where its all for profit ( rushed ) no care is taken to the buds that wasn't the case here mature buds.. highly recommend!!

I enjoy their products.. very nice ppl who work there.

very very NICE! :)

This is by far the best recreational dispensary in the area. Cheapest prices, high quality products, and amazing staff. Every time I have went in the staff is way helpful and knows what they're talking about. Wouldn't take my business anywhere else!

I travel from the Couve at least once a week to have a holiday at the best 502 store in the state. DJ and Kayla are both extremely knowledgeable, helpful, courteous, and friendly. Their product is top shelf at the lowest prices, no way around it. Their consistent dedication to providing a high-quality, affordable selection should embarrass other recreational shops who continue to overcharge their supposed beloved patrons. 420 Holiday's owner knows what he is doing. I encourage all residing and touring cannabis aficionados in SW WA to visit 420 Holiday. Thank you 420 Holiday. You have my loyalty and respect.

High quality bud with lowest prices in town! Knowledgeable and very friendly employees! I recommend the new York City Diesel at 30% thc!

Awesome selection, fast and friendly service, but most of all the CHEAPEST retail prices I've seen in WA. Stoners rejoice for now you can get your affordable high!

I love this place. They have great prices and quality product. The customer service is incredible and they are very helpful and know their information. I will definitely be back!

Not only are all the employees awesome and fun to talk with but VERY VERY knowledgeable too! With a great selection and amazing prices I keep coming back. I don't shop anywhere else as a matter of fact!!

Decided to switch up my routine and visited 420 Holiday for the first time. I didn't expect much but I was greatly surprised. I was greeted as soon as a walked in the door by a smiling young man. I think his name tag said DJ,he was very knowledgeable in helping me decide and was super friendly. I have never had better customer service. They have a wide selection of pipes/bongs/bubblers/edibles/flowers. The glass ware is fantastic. The knowledgeable and friendly staff made me sure to visit them again.

I went in expecting the usual 30+ per gram and man was i surprised. I must have spent like 200 bucks there I was so happy! most of their stuff is 20%THC or above, and they have a great selection. Lots of Cheap Glass too and they will haggle with ya on glass too! I got a 200 dollar bong for 80 bucks lol I was so happy!! The Manager there I think his name was DJ he was really nice, and he explained everything I needed to know so its good theyre hiring people who know their bud. Overall, if your in the longview area and your looking for bud, stop by 420 holiday and you wont be disappointed

I got some of that gods gift and it was pretty bomb, then later i got some of that nyc diesel, and that was amazing... like head in the clouds, AWESOME. pretty great prices too. 30% THC!!!

Visited my first "legal" dispensary today. Overall my experience was pretty good, Sales associate DJ was very helpful and friendly They had a good inventory and fair prices on bongs, pipes, nug jugs etc. The quality and quantity I'm sure will improve as state production ramps up. overall it was a very organized secure location. It would be nice if they took credit/debit cards and better parking.

Wish they had a better selection but im sure more will come soon. Best prices in town, well below freedom market prices thats for damn sure! My new fav location to get all my bud needs!

This is by far the best place in longview best prices and nice people they have amazing prices and ther are gonna have a sale in about a week for $12 a gram

Well, I went in expecting a torn up place, with shifty looking employees, and shady deals... TOTALLY WRONG! The man I spoke to was very knowledgeable, friendly, efficient, and professional. The Prices were truly the best in town, I had visited others in longview and while their selection was limited, the man assured me that more product would be in soon. I was totally surprised to see a huge selection of glassware, in addition to the smokables. CHECK THIS PLACE OUT!!!!

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