10 Best Indica Cannabis Strains for Beginners

10 Best Indica Cannabis Strains for Beginners

Cannabis has many plant cousins. Botanists connect it with everything from blueberries to rosemary. As an herb, it belongs to classes that include thyme and parsley. It flowers, grows like a shrub and exudes unique natural aromas and oils.

Chief among its families are Cannabis Ruderalis, Cannabis Sativa, and Cannabis Indica. Cannabis Ruderalis or Hemp provides food, fiber, and reputed medicinal benefits. Cannabis Sativa contains mild to potent THC (Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol) that affects the brain's neurology, producing light to extreme psychoactivity. Users choose Sativa strains because it provides clarity and focus or because it powers a euphoria pushing towards paranoia.

Indica cannabis strains present various experiences, to some extent the opposite of Cannabis Sativa. Simply put, while Sativa excites, Indica calms. Indica has scores of medicinal benefits, but it also triggers the chill, stone, or couch lock many users seek.

Considering that every cannabis user has a unique experience, this review covers the best Indica cannabis strains and Indica-dominant hybrid strains for beginners to consider.

5 best Indica cannabis strains for beginners

  1. Abusive OG

Strain: 100% Indica with 13% - 18% THC and 5% CBD

Genetics: Unknown lineage from OG Kush strain

Reputation: Abusive OG creates a surprisingly potent cerebral experience, despite its moderate THC content. It starts early and lasts long. The energized motivation and euphoric bliss continue as the body slowly relaxes into the strain’s hints of spice, lemon, and green tea.

New cannabis users might find the cerebral high too much for a beginning experiment, but they should find they can build a tolerance to this recreational experience. However, Abusive OG provides near-instant medicinal benefits, relieving chronic pain, anxiety, appetite loss, and sleep disorders.

  1. Chronotronic

Strain: Indica with 6% THC and 6% CBD

Genetics: Difficult to find strain protected by breeder secrecy

Reputation: In Chronotronic, the high CBD content offsets the low THC content. The THC will ensure a light but long-lasting happy mood lift. The high melds into a warm body-buzz, soothing pain and spasms and relieving anxiety and stress.

The strain tastes of woody soil and smells of flowers and pine. It is so unpretentious and low-key that many users would find it just suitable for a starter strain – if they could find it.

  1. Blond Skywalker (aka Blonde Skywalker)

Strain: Indica with 13% to 17% CBD and 1% CBD

Genetics: Skywalker Kush X Afghan strains

Reputation: Blond Skywalker boasts enough THC to open with prolonged energy, settling into total body calm and comfort. Users find it a good starter strain, providing motivation, focus, and creative stimulation.

The strain produces a discrete sweet floral flavor and earthy herbal aroma. Blond Skywalker can also lead to a hazy body stone that resolves depression, fatigue, and pain.

  1. Indigo

Strain: Indica with 10% to 12% THC and 2% CBD

Genetics: North African Landrace X Afghani Landrace

Reputation: Indigo produces a rich purple and lavender bud that gives it its name. Its buds issue a unique floral aroma and herbal flavor. The balance of potent CBD and moderate THC creates a mellow effect.

Indigo is best used in the early or late evening because its happy state edges toward sleep. More medicinal than recreational, Indigo manages insomnia, stress and depression, fatigue, and mood swings.

  1. Katsu (aka Katsu Kush)

Strain: Indica with 11% THC and 8% C BD

Genetics: Old World Kush X West Coast Dawg X OG Kush

Reputation: Katsu works on the body. Katsu still delivers a mild euphoria under a coffee taste and aroma thanks to its low-to-moderate THC content.

While THC treats mood disorders and depression, the potent CBD presence relieves body issues like chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and muscular stress.

5 best Indica-dominant hybrids for beginners

  1. Solomatic CBD (aka Solomatic)

Strain: Indica-dominant Hybrid (70% Indica / 20% Sativa / 10% Ruderalis) with 1% THC and 21% CBD

Genetics: Cross between auto-flowering Diesel CBD and Asia CBD

Reputation: Solomatic CBD has an extraordinary CBD potency overwhelming its THC content. The 1% THC kick starts the Solomatic high with a bright focus and light euphoria before settling into a blissful calm. It will leave users amiable and motivated, calm but not sedated.

Solomatic CBD smells of pine, ginger, and mint. However, it has a strong diesel taste. That CBD load proves helpful in treating spasms, stress, and seizures. Researchers are examining its potential applications for autism therapy.

  1. Eleven Roses (aka 11 Roses)

Strain: Indica-dominant Hybrid (90% Indica / 10$ Sativa) with 24% to 25% THC

Genetics: Appalachian Kush X Sugar Black Rose

Reputation: This insanely potent strain offers the experience would-be users imagine. Eleven Roses triggers full-body relaxation. It may start with an uplifting boost, but it soon drifts into a heavy body effect.

Eleven Roses may be the perfect hybrid for those seeking to chill and stone. The sedating effects treat depression, inflammation, insomnia, pain, stress, and muscle spasms. First-time cannabis users may also like the taste and aroma of berries and spice.

  1. Easy Bud

Strain: Indica-dominant Hybrid (55% Indica / 15% Sativa with 12% to 14% THC

Genetics: White Indica / Ruderalis

Reputation: Easy Bud’s moderate THC content ensures clarity and focus before the body drifts deeply into sedation. This strain produces the stereotypical stoned couch lock under a cloud of pungent skunk, sour citrus, and piney herbs.

Easy Bud’s profoundly soothing relaxation treats sleeping disorders, improves appetite, and calms the symptoms related to anxiety, depression, and ADD/ADHD.

  1. Golden Tree Plushberry

Strain: Balanced Hybrid (50% Indica / 50% Sativa) with 22% to 26% THC

Genetics: Black Cherry Soda X Space Queen

Reputation: The THC potency in Golden Tree Plushberry makes it very popular. Veterans recommend the experience of a direct hit behind the forehead, leaving users happy and silly. That spin leads quickly into a lazy, hazy relaxation throughout the body, a soothing deep muscle calm without couchlock.

Golden Tree Plushberry treats anxiety, chronic headaches, inflammation-related pain, and stress following hours of sedation. Cannabis users like the aroma of sweet berries and sugary citrus.

  1. Euphoria

Strain: Balanced Hybrid (50% Indica / 50% Sativa) with 15% to 20% THC, 9% CBD, and 1% CBN

Genetics: Proprietary hybrid bred by Amsterdam Dutch Passion

Reputation: Euphoria is a complex hybrid with a moderate THC content offset by a rich CBD content. Floral and sweet, it lifts spirits and boosts moods. Veteran cannabis smokers will bring it to parties and smoking circles because it relieves social anxiety and energizes the participants.

New cannabis users risk hyperactivity, but it can effectively treat chronic pain, depression, and stress.

The final word

These lists do not name popular and proven effective Indica strains like Jack Herer, Catatonic, ACDC, Northern Lights, and more. Instead, the lists cover some lesser-known and even harder-to-find strains. This review seeks to explore and introduce some new opportunities for first-time cannabis users.